1. What is an Airbed?

1. What is an Airbed?

Whether you’re having your friends spend the night in your home, or just searching for a convenient spot to sleep for camping, an airbed can be your best friend.

An airbed is a lightweight, inflatable bed generally made of fabric, rubber, or a particular type of urethane plastic. Typically, it has a built-in pump that electrically pushes the air into or out of bed. Since you can compress it to a portion of its full size, it can make sleeping easier because of its portability and comfortability.

2. When are Airbed best used?

  • When you have visitors come around

Why let your guests crash on the couch when you can pull out an inflatable airbed? It doesn’t take too much space and you can always deflate it when not in use. 

  • When you’re outdoors

If you are the kind who loves living on the road or loves to soak in the outdoors either in your mobile home or by camping, an airbed can be your best friend. 

Air mattress for comfortable Sleep

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3. When was it first introduced? 

Mechanical Mfg marketed the first air-filled mattress back in 1896. Co. It was called the ‘Perfection’ air mattress, describing it as ‘10,000 nights of luxury’. It was sold as an adjustable, lightweight mattress that is capable of maintaining its form. [1]

The air bed that we know of today was published in 1981, but since then, it has evolved considerably. Portable controllers or apps have entirely replaced manual controls, and contemporary models are more flexible than ever.

4. Where to buy Air Mattresses?

Mattress buyers can choose among a broad range of shopping venues in the modern marketplace – through online stores and brick-and-mortar locations.

A. Online

Those who want to skip the lines and purchase a new air mattress online can choose from these two options:

  • Direct from the mattress manufacturer’s website

Buying a mattress straight from the source can help you save more. Many mattress manufacturers offer live chat apps that allow you to talk directly with their customer service representatives. If you’re buying a mattress directly from the brand, you can also guarantee a full sleep test and protection of the warranty from them.

  • From online retailers

Online retail sites offer a large selection of beds, including mattresses from several brands and exclusive models for the site. Some mattress prices may be lower, or at least equal with the brand’s specified price-point.

Though, if you plan to order through these platforms, you may not be eligible for a sleep trial with the brand. Going through such sites typically does not impact the scope of the warranties as long as the page is an authorized reseller. However, you should still ask for protection coverage.

B. Through brick-and-mortar shops

If you want to feel the bed, or even possibly lie down on it, before buying, you can look at the following brick-and-mortar store options:

Mattress specialty stores

Generally, these massive brick and mortar shops hold the broadest range of styles of mattresses and bedding products. These may be shops owned by private businesses or part of major chains. When you visit a chain-based specialty store, you may be able to get a new mattress for a lower price. Specialty Mattress shops also offer delivery services and product assembly at your home.

Big box retailers

Large retail chains usually have a limited supply of mattresses. Others require buyers to purchase a mattress through their website and then pick it up at the nearest branch. If you are looking for qualified retail staff specializing in mattresses, you may want to visit mattress specialty stores instead.

Furniture and department stores

Unlike big-box retailers, larger furniture and department store chains in brick-and-mortar locations will keep a small variety of mattresses. They might or might not have trained sales staff specializing in mattress sales.

5. How to use it?

Airbeds are designed to be filled with air using an inflatable bed pump when you want to use the bed. Here’s how you inflate an airbed:

  • With an electric pump. The electronic pump requires either battery or electrical power to fill the mattress. With just a single push of the switch button, it can inflate your Airbed quickly. Nevertheless, electric pumps can be noisy, and a lot of people don’t like dealing with the sound. 
  • With a built-in pump. Many inflatable beds are fitted with pumps. These are easy to use and generally involve just removing the cap off and pushing the button to inflate.
  • Without a pump. Luckily, there are other choices if you don’t want to burn money for a pump. Many video guides can be found online, such as using a vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, or even with a garbage bag to fill the mattress. Though, these will take longer and a tab bit more effort. 

6. Cost?

The price of an air mattress differs according to size, manufacturer, additional features, choices for pumping, and other factors. Prices vary from less than $50 to more than $200. Keep in mind that a higher price does not always mean a better air mattress. 

Although not all air mattresses have built-in pumps. Separate pumps typically range from $10 to $20, though some can be more costly depending on pump complexity and pump size.

7. Lifespan?

Lifespan refers to the length of the useful life of a mattress – that is, how long it maintains a few of its original comfort and support.  According to Sleeplikethedead, airbeds generally have the most extended longevity between 8 – 9 years. Since an Airbed in the guest room isn’t heavily used, it can last way longer than the bed you sleep in every night.

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8. Pros and Cons


  1. Portability

Airbeds were first known for its size and portability. Those who love camping or living in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) are usually the ones who buy this bed. Since its light, the Airbed can be brought quickly to camping sites. It can also be folded and placed in a small container

2. Good Insulation

Air mattresses aids with a good night’s sleep while outdoors. Since air beds are made of vinyl or rubber, it can keep you warm on cold nights and help you sleep easy. However, if you want to use it in humid or warm areas, keep a bed cover handy. 

3. Adjustable Firmness

One of the main benefits of an airbed is the ability to change the firmness. With that, you can inflate or deflate the amount of air to achieve the rigidity that you like versus the standard bed. Inflate your Airbed every 10 to 14 days, and you’ll likely not have back pain or sleep problems. 

4.Lower Cost

Nowadays, airbeds are popular. Several companies are offering a lower cost of good quality products. With higher competition from different types of mattresses, you can find an airbed at really affordable prices. 


  1. Lengthy Assembly

To assemble an extensive and fixed use of the inflatable mattresses, it can take about 30 to 60 minutes and may need two people. Though, the only thing you need to think about is whether to adjust the preferred amount of air when already installed.

2. Noisy Pump

Many airbed owners complain about noisy pumps, but typically they are only found in budget brands. Given that pumps are only ever used to inflate or deflate, you’re probably not going to use it quite often.

3. Replacing Pumps

Due to the physical design and dependency with price or warranty, you would need to fix your pump if it is defective. If your inflatable mattress needs an external pump, buy a new one with no more than $15.

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4. Shorter Warranty

Warranties are usually shorter than latex or innerspring warranties, so if a defect occurs in the inflatable bed structure or pump, you may have to pay for it. Though, a new one’s price is usually the same as a patch, so you’re better off looking for a new one instead of waiting for a fix.