Picking an Adjustable Mattress

What should you look for?

In fact, as per the ISPA Motion Foundations Report, sales for adjustable mattress units rose upto 29.6 percent! Clearly, customers are looking for something new and feature-rich that will help improve their duration and depth of sleep.

At Nectar, we are continually innovating to provide the best sleeping experiences to our customers. Our mattresses are made to adapt to an adjustable bed base so that you can alter your bed to fit your sleeping position.

Benefits of using an Adjustable Mattress

Adjustable beds provide a range of benefits and ample reasons for you to consider as your next sleeping buddy.

Anti-Acid Reflux

Keep acid reflux at bay with an adjustable bed as you can tweak it by elevating the upper body and pushing down the lower body so that gravity prevents the stomach acid from rising up the esophagus. It also reduces heartburn and improves breathing as well as blood supply by enhancing the heart’s function.


The zero gravity is a position on the adjustable bed base which elevates your legs and your head to avert pressure from the neck and back which boosts blood flow.


Since the adjustable bed elevates your upper body, it prevents collapsing of the soft tissue at the back of the throat which reduces sleep apnea and its symptoms like snoring.

No Motion Transfer

The idea of an adjustable bed is to keep co-sleepers and their activities independent of each other so that one does not end up disturbing the other.

Nectar Adjustable Mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is without a doubt, one of the best mattresses to suit your adjustable bed frame. The Nectar mattress is flexible enough to move with your bed frame and it also provides ample support to your body.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

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Premium memory foam mattress hugs your body and keeps you cool. Free shipping and free returns, and 365-night Home Trial.

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Nectar Lush Mattress

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Redefining deep sleep with dual action cooling, superior support and lofty feel, the Nectar Lush is 12” of premium layers engineered for your best rest.

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Award-Winning Layers Of Comfort

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Types of Mattresses for Adjustable Bed

Before you go shopping for an adjustable mattress, here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for a mattress to suit an adjustable bed frame. An adjustable bed frame lifts your mattress (top and bottom) anywhere between 40 and 70-degree angle, which coaxes your mattress to contort to a shape it was not ideally assumed to be in.

Latex Mattress

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For those who prefer a natural mattress on your adjustable bed base, a latex mattress is a good option. The material allows the bed to complement your body's shape, provides a soft bounce, and relieves pressure. Since the mattress is not rigid, it is flexible enough to accommodate the workings of an adjustable base.

Hybrid Mattress

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Another comfortable option for an adjustable bed base is the hybrid mattress. With a hybrid mattress, you get a combination of support from a memory foam mattress and the bounce of coils. Since these are combination mattresses, they are a tad bit more expensive. However, the dual properties make it a go-to mattress for an adjustable bed base.

Memory Foam

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Perhaps one of the best choices for adjustable beds is the humble memory foam mattress. It retains the shape and weight of your body for an even weight & pressure distribution. It greatly relieves pressure points and bounces back, ensuring that your body is firmly on the mattress, supporting it and providing utmost comfort. At Nectar, we ensured that our mattresses complement an adjustable bed base to provide you an improved sleeping experience.

Types of Adjustable Bases

Single Set

Single Set

The classic adjustable bed base are those that aren’t split into two. These adjustable bases come in various sizes including Twin XL, Full, Queen and King. These come in handy when you are either sleeping alone or your partner can sleep soundly in your preferred sleeping position.

Split King Base

Split King Base

The split-king adjustable bed base acts as two separate beds attached in one. Now, you can sleep in your preferred sleeping position when your partner can sleep in theirs. Each side of the bed can be individually controlled to suit their individual sleeping style. In this case, two Twin XL mattresses are to be purchased to suit the split king adjustable base.

How do you pick a Mattress for an Adjustable Frame?

There are some factors you need to consider before you purchase a mattress for your bed frame. It is important to note that all mattresses do not suit an adjustable bed frame.

Is your mattress flexible enough?

The most important parameter to consider. If your mattress is not flexible, enough then it cannot possibly contort as per your adjustable bed’s movement.

Is your mattress too thick or too thin?

Your mattress should not be too thick or too thin. For your adjustable bed to work as it should, the mattress you buy should complement it. The Nectar memory foam mattress will not slide off your bed but adjust to fit to whatever position you want to set your bed to.

Is your mattress the right size as your adjustable bed?

Many times, adjustable mattresses and adjustable split king bed frames are two different purchases. This makes it difficult to understand if your mattress will fit the frame. The remedy? Measure your bed frame and ask your retailer to help you with a mattress that would fit this frame.

Split / Single

A split king adjustable bed needs two Twin XL mattress to work as it was designed to. A single adjustable bed comes in various sizes. Your mattress purchase needs to be done on the basis of that size.

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Discover Nectar’s Adjustable Bed Bases

The Nectar adjustable bed bases are the perfect companion to the adjustable mattress you end up choosing. Why? Because of the many benefits that come with an affordable price tag.

USB Plugs


Armed with two USB plugs on your base, you can charge your devices all night, hassle-free.

Built-In Massager


You can get 15 minutes of relaxing massage with just one click of a button.

Programmable Memory Setting


Once you find your sweet spot, let the bed know so you don’t need to hunt for it again.

Nectar Adjustable bed Frame

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We cannot consider all mattresses as adjustable mattresses since not all have the capability to pair up with an adjustable bed frame. Some mattresses like the traditional innerspring mattress are too stiff to bend over an adjustable bed frame. It is always a good idea to check before choosing a mattress for your adjustable bed.
Technically speaking, using the wrong mattress for your adjustable bed frame can definitely ruin it. However, if you are using a mattress like memory foam or latex, you do not have to worry about wear and tear.
A very thick mattress is not exactly ideal for an adjustable bed frame. Mattresses thicker than 14 inches are not flexible and thus, will not bend when required . On the other hand, you must also ensure that your mattress is not less than 8 inches as to avoid discomfort during sleep.
We consider any purchase that will help you sleep better a worthwhile investment. For those who struggle to sleep on a flat mattress and would prefer either their head or feet up, or both, will sleep better with an adjustable bed. Besides, with a 3-zone massage and programmable memory settings, the Nectar adjustable bed frame will ensure you look forward to your sleep like never before.
You can buy a queen size adjustable bed base for as low as $699 from Nectar. Visit the Nectarsleep site to place your order today. Keep an eye out for any special prices during our sales to save even more money.

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