Siena Mattress Review 2022

Siena Mattress Review 2022

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Last Updated on Mar 16, 2023

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    The Siena mattress is a lifesaver for people who wish for maximum comfort within a limited budget. This Siena Mattress review will walk you through its features, performances, and everything you need to know before making this purchase! It comes at the most affordable price compared to other brands without compromising quality and comfort. This product delivers the best results without cutting corners in materials, design, or comfort. It comes with a 180-night Home Trial and offers a hassle-free 10-year warranty. In addition to this, Free shipping and returns and their easy return policy make it a mattress worth having. The Siena mattress is 10" and has 5 layers of sheer comfort and coziness.

    Siena Mattress in little time has gained an abundance of popularity and love– thanks to its edge-cutting bed technology and use of high-quality material that makes every sleep a good night’s sleep. This all-foam bed has 5 distinct layers, including one that adapts to the body precisely and evenly. This review will help you in making a well-informed decision. Read more below:

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    Mattress Pricing

    The Siena mattress is one of the best online mattresses available, constructed using 5 layers of complete comfort that lulls the sleeper into a deep sleep and provides excellent comfort while sitting, dreaming, or indulging in any other activity or chore. These can be categorized into the below-suggested points:

    • Soft and comfy cover Layer: A smoother top fabric layer that is thick and comforting.
    • Body adapting memory foam Layer: Memory foam cushions your weight, allowing your entire body to rest.
    • The body supporting Layer: A 2" layer of denser polyfoam cushions your body even more for more comfort and support. 
    • Foundational foam Layer: The sturdy 5" layer supports your entire body, even if you're overweight.
    • Shift-Resistant Lower Cover Layer: The comfort it offers is in the right amount and offers you strong resistance during motions. 

    Siena Mattress can be used with any form of bed frame like

    • Foundation
    • Divan Base
    • Traditional Frames
    • Adjustable Bases
    • Box Spring

    Mattress Pricing

    Siena Mattress is comparatively a more affordable memory foam mattress that caters to everyone’s needs amply. The bed's overall cost and its outstanding performance across multiple avenues make it an excellent choice for value-seekers and customers with a limited budget. The price of a queen-size mattress is $499, which is significantly lower than the pricing of other models. Here is the brand-wise math done for you to make an informed decision.

    ParametersSienaCasperTuft & Needle
    Total Cost$823$1433$1095


    Sleeping on a Siena mattress has two key takeaways. 

    • It keeps you cool all night long.
    • It lets you sleep soundly even if your partner is awake or in motion.

    With no springs and an added motion-reducing layer, motion transfer reduces quite well. This implies that even if a part of the mattress keeps shifting and moving, the other part will remain completely still. In addition, the mattress is quiet. So parents with little kids and couples with restless partners can consider investing in this mattress without depleting your funds.

    Siena Mattress Meets Everyone’s Needs and Demands, Here’s How

    Siena Mattress is an excellent choice for side, hot and medium-firm sleepers. It is best suited to:

    • It is ideal for Hot Sleepers: The gel memory foam helps wick away any excess body heat.

    • It is Ideal for Cool Sleepers: The air pockets between the layers let the mattress breathe inside-out so you sleep comfortably and cool all night long.

    • It is ideal for side-sleepers: It has a medium-firm level of 6.5 which suggests that anyone with a likeness for sleeping on a not too soft and not too hard bed can find heaven in it. Especially given that 70% of the sleepers sleep sideways, Siena Mattress can help you find your missing utopia in no time.

    Takeaway Aspects

    • Under the firmness level, Siena achieves a 6.5 mark, which puts it in the mid firm level.

    • The buyer gets the mattress in a box that prevents any harm from reaching it during shipping or installation. This makes the mattress easy to install and set up, making it a child’s play that is as simple as 1-2-3. 

    • People who find memory foam mattresses excessively heated may find this kind more pleasant, cool, and restful to sleep on. This is especially true for persons who sleep extremely hot on their back or stomach. Even sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds may find this mattress no-way sinking in as the mattress stays firm and comfortable meeting all the necessary requirements at a go.

    Installing and Setting Up the Mattress

    • The Siena mattress can be installed in 4 basic steps. Setting up is so easy that even your kid can do so in a jiffy. All you need to do is follow the below-suggested points:

    Step 1: Move it to the place in your room where you intend to install it.

    Siena Mattress step1

    Step 2: Slowly and carefully slide it out of the box.

    Siena Mattress step 2

    Step 3: Place it over your bed and unroll it.

    Siena Mattress Step-3

    Step 4: Give it time to expand and wait for the magic to happen.

    Siena Mattress Step-4

    Policies on Trial, Warranty, and Shipping

    • This review will highlight some of the most appreciated and well-maintained policies on trials, warranty, and shipping, which haven’t disappointed a single customer in all its years of existence and use.

      • For flaws:

        If you find any defects with the craftsmanship or materials, email or phone at Siena Sleep and the company will walk you through the procedures of return or exchange. Quality and extended customer support has always been a priority at Siena.
      • Ten-year policy:

        Siena will help you with a replacement if you find a fault or a flaw in the first 10 years of owning it.
      • Happy to restore/ repair:

        Siena will restore or repair your mattress after 10 years if our customer feels the need to do so. 
      • Free Shipping always:

        So you can now have your hands on this mattress without incurring extra costs.
      • 180-night home free trial:

        Siena mattress also comes with a substantial 180-night home trial which starts from the day you get it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be valid for the majority of the lower-priced mattresses available online under the $500 mark.

      Most Siena users fall in love with it right from the first night. However, if you aren't immediately smitten by this product, we recommend waiting at least 30 days before making a final choice. This is to allow you time to acclimate to your new mattress, which is crucial if this is your first memory foam mattress.


    • Siena mattress has been recognized globally for its varied features, comfort, and promises. Some of the new 2022 feathers in their hat are:

      • Consumer Voice- Best Newcomer 2022

      • Slumber Beach- Affordable Mattress 2022

      • Mattress Report- Budget Mattress 2022

      • Sleepopolis- Sleepopolis Approved 2022

      • Naplab- Naplab Approved 2022

      • Sleep Foundation- Best Under $500

      Siena users can’t get enough of this product. And the reasons for it are not 1, 2, or 3–they’re multiple in the count. Here’s why…

      Review 1:

      “Siena has given me great nights of restful sleep. I enjoyed the mattress at such a great cost! Fully recommend this.”

      Review 2:

      “I bought the Siena for half the price of my previous mattress, and it is

      amazing! Less cost, equal comfort, incredible nights sleep.”

      Review 3:

      “I can’t believe how comfortable this bed is. It feels fairly soft but not so soft

      that I sink in too much. I'm 6’ and weigh 205. A not-so-small man! Also, the pillows are incredibly soft and comfortable. Highly recommend it.”