How Thick and Firm is a Nectar Mattress

How Thick is a Nectar Mattress? How Firm is a Nectar Mattress?

There’s nothing worse than a thin, poorly made mattress. It can feel like you’re sleeping on a bucket of loose springs, simultaneously unsupportive and extremely uncomfortable. While you used to be able to test out a mattress before you bought it, the advent of online mattress shopping means that you might end up with a lemon — after all, not every mattress has a forever warranty like Nectar. We’re here to answer the question of what it’s actually like to sleep on a Nectar mattress, and how those results are borne out in the thickness of our product.

This is part of our series of blogs that go into greater detail questions answered on the FAQ page of our website. If you’re curious as to what makes our mattresses great, about financing plans, or even just want more information about how to best use our mattresses, we highly recommend checking them out.

Not only that, but we have a super friendly customer support staff waiting to take your questions if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for. Stop on by for a chat and find out why we’re so excited to share Nectar with the world. So how thick is a Nectar mattress, and what does that thickness mean for its firmness and support? Great question, here’s your answer!

Nectar Mattresses are 11” Which Hands Down Beats Other Mattresses

Nectar mattresses use three different types of memory foam, a breathable base layer, and a topper to give you the best sleeping experience in a mattress yet. All those materials translate into a mattress that it’s significantly thicker than its competitors. At eleven inches, a Nectar mattress provides support and comfort in a way that other mattresses (the industry standard is about ten inches) can only dream of.

We’re proud to be able to say that we’ve broken the mold on mattress construction, offering a superior product that doesn’t skimp on materials that other companies view as too expensive or hard to find. The result is a product that’s uniquely Nectar, a mattress that combines the comfort of sleeping as a kid with the support you need as a grown up. It’s a mattress built for soothing, restful sleep — because your bed should be a sanctuary.

What is the Firmness Level of a Nectar Mattress?

Nectar mattresses are specifically designed to be medium firm. That’s not only considered the most popular firmness level for comfort, it’s also the one that chiropractors recommend for spinal health. We wanted a mattress that could give great support to problem areas for sleepers like the neck and lower back while also creating a mattress that you could fall in love with. The results speak for themselves. Our foam has a 2.2 ILD rating, where other foam mattresses rate 1.5 (or less). That’s a proven way to have a great durable mattress that will sleep as well on the thousandth night as it does on the first.

We think you’re going to love how a Nectar mattress feels, and with a forever warranty and easy to figure out financing plan it’s never been easier to find out for yourself. Once you’ve tried a Nectar, you’re never going to go back to anything else. Our thicker mattress and comfortably firm mattress give us the edge when it comes to pure, restful sleep. You’re never going to sleep better than you do on a Nectar.


How Thick is a Nectar Mattress? How Firm is a Nectar Mattress?

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