What is a Trundle Bed?

What is a Trundle Bed?

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Last Updated on Jul 12, 2022

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    Are you living in a small apartment or closed quarters? Planning to buy a space-saving bed for yourself or a guest or kids’ room? Then, a trundle bed is the best option for you. Read on to know what a trundle bed is used for, its pros and cons, types of the trundle bed, and other aspects so that you can make the right buying decision.

    What Is a Trundle Bed?

    A trundle bed is a compact bed frame and a mattress typically 8" thick. 

    The bed is low to the ground and set on a rolling platform so that you can easily tuck it under a standard or a large bed and pull it out whenever extra sleep space is needed.

    Most trundle beds are twin-sized frames and support a relatively thin mattress, but full-sized trundles are also common. What’s more? You can also buy a trundle bed with storage options like shelves and drawers to store your pillows and bedding. 

    Are you worried about your hardwood floors or carpet? Well, with modern casters and rollers, you can easily roll trundle bed platforms out over them. Although the bed uses space for one, it easily accommodates two people. Trundle beds are super cool because of the two-in-one design system. It not only makes the under-bed space useful, but easy to hide and use.

    What Is the Purpose of a Trundle Bed?

    Save space! Yes, that is the main purpose of buying a trundle bed. You can store two beds in the same space that a single bed would occupy. Without consuming extra space, you can keep an extra bed on hand in case there is an emergency in the future. 

    A trundle bed is a second bed with a thinner mattress, so it is ideal for people who want to accommodate guests in a limited room space. Also, perfect for children or teens having a sleepover or sharing a room. So, if you really want to buy a trundle bed, then ask yourself - how often do you host overnight guests? How often do your children host sleepovers? 

    Also, remember that a trundle bed is close to the ground and not as supportive as compared to the traditional mattress. Hence, they are a bad choice for older adults and people with back problems.

    Aside from that, trundle beds serve multiple purposes. You can use them as chaise lounges or daybeds during the daytime as their size resembles that of a small couch. At night, you can simply roll out and use the second bed for sleeping. 

    How does a trundle bed work?

    In short, a trundle bed means two beds one on top of the other much like bunk beds. The top bed is a traditional bed with a traditional bed frame, while the second bed that is close to the ground is a slim mattress platform on wheels, which helps to easily roll the platform out from underneath the top. 

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    Pros and Cons of Trundle Beds


    Best for Hosting Guests 

    When you have limited floor space, a trundle bed comes in handy. As you store one bed under the other, you don’t need extra room for guest sleepers. Trundle beds are convenient, easy-to-use, and comfortable.

    Space-Saving Furniture

    Since a trundle bed is a platform on wheels, it is easy to hide away and roll out whenever necessary. It saves your floor space! This bed easily accommodates two people and has drawers and shelves to store bedding items. Guess what? You can also use the pull-out compartment as the storage area (for clothes, blankets, toys, etc.) in case you don’t need a second bed. Isn’t it smart furniture to maximize your small space? 

    Safer Than a Bunk Bed

    Two beds consume extra space while bunk beds can easily fit two children in a single room. But bunk beds are unsafe as your little one may roll over in sleep and fall down and get hurt. A trundle bed is a safer alternative, plus offers a good night’s sleep! You can have more than one bed without worrying about your kids falling out of the top bed. 

    Affordable Price

    Most trundle beds have a decent price! The upfront cost is higher when compared to a standard single bed. You get two beds for the price of one, which is the biggest advantage of owning a trundle bed. Even those more sophisticated or sturdier costs around $500. Isn’t it cheaper than bunk beds that can range over $1,000? Trundle beds may be pricer than a futon or air mattress, but they are more comfortable and durable. 


    Versatility is one of the most appealing traits of a trundle bed. They are available in different sizes and designs. Some function well as a daybed or a chaise lounge during the day and a comfy bed at night. It also functions well as a storage box as discussed above. 


    Thin Mattress May Be Uncomfortable 

    A trundle mattress is very thin, which offers less comfort and spinal support. Hence, this bed is not ideal for everyday use. Children are light enough and can enjoy a good night’s rest on the thin mattress. 

    Less Supportive Frame

    Not just the mattress, the frame also needs to be less robust to perfectly fit a trundle underneath a standard bed. But, a trundle bed frame cannot support people with heavy body weight. Most trundle beds roughly support 250 pounds. So, there is a risk of breaking when larger adults sleep on it. 

    Bed Underneath Requires a Special Size

    Do you want to use a trundle bed as an actual bed? Then, please note that your lower bed requires a special size mattress because they need to be slightly smaller than the top bed mattress. This may be a little problematic for people trying to replace mattresses. 

    Inconvenient For Daily use

    Pulling out the trundle bed that is low to the ground every night may be a little inconvenient, especially for those with joint pain or low mobility. Older adults may not be able to easily squat down or get up. People who are sick or exhausted and young children lack enough strength to pull out the trundle bed every night and push it back every morning.

    May Damage Floor

    While a trundle bed is popular for saving your floor space, it may leave its footprints on the floor when used on a regular basis. Check out the dimensions of a trundle bed and your available floor space before purchase - to be sure that a new trundle won’t give your room a cramped look. 

    Types of Trundle Beds

    Are you planning to buy a complete trundle bed? There are various designs and options available including: 

    Trundle Daybed

    When you place a trundle under a day bed, which is enclosed on three sides, the trundle day bed functions both as a couch and bed. 

    Trundle Bunk Bed

    This set is designed to put a trundle under two already bunked mattresses, hence the name trundle bunk bed. It offers more bed-to-space efficiency by creating three sleeping spaces. 

    Trundle Drawer

    This type of design allows you to place a trundle bed into a built-in compartment. Not only very stylish and sleek but designed to push and pull out when necessary.

    Trundle Bed Frames

    Below are two variations of a trundle bed frame -  both styles use wheels and are easy to store under the bed. 

    Pop-up Frame 

    The pop-up frame has an adjustable height, which means it can be lifted to the same height as the top bed once you pull out from under the bed. One twin primary bed and a twin trundle bed equals a king-size bed, which is perfect for couples to sleep together at night. However, you may need a bridge pad to avoid gaps and wheel locks to keep it secured. 

    Drawer Frame

    This is one of the popular trundle bed frame styles. But it is low to the ground, unlike the pop-up frame. It has a high demand because it comes with a large drawer for storing the mattress and other items. 

    What Size Is a Trundle Bed?

    The average size of a trundle bed is 38 inches x 75 inches x 4 inches tall. Trundle beds can be -

    • Full size
    • Twin size
    • Queen size 

    The size of a trundle is the same as the bed to which it is attached or can be a size larger than the top bed. If you have a full bed, you can buy a trundle bed that is either full or twin size.

    What Is the Best Size Mattress for a Trundle Bed?

    Most trundle beds are designed to support a twin mattress. But, these beds are available in full and queen sizes too, and each size requires a mattress of the same size. If you are buying one, please consider the height of the mattress as well. If it is too high, it won’t easily fit under the top bed. Remember, that the average height of a trundle mattress is - 6-8 inches. 

    How to Style Your Bedroom with a Trundle Bed?

    Are you wondering how to make the most of your trundle beds? Here are a few tips to style your bedroom:

    • Full-size Trundle Bed and Mattress - for a small guest room
    • Full-size Trundle Bed With Headboard Panels - for storage
    • Twin Size Trundle Beds - for kids to grow up together or sleepover fun 
    • Trundle for Storage - if you host guests once in a blue month while keeping a twin size air mattress handy
    • Upholstered Trundle Day Beds - add to style and function, best for bedrooms with an office
    • Use a Daybed-Style Trundle Bed -  to use as a sofa during the day and as a bed at night for guest sleepers or to sleep together with your children
    • Pop-Up Trundle Beds - very useful for couples’ bedrooms or guest rooms
    • Colorful Trundle Day Beds - exude the look of room plus provide comfort and style

    How Much Does a Trundle Bed Cost?

    It depends on the style and design of your trundle bed and whether or not includes a mattress. 

    • Price of a luxury trundle bed set costs - $500
    • Trundle-only frame costs - $75

    Trundle Beds Alternatives

    Are you in a dilemma about buying a trundle bed? Are you looking for something that saves floor space while offering guests a comfy place to sleep? Here are some trundle bed alternatives that not only serve your purpose but also offer the most of your money. 

    1. Futon 

    A futon is useful as a couch or bed while using the same mattress in either configuration. The only thing that changes is the frame. You can set it at an angle or keep it completely fat. 

    2. Murphy Bed

    A murphy bed comes with a cabinet to store a mattress and frame. It offers the same comfort as the trundle bed. It fits many home spaces because of its different aesthetic look. 

    3. Sleeper Sofa 

    Also known as a pull-out couch, this trundle bed alternative is also space-efficient and is available in sizes other than twin. Remove the cushions, fold the frame and mattress, and your sofa bed is ready.  However, the sleeper sofa offers limited comfort because it comprises of thin mattress. 

    4. Fold Out Couch

    It is just like a futon, but more sophisticated and long-lasting. During the day it functions like a real couch and at night it can turn into a relaxing bed, just by rolling out the mattress. 

    5. Sleigh Bed

    This trundle bed alternative looks like a sleigh slightly curved on the footboard and the headboard. It’s sophisticated enough for the guest room as well as perfect for a little girl’s room. 

    6. Panel Bed

    A panel bed with a trundle is an excellent sleepover solution for kids. They are available in twin and full sizes and have drawers so your kids can store their little treasures and books. 

    A Trundle bed is a very comfortable and convenient option for small bedroom spaces when it comes to hosting guests. It saves floor space, is affordable and versatile. Some trundle beds are useful as sofas and some as storage solutions. However, trundle beds for adults, are not convenient for daily use, because of the thin mattress - that doesn't offer spinal support and the frame - that doesn't support heavy body weights.

    This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.
    {"faq":[{"_id":"94dcbb4","title":" What is a daybed with a trundle?\n","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EA daybed is a type of sofa that is spacious enough and designed in a way that you can slide a trundle underneath it. So, a daybed with a trundle is useful for both sleeping and sitting.\u00a0\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"bcdba48","title":"Can I buy a trundle bed separately?","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EYes, you can buy a trundle bed and a mattress separately depending on your needs.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"7ca7f93","title":" Can you use a trundle bed for storage?\n","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EYes. You can use the pull-out compartment as the storage area (for clothes, blankets, etc.) in case you don\u2019t need a second mattress. You can also buy a trundle with drawers and shelves. \u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"e702064","title":"Can you add a trundle to any bed?\n","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EYes. However, there should be enough clearance (around 14-16 inches) between your bed frame and floor to fit the trundle beneath it.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cbr \/\u003E\u003Cbr \/\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"},{"_id":"10517d1","title":"How much weight does a trundle bed hold?\n","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EMost trundle beds roughly support 250 pounds.\u00a0\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"}],"__globals__":{"main_title_typography_typography":"globals\/typography?id=3e436c6","main_title_color":"globals\/colors?id=c758e82","question_typography_typography":"globals\/typography?id=9134c8d","answer_typography_typography":"globals\/typography?id=e88d36c","question_color":"globals\/colors?id=2f337da","answer_color":"globals\/colors?id=2325efb"},"main_title_typography_typography":"","main_title_typography_font_family":null,"main_title_typography_font_size":null,"main_title_typography_font_weight":null,"main_title_typography_text_transform":null,"main_title_typography_font_style":null,"main_title_typography_text_decoration":null,"main_title_typography_line_height":null,"main_title_typography_letter_spacing":null,"main_title_typography_word_spacing":null,"main_title_color":"","question_typography_typography":"","question_typography_font_family":null,"question_typography_font_size":null,"question_typography_font_weight":null,"question_typography_text_transform":null,"question_typography_font_style":null,"question_typography_text_decoration":null,"question_typography_line_height":null,"question_typography_letter_spacing":null,"question_typography_word_spacing":null,"question_color":"","answer_typography_typography":"","answer_typography_font_family":null,"answer_typography_font_size":null,"answer_typography_font_weight":null,"answer_typography_text_transform":null,"answer_typography_font_style":null,"answer_typography_text_decoration":null,"answer_typography_line_height":null,"answer_typography_letter_spacing":null,"answer_typography_word_spacing":null,"answer_color":"","_title":"","_margin":{"unit":"px","top":"","right":"","bottom":"","left":"","isLinked":true},"_padding":{"unit":"px","top":"","right":"","bottom":"","left":"","isLinked":true},"_element_width":"","_element_width_tablet":"","_element_width_mobile":"","_element_custom_width":null,"_element_vertical_align":null,"_position":"","_offset_orientation_h":null,"_offset_x":null,"_offset_x_end":null,"_offset_orientation_v":null,"_offset_y":null,"_offset_y_end":null,"_z_index":"","_element_id":"","_css_classes":"","e_display_conditions":"","motion_fx_motion_fx_scrolling":"","motion_fx_translateY_effect":null,"motion_fx_translateY_direction":null,"motion_fx_translateY_speed":null,"motion_fx_translateY_affectedRange":null,"motion_fx_translateX_effect":null,"motion_fx_translateX_direction":null,"motion_fx_translateX_speed":null,"motion_fx_translateX_affectedRange":null,"motion_fx_opacity_effect":null,"motion_fx_opacity_direction":null,"motion_fx_opacity_level":null,"motion_fx_opacity_range":null,"motion_fx_blur_effect":null,"motion_fx_blur_direction":null,"motion_fx_blur_level":null,"motion_fx_blur_range":null,"motion_fx_rotateZ_effect":null,"motion_fx_rotateZ_direction":null,"motion_fx_rotateZ_speed":null,"motion_fx_rotateZ_affectedRange":null,"motion_fx_scale_effect":null,"motion_fx_scale_direction":null,"motion_fx_scale_speed":null,"motion_fx_scale_range":null,"motion_fx_transform_origin_x":null,"motion_fx_transform_origin_y":null,"motion_fx_devices":null,"motion_fx_range":null,"motion_fx_motion_fx_mouse":"","motion_fx_mouseTrack_effect":null,"motion_fx_mouseTrack_direction":null,"motion_fx_mouseTrack_speed":null,"motion_fx_tilt_effect":null,"motion_fx_tilt_direction":null,"motion_fx_tilt_speed":null,"sticky":"","sticky_on":null,"sticky_offset":null,"sticky_offset_tablet":null,"sticky_offset_mobile":null,"sticky_effects_offset":null,"sticky_effects_offset_tablet":null,"sticky_effects_offset_mobile":null,"sticky_parent":null,"_animation":"","_animation_tablet":"","_animation_mobile":"","animation_duration":null,"_animation_delay":null,"_transform_rotate_popover":"","_transform_rotateZ_effect":null,"_transform_rotateZ_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_rotateZ_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_rotate_3d":null,"_transform_rotateX_effect":null,"_transform_rotateX_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_rotateX_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_rotateY_effect":null,"_transform_rotateY_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_rotateY_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_perspective_effect":null,"_transform_perspective_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_perspective_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_translate_popover":"","_transform_translateX_effect":null,"_transform_translateX_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_translateX_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_translateY_effect":null,"_transform_translateY_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_translateY_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_scale_popover":"","_transform_keep_proportions":"yes","_transform_scale_effect":null,"_transform_scale_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_scale_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_scaleX_effect":null,"_transform_scaleX_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_scaleX_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_scaleY_effect":null,"_transform_scaleY_effect_tablet":null,"_transform_scaleY_effect_mobile":null,"_transform_skew_popover":"","_transform_skewX_effect":null,"_transform_skewX_effect_tablet":null,"_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