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Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Our mattress size guide outlines the different sizes of beds and their dimensions to help you find the bed size that will serve your bedroom needs best

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Which Mattress Size Should You Buy?

Sizes: 76” x 80” inch - 6.33 x 6.67 Feet - 193.04 x 203.2 CM
cal king
Sizes: 72” x 84” inch - 6 x 7 Feet - 182.88 x 213.36 CM
Sizes: 60” x 80” inch - 5 x 6.67 Feet - 152.4 x 203.2 CM
Sizes: 54” x 75” inch - 4.5 x 6.25 Feet - 137.16 x 190.5 CM
Sizes: 38” x 80” inch - 3.16 x 6.67 Feet - 99.06 x 203.2 CM
Sizes: 38” x 75” inch - 3.16 x 6.25 Feet - 99.06 x 190.5 CM
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Mattress Size and Dimensions Chart

Understanding which mattress size is best for you

Mattress SizeDimensions in InchesDimensions in FeetDimensions in CM
King76” x 80”6.33 x 6.67193.04 x 203.2
California King 72” x 84”6 x 7182.88 x 213.36
Queen60” x 80”5 x 6.67152.4 x 203.2
Full54” x 75”4.5 x 6.25137.16 x 190.5
Twin XL38” x 80”3.16 x 6.6796.52 x 203.2
Twin38” x 75”3.16 x 6.2596.52 x 190.5

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  • king

    King Mattress Size

    Dimensions: 76” x 80”

    A King size mattress measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches long (193.04 cm x 203.02 cm). Offering expansive space, it's ideal for couples and perfect for families that may share the bed with children or pets.

    Considering different mattress sizes? Compare King vs Queen, King vs Cal King, King vs Split King.

    Ready to buy? Explore our collection of King size mattresses, bed frames, and mattress sets.

    Best For

    Couples who appreciate ample space or for sharing the bed comfortably with children or pets.

    Room Size

    The optimal room size for a King size bed is between 13 feet by 13 feet and 13 feet by 19 feet, a great choice for master bedrooms or the primary bedroom in a home.

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  • cal king

    California King Mattress Size

    Dimensions: 72” x 84”

    A California King size mattress is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long (182.88 cm x 213.36 cm). California King size mattresses are best for individuals or couples taller than 6 feet. A Cal king mattress is also a great choice for pet parents whose pets like to snuggle with them.

    Best For

    Tall people who love to have enough legroom and maybe have a pet join them.

    Room Size

    A long but narrow bedroom, 10 feet by 12 feet up to 13 feet by 19 feet, can hold a California King bed.

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  • queen

    Queen Size Mattress

    Dimensions: 60” x 80”

    The Queen mattress, the most popular size, measures 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length (152.4 cm x 203.02 cm). Offering the perfect balance of comfort and a compact footprint, it provides ample space for couples or anyone who appreciates extra room to move around.

    Discover how the Queen mattress measures up against other sizes by reading our guides on Queen vs King, Queen vs Cal King, Queen vs Full.

    Ready to purchase? Browse our collection of Queen size mattresses in memory foam and hybrid options. Complete your setup with our high-quality bed frames and essential bedding.

    Best For

    Ideal for couples or individuals seeking extra space.

    Room Size

    For a comfortable fit, recommended room dimensions range from 10 feet by 10 feet to 10 feet by 14 feet. This allows ample space for moving around the bed, as well as accommodating dressers and side tables.

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  • full

    Full Mattress Size

    Dimensions: 54” x 75”

    A Full-size mattress, also known as a double bed, measures 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length (137.16 cm x 190.5 cm). Slightly smaller than a Queen, it's 5 inches shorter and 6 inches narrower, making it an ideal choice for single sleepers.

    A Full bed provides ample comfort without taking up too much room, making it an excellent choice for smaller living spaces. To determine if a Full size mattress suits your needs, compare it with other sizes: Full vs Queen, Full vs Twin XL, Full vs King.

    If you're ready to upgrade your mattress, explore our selection of Full-size memory foam and hybrid mattresses, bed frames and essential bedding to complete your bedroom setup.

    Best For

    Singles, young adults, and teens who need more space than a twin bed provides.

    Room Size

    A Full-size mattress fits well in rooms that measure at least 9 feet by 9.6 feet. It's an excellent option for guest rooms, dormitories, or studio apartments, where space is at a premium.

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  • twin

    Twin XL Mattress Size

    Dimensions: 38” x 80”

    A Twin XL mattress is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long (96.52 cm x 203.2 cm). A Twin XL is 5 inches longer than a Twin size mattress. A Twin XL mattress is the best choice for fast-growing teens or adults who prefer compact sleeping spaces. It’s not just a Twin XL mattress that fits your growing adults; there are others too, hence compare it to other mattress sizes: Twin XL vs Full, Twin XL vs Queen, Twin XL vs Twin.

    Best For

    Young children up to 12 years old, young adults, and college dorm rooms.

    Room Size

    A bedroom should be at least 8 feet by 10 feet in size. A Twin XL bed can fit in the children’s bedroom or a dorm room.

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  • twin

    Twin Mattress Size

    Dimensions: 38” x 75”

    Twin size mattresses measure 38 inches in width and 75 inches in length (96.52 cm x 190.5 cm). If you're buying a Twin size mattress for the first time, it's likely for a child's first big bed or as a space-efficient option for a guest room or dorm. Perfect for small spaces, Twin mattresses blend comfort with practicality, suited for both regular and occasional use.

    To determine if a Twin size mattress is right for your needs, compare it with Twin vs Twin XL, Twin vs Full.

    Ready to purchase a new mattress?  Visit our Twin size mattress collection page to find the best options for your space. 

    Best For

    Growing kids, small bedrooms, bunk beds and dorm rooms.

    Room Size

    For a single Twin bed, a room should be at least 7 feet by 10 feet. Planning to use two Twin beds? Ensure your room is at least 9 feet by 9 feet to accommodate both comfortably.

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Things to consider before choosing a mattress

Several factors influence the best mattress size for you, including your budget, the dimensions of your bed frame, and how many people need to be accommodated. If you're still uncertain, take advantage of our 365-night trial period to ensure you find the perfect fit. Continue reading to discover more considerations to evaluate before making your final decision.

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Who is using the mattress

If you are confused about the different sizes of beds or mattress sizes to choose from,
follow these guidelines

Teenagers & Single adults:

For growing kids, consider choosing a Twin XL, Full, or Queen mattress. These sizes provide ample legroom, ensuring there is sufficient space for comfortable stretching and accommodating their changing needs.

  • Queen
  • Full
  • Twin XL
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Queen, King, and California King mattresses are the most popular choices among couples. These sizes offer ample space for both shared and individual comfort during sleep.

  • Queen
  • King
  • Cal King
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A Twin, Twin XL, or Full size mattress is often preferred for children's bedrooms, as children tend to outgrow them quickly. These sizes allow children to stretch out fully during sleep, which supports their comfort and overall well-being.

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
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Adults with Pets or Children:

For adults with pets or children, choosing a larger mattress is essential for comfort and space. Queen, King, California King, and Full size mattresses offer ample room to ensure everyone can sleep comfortably, whether the bed is shared with children or pets.

  • King
  • Cal King
  • Queen
  • Full
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Other Mattress Sizes

  • crib

    Crib Mattress Size

    Dimensions: 28” X 50” | 2.33 X 4.16 Feet

    Crib size mattresses are 28 inches wide and 50 inches long (71.12 X 127 cms). A crib size mattress is the smallest mattress size available on the market and is primarily designed for toddlers and small children. Because of its small dimensions, it can easily fit into a children’s room. It can also be placed in the same room as yours if the bedroom is large.

  • small single

    Small Single Mattress Size

    Dimensions: 30” X 75” | 2.5 X 6.25 Feet

    A small single bed is a long narrow bed 30 inches wide and 75 inches long (76.2 X 190.5 cms). It is a good fit for children’s narrow beds with extra length for tall teens. They can also be used for the spare room in your house and can be used to aesthetically enhance your lounging space in the house.

  • olympic queen

    Olympic Queen Mattress Size

    Dimensions: 66” X 80” | 5.5 X 6.67 Feet

    A small single bed is a long narrow bed 30 inches wideAn Olympic queen size mattress is 66 inches wide and 80 inches long (167.64 X 203.2 cms). Because it is an uncommon size, it can be challenging to accessorize it or find a bed frame for it. This is an excellent choice for couples who want more space than a standard queen-size mattress. This size lies somewhere between a king and a queen and is a good fit for the master bedroom of the house. It is a good fit for children’s narrow beds with extra length for tall teens. They can also be used for the spare room in your house and can be used to aesthetically enhance your lounging space in the house.

  • split king

    Split King Mattress Size

    Dimensions: 38” X 80” | 3.25 X 6.67 Feet

    A Split King mattress is two Twin XL mattresses (38 inches x 80 inches) put together, making it 76 inches wide and 80 inches long king size mattress. A split king mattress is popularly used with adjustable beds, and each side of the bed can have an independent setting. It limits motion transfer to a large extent, helping light sleepers fall asleep easily.

Size of the Bedroom:

Choosing the right mattress size for your bedroom is essential to both comfort and aesthetics. A King size mattress in a small room can make the space feel cramped and leave little room for additional furniture. A twin-size mattress in a master bedroom might make the space appear too empty. To ensure a balance between a comfortable sleep and a visually appealing room, select a mattress size that complements your room dimensions.

Body Weight and Height:

A medium firm or firm mattress is suitable for all body weights. If you wake up with body aches or sore muscles, consider consulting your orthopedic doctor or chiropractor before purchasing a new mattress.

Sleeping Position:

Before purchasing a mattress, consider both your and your partner’s sleeping positions. A wider mattress, such as a King or California King, would be ideal if you prefer having ample personal space or enjoy stretching out. On the other hand, a Queen mattress is an excellent choice for those who prefer to sleep close and cuddle.


The general rule of thumb is that larger mattresses tend to be more expensive. However, the cost can vary depending on the brand, materials, and technology used in the mattress.

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