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Yoga Found to Lead to Better, Fuller Sleep

It’s pretty obvious that yoga is great for our waking hours, the increased flexibility, lengthening of muscles, and general sense of well being it gives are just a few of the obvious benefits that we receive with a general yoga practice. Here’s something new though, according to a Harvard study, yoga can also have benefits that carry long after you’re done: even when you’re sleeping. Turns out you don’t have to be the mattresses king to rule the sleep kingdom. Just try A national study shows that fifty-five percent of people who do yoga find it gives them a better night’s sleep. As covered in recent blog posts, stress is an obvious enemy of sleep that can hurt you mentally as well as physically.   It turns out the secret is the breathing that you learn in yoga. Breathe control is of the utmost importance, and often is the key to unlocking poses for you. This breathe control can lead to stress reduction, and in turn a better night’s sleep (and the added benefit of being able to call yourself the yoga and mattresses king.) Here are a couple of poses and descriptions. It’s best to do this under the supervision of a trained yoga instructor. We don’t want any heroes out there, twisting themselves into pretzels that they can’t get out of.   If you’re tiptoeing into the world of yoga (and king sized mattresses), you won’t feel too out of your depth; most of these poses are for beginners.  

Wide-Knee Child’s Pose (Balasana)

This is a beginner rester’s pose designed to create a sense of calmness and stability. If you have hip or joint problems, be careful. This position is one that should be done under supervision of a competent instructor to make sure your form is correct.

Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

This pose is designed to relax your neck tension and stretch your hamstrings — places where stress often hides. 

Reclining Bound Angle (Supta Baddha Konasana)

This is a pose to help relax tension in your hips and groin area. It is a gentle stretch. 

Legs on a Chair Pose

This can help ease you into stretching by using the wall to help elongate those muscles. It’s also good for beginners with lower back pain,  Remember, breath is always the key to any of these stretches and what helps us in our search for sleep. And as always Nectar has great beds for you to rest up and get ready to face a new day of yoga challenges. Their adaptive hi core memory foam helps the body recover with a restful night’s sleep. With the help of these yoga techniques and a Nectar mattress,  you won’t have to be a mattresses king to sleep like one.

Ram Rao, a yoga instructor with a PHD in Neuroscience says Yoga and sleep both act in similar ways in our lives, renewing body and mind, which is why it is so important to emphasize both for a holistic look at wellness. A good night’s sleep enhances the same positive feelings and states of being that we achieve through our yoga practice. To know more, visit Nectarsleep.