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How to Choose the Right Weighted Blanket for Adults?

Weighted Blanket for Adults: A weighted blanket is a heavy blanket that gets its heft from tiny glass, poly pellets, or plastic beads depending on the manufacturer. The fabric can be made from breathable cotton or even minky dotted fabric for that matter. The weight is evenly distributed as the plastic pellets or fillings are sewn in squares to prevent the filling from shifting to one side.

The weight of this type of blanket can range from 5 to 30 pounds with experts suggesting that you choose a weighted blanket for adults that is 10 percent of your body weight with a pound or two in excess. For example, if an adult weighs 120 pounds, the weighted blanket that they will use should weigh 15 pounds only. On the other hand, a 180-pound adult will need a 25-pound blanket to feel its effects.

Features of Weighted Blankets

As mentioned before, when shopping for an adult weighted blanket, you might want to look into the materials of the blanket as it may help you choose the best blanket for you.

Let’s explain further about what to look for:


Weighted blankets are typically filled with glass, steel, or plastic beads or poly pellets to add weight to it. Most are made from beads because they are relatively silent and will not interrupt your sleep.

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Weighted blankets are different from your comforter, duvet, or regular blanket in the sense that there are additional layers such as the fabric and padding used to cushion the beads inside. Among the padding materials that may be used are cotton, chenille, polyester, or fleece, just to name a few. You can also find one that is water-resistant or waterproof or even has moisture-wicking capabilities.


Another feature of some weighted blankets (not all) is that there is a cover which you can remove and wash as needed. These covers can be made from synthetic fibers or natural fibers like wool or cotton even. Weighted blankets that are made from wool or cotton tend to be breathable to help you sleep cooler.

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Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Adults

It is understandable that you’re going to be a little skeptical when thinking about buying a weighted blanket for kids or adults as there is still an ongoing debate as to its effects, but here are some benefits that are associated with this kind of blanket.

Better Sleep

Having insomnia, or not being able to sleep well at night day after day is not going to be good for your mind or your body for that matter. A weighted blanket provides you with deep pressure stimulation, which has been found to have a calming effect on the body and mind. Deep pressure stimulation may also help in the production of the “feel good” hormone, serotonin, which contributes to the onset of sleep.

Minimizes anxiety

Anxiety affects millions of people all over the world, regardless of age and gender. However, identifying your triggers and performing relaxing tasks can help you to cope better with anxiety. And it appears that using a weighted blanket can help out too. This is because the deep touch pressure that a weighted blanket provides resembles that of being wrapped in a hug.

A tool for ADHD patients

For children or adults who have attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome or ADHD, the most common symptom that you’ll notice is their tendency to fidget, but this can vary from one person to the next. With the deep pressure stimulation that weighted blankets provide, patients with ADHD tend to feel calmer and more relaxed and therefore may fall asleep faster.

Reduces symptoms of restless leg syndrome

Adults who are diagnosed with restless leg syndrome often complain about that tingling or crawling sensation in their legs, which tend to happen more often when they are in bed. This can lead to insomnia because you often toss and turn at night just to find a good position. Some people with RLS use compression socks, but it can be restrictive. As an alternative, using a weighted blanket may help to reduce the symptoms of RLS due to the pressure it provides.

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How to Choose a Weighted Blankets for Adults?

It is understandable that you will want to get your hands on the best weighted blanket for adults, especially when you have sleep disorders or know someone who has sensory issues. Since there are several options on the market, how will you find the appropriate one for their needs? Well, here we have put together an easy checklist, and detailed the main factors so that you can land the right blanket to help you get a more restful sleep.


Weighted blanket relies on its heaviness to provide pressure on the body to help calm the central nervous system, just like a hug would feel. As mentioned before, the rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a weighted blanket is to go for one that is 10 percent of your body weight, plus a few more pounds. Although this may not be exact, you can choose one that is either light or heavy depending on your preferences.

Filler Type

There are different types of fillers to choose from for weighted blankets for adults such as glass, plastic pellets, and foam beads. Most prefer glass beads since they are durable, but the filler varies. The filler is what adds to the weight. It is essential to consider what filler your weighted blanket should have because you want a blanket with a durable filler to avoid bunching.


When it comes to an adult weighted blanket, its size is another factor that you should also take into account. Keep in mind that this blanket is for a single user only, although there are companies that provide weighted blankets for couples who want to sleep using the same blanket. However, it is important that you measure the size of the blanket to ensure that it will cover you and your partner.


Another factor that you can consider when it comes to your weighted blanket is the cover. Most of the time, you will see that they come with a duvet style cover which you can remove to wash as needed. There are different types of cover that you can choose from with soft microfiber being the most common. Bamboo is available as well, which can help you stay cool, especially on hot days.


It is understandable that you’re going to be wary of buying an adult weighted blanket once you see the price, but there are some that you can buy at a reasonable price without compromising on quality.

The Last Word – Weighted Blanket for Adults

If you’re wondering how to find the best weighted blanket for adults, and don’t have time to do all the research, look no further — Nectar offers a great weighted blanket for adults. This blanket comes with a removable quilted cover that is easy to machine wash, the inner blanket is 100 percent cotton, and it is weighted with non-toxic, eco-friendly glass beads. The pressure that it gives may help some restless sleepers sleep better at night, especially those who have anxiety issues or are feeling the effects of stress.

If you have difficulty sleeping, have high anxiety levels, have insomnia or post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD, this is a good blanket to try out to help you get a good night’s sleep. This blanket will surely give you the feeling of being hugged!

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