Nectar "Ships in 24-Hours" Promise Terms

Effective Date: May 5, 2023

Items designated with “Ships in 24-hours” at check-out will be processed for shipping and assigned a tracking number within 24-hours of completion of the purchase. This does not mean that customers will receive their shipment within 24-hours. Carrier pick-up is outside of Nectar’s control and we are unable to guarantee shipments will leave the facility within 24 hours in all cases. In the event Nectar is unable to meet this timeline, customers will be promptly notified via E-mail of revised shipping timeframes and subsequent updates. This shipping time does not include order processing time. Inquiries related to shipment status can be directed to Customer Support via E-mail, online chat, or telephone at +1 (888) 863-2827.

Nectar Premium In-Home Setup Program Terms

Effective Date: May 8, 2023

Premium In-Home Setup is a premium delivery, assembly, and haul-away service offered by Nectar and fulfilled by 3rd-party professionals or “Delivery Agents”.  The Delivery Agents are contracted by Nectar to get your bed and/or bedroom furniture set up quickly and efficiently so you can immediately start enjoying restful sleep.

There are a few rules that apply to the program:
1. Purchases must be paid in full or financing arrangements completed prior to scheduling delivery.
2. The Premium In-Home Setup fee is non-refundable.
3. The delivery date and time-frame will be arranged between you and the Delivery Agent and rescheduling is at their discretion.
4. If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 48 hours prior to the original delivery date. If you are unable to make satisfactory delivery arrangements within 10 days of purchase, a standard porch drop-off will be made but the Premium In-Home Setup fee will not be refunded.
5. Scheduling and delivery timeframes may be extended for delivery areas that are outside of Delivery Agents’ standard coverage areas (generally remote, rural, or far from population centers).  In those cases, you will be notified accordingly.
6. An adult must attend and observe the delivery, assembly process, and haul-away process. Customers must confirm that someone over the age of 18 will be available to receive the delivery during the delivery time frame.
7. The Delivery Agents will maintain communication via text or phone to provide updates regarding the delivery time frame.  Please respond accordingly so they can provide the efficient and convenient service that you expect.
8. The Delivery Agents may take before-and-after photographs to help resolve any potential claims related to the delivery.  Copies may be requested by Customer and such photographs will be deleted once any potential delivery-related disputes are resolved.
9. If no one is home to receive your scheduled delivery,  the original Premium In-Home Setup fee will be charged and your purchase will be left on the porch.  Arrangements for assembly and setup may be made directly with the Delivery Agent for an additional fee.
10. Customers must confirm that packages will fit through door openings, elevators and stairways. Should your purchase (as packaged) not fit, a standard porch drop-off will be made, but the Premium In-Home Setup fee will not be refunded.
11. Our Delivery Agents will not move or handle your existing furniture. If you need assistance with existing furniture you should contract separately with a furniture-moving specialist prior to the delivery date in preparation of delivery.
12. The delivery area, including the path to the room where the bed will be set up as well as the room itself, must be clear of obstructions, children, pets, valuable or fragile items. Once the delivery area is set and packages placed there, it cannot be changed.
13. The driveway or adjacent street access must be clear of snow, vehicles, bicycles, or other obstacles to ensure a safe delivery experience for you and our Delivery Agents. If the delivery vehicle cannot reasonably access the property in a safe manner, the Delivery Agents may postpone or cancel the delivery.
14. Mattress removal is on a one-for-one basis, i.e. only one mattress will be removed for each one that is delivered. Our Delivery Agents reserve the right to refuse handling soiled, stained, or pest-infested mattresses, or those that show evidence of possible insect infestation.
15. Delivery Agents will not handle any electronics associated with your purchases beyond the simple plugging-in of an electrical cord into the nearest electrical outlet.
16. Deliveries above the second floor without sufficient elevator access may be subject to a delivery surcharge and must be disclosed and paid at the time of purchase fee that must be paid at the time of purchase. Deliveries requiring hoists or over balconies are not permitted.
17. Customer must confirm satisfactory delivery by signing the delivery receipt once the Delivery Agents are finished. Any damage to your home or property must be reported at the time of delivery, while the Delivery Agents are present. Point out any damage to the Delivery Agent and contact the Nectar Customer Success Department at +1 (888) 863-2827] immediately. Photographs of the damage or relevant receipts may be requested.