Waking Up With Back Pain - Time for a New Mattress

If You’re Waking Up With Back Pain it is Time for a New Mattress

This article explores how back pain can signal the need for a new mattress. It answers the question of comfort vs support in a mattress, why a bad mattress can lead to inflammations, and how a new mattress can ease the aging process.

Waking up with back pain ranks somewhere between a forgotten test you didn’t study for and your car being towed for worst feeling in the world. That twinge you get in your lower back or neck that lasts throughout the day can put a cramp in anyone’s style. While sometimes it’s because you “slept funny” or you “couldn’t get comfortable” more often than not it’s because of one major issue: your funky old mattress.

We don’t mean funky in a good way. Frankly, we’re tired of people waking up with back pain and then making excuses for their mattresses. You work hard for a good night’s sleep, and your mattress should be doing the same! We came up with some ways to figure out if your mattress is holding up its end of the bargain, because waking up with back pain is no way to go through life. Fool me once, old mattress, shame on you. Fool me twice? Well then it’s time to chuck that old thing to the curb and hunt for a new mattress.

Comfort and Support: Why Your Mattress Needs to Have it All

There was an old adage that a supportive mattress had to be super firm. We aren’t sure where this old wives’ tale got started, but it definitely has messed with our views on what actually makes a good mattress. While it is important to have support from a mattress so that you aren’t waking up with back pain on a consistent basis, it actually has more to do with how an older mattresses’ springs become warped over time. This warping means that areas of the back which should be supported are instead put in a compromising position, increasing the pressure to areas that don’t need it, and building tension in the lower back and neck.

A mattress can actually be comfortable while still being supportive. The advent of memory foam to the mattress industry has been a game changer, allowing mattresses to hold their shape for longer and decreasing the likelihood of waking up with back pain.

Bad Circulation, Inflammation, and Why it’s Bad to Have a Bad Mattress

While waking up with back pain is a total drag, it’s also a warning sign. That’s your body telling you that something isn’t right and needs to change ASAP. Oftentimes back pain is a sign of inflammation in the body, of subluxations (a fancy chiropractic term that refers to slight misalignments of the spine), and other nasty health conditions that can affect your overall health for years. It’s important to nip these symptoms in the bud before they can manifest into pinched nerves and eroded discs. If your body is telling you that something is wrong, listen to it and ditch that mattress. The good news is any damage done is probably still reversible, the bad news is that you continue to sleep on a bunk mattress at your own peril.

Age Healthier With a New Mattress

The fact is simple: we’re all aging, and as such joint pain becomes a part of life. That being said, your mattress should not be a contributor to these aches and pains. While it may be normal to have a night here or there where you experience some discomfort, chronic back pain after sleep is not a normal part of the aging process. When you replace that old mattress, not only do you get rid of waking up with back pain, you also give your body a good place to recharge and rebuild some of the tissue that has been injured during the average wear and tear of the day. Sleep is the perfect regenerative process to mend backs and necks, but it can only do its magic when you’re sleeping on a great mattress.

Looking for more tips on how to sleep better? Try this blog, which can offer some helpful tips that you may be missing in your quest for sleep. It’s time to take these steps now. Don’t settle for a mattress that puts you in a compromising position. Sleep well, feel empowered, and seize the day by having rejuvenative nights. It’s all about the mattress.