Understanding Mattress Dimensions

Understanding Mattress Dimensions

Posted By Erin on Nov 28, 2017

You wake up every morning with back and neck pain. Finally, you decide it’s time to replace your mattress. What size should you get, though? Here’s a breakdown of which size will work best for your specific situation.

Twin Mattress

A twin mattress measures approximately 38″ wide by 75″ long. This size is perfect for older children once they outgrow their crib or toddler bed, or an adult living on their own. Despite what the name may imply, however, a twin mattress is generally only suited for one person. Additionally, a taller individual may find a twin uncomfortable, hanging at or over the end of the mattress. In this case, a Twin XL can be employed, which keeps the same width, but adds an additional 5-6″ of length.

Full Mattress

Next up is a full-sized mattress. Again, while the name may imply this is as big as they come, a full-sized mattress is actually quite small, especially for two people. These mattresses generally measure approximately 53″ wide by 75″ long. This mattress does work well for a single adult who tends to toss and turn a lot while they sleep, and can work adequately for two adults, provided neither of them toss and turn too much. If room size is an issue, a full-sized mattress is usually a safe bet, fitting comfortably in just about any size bedroom. Since the length is still 75″, taller individuals may want to skip a full-size mattress altogether.

Queen Mattress

The most popular size of mattress sold today, the queen measures in at approximately 60″ wide by 80″ long. This is a great size for couples to comfortably sleep on, especially when needing to save some space in the bedroom. The extra length also allows taller individuals to sleep comfortably without hanging off the end. Though larger than a full-size mattress, a queen-size mattress still fits comfortably in most master bedrooms, while still leaving space for a few other pieces of furniture. If you have kids who like to join you in bed on occasion, however, a queen-size mattress will get very crowded, very quickly.

King Mattress

Finally, a mattress whose name befits its size. The king-size mattress is so-called because it is the largest of the four main mattress sizes. Measuring in at a whopping 76″ wide by 80″ long, the king is a full 16″ wider than the queen. For couples, the king offers each person the most personal space, at 38″ each, the same as a single person on a twin mattress. If at least one person tosses and turns a lot during the night, the king provides the best insurance that the other person won’t wake up. Concurrently, if both individuals are tossers, they can each have maximum space to ensure they don’t bump into each other, or even fall off the edge. The generous 80″ length again ensures that taller individuals are well-supported and comfortable.

Such a wide mattress does come with its challenges, however. Special thought must be given to getting the mattress into the bedroom. Any tight turns or undersized doorways could cause issues in moving the mattress into place. Additionally, because of its large size compared to any other mattress, a king-size mattress can easily overwhelm a room. To prevent this, measure all hallways and doorways prior to bringing the mattress home. Also measure your bedroom, to ensure the mattress will look great, and that you’ll still have room to slide by on the sides.

Buying a new mattress is a great investment in your sleep quality, and can even provide pain relief. Choosing the right size is one of the most important considerations as you browse different mattresses, but with a few easy measurements, and understanding your current sleeping arrangement, your next mattress should be an easy choice.

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