Nightstand Height

Nightstand Height

What is the Perfect Nightstand Height for Your Bedroom?

Owning a nightstand is like the Goldilocks dilemma. Too short or too tall is just not the right fit. Be it a nightstand, dresser or armoire, you can find the ideal height, width and depth in the table below. To know what to consider while buying a nightstand, read more here.

Nightstand Height – You’re probably excited to sleep on your new bed until you realize that your nightstand is too short for your reach. This may be something that you may have missed during the first few days until you find yourself having to extend your reach at night just to turn off your bedside lamp, or check your phone, or even turn your alarm clock off even. This is not unusual given that the mattress height has already affected the rest of your furnishings. That said, you will need to invest in the right nightstands and bedside tables to make your space appear uniform.

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Standard Nightstand, Dresser And Armoire Heights

What to Consider when Buying Nightstand for the Bedroom

This piece of furniture is essential to the bedroom, as it not only creates a stylish look to your space, but it can also be functional furniture as well. It can provide you with storage space and even help complete your bedroom look in your space as well. It is also an important element of bedroom Feng Shui. Of course, when shopping for a bedside table, you will need to consider a few things such as:

Surface area

When shopping for a bedside table, you should consider its surface area to accommodate your accessories such as alarm clock, table lamp, your phone, books, and others. If you often place a lot of things on your nightstand, make sure that there is ample space, or you can hang your frames on the wall or mount your reading lamp against the wall too to save space.


What your nightstand is made of can have a huge impact on the style and overall feel of your sleeping quarters. If you are into traditional style, wooden nightstands or those with iron hardware can be chosen. On the other hand, if you are into contemporary designs, polished metals, as well as those with glass accents, can liven up your space. Whatever type of nightstand you are going for, make sure that it is capable of carrying bulky items such as your lamp and reading materials just to name a few.

Storage space

Your bedside table can be more than just a place to hold your everyday items, but it can also double as a storage space too. Look for nightstands that have shelves or drawers where you can store all of your necessities within easy reach. An open shelf type can be a good option if you often read a book before bedtime because you can put all of your to-be-read pile of books within easy reach. On the other hand, if you want to hide your personal stuff from sight, nightstands with drawers, or even a drawer chest, are worth investing in.

Nightstand height

Another factor that you need to consider when shopping for a nightstand is its height. The nightstand height should be as tall as the top of the mattress for consistency and for easy access to you as well. If you are using a tall base or even mattress pads, you should match your nightstand with it. For shorter beds, low-profile bedside table or nightstands will be appropriate. Place your nightstand a few inches away from your bed so your bedding will have room to spare if you want to have your linens drape.

Best Nightstand Height

What is the Ideal Nightstand Height

With regards to the standard nightstand height, there is no set rule governing it. This is due to the fact that the nightstand’s height is usually based on the height of your mattress. Like it was mentioned before, if your bedside table is too high or too low, it will not only make the look and feel of your bedroom seem off balance, but it can also make it difficult for you to get that glass of water or reach a magazine that you’ve been reading.

With regards to the bedside table size, the goal here is to create a visual scale between the side tables and your bed. Nightstands or bedside tables that are either too small or too large can affect the aesthetics of your place. When talking about the depth, stick with 24 inches or below because anything higher can affect your ability to get in and out of your bed. A good example of this is to pair your king size bed with bedside tables that are around 20 inches to 40 inches wide. The nightstand dimensions should be checked before you buy to ensure that it will match the height of your bed or your mattress.

If you have been shopping for a nightstand, the average height is between 24 and 28 inches which match the traditional height of a bed which is 25 inches from the floor to the mattress. At this height, it is easier for you to reach your books, bedside lamp, alarm clock, or your drink even when your nightstand is a few inches higher than that of your mattress. This will be more convenient for you to get something from your table which is a bit higher than you bed as opposed to bending just to reach your nightstand. A good way to determine whether your nightstand is at the desired height is when it is 27 inches in height where there is no need for you to bend.

Fortunately, if your bedside table is your favorite, but the height is an issue, you can gauge the height of your bed instead. Your bed frame may be adjustable so you can either raise it or lower it to match that of your current nightstand.

Bedside Table For Your Bedroom

Tips on How to Choose the Right Bedside Table for Your Bedroom

Like it was mentioned before, setting up a bedside table or nightstand on either side of your bed can help bring balance to the overall style of your space. But that table can double as more than a piece of furniture since it can be a good place to store your decorative items like a lamp, frames, and the like.

However, shopping for a nightstand can be challenging at times, especially when there are literally hundreds of designs and styles for you to choose from. That said, here are a few tips that may help you land the right one for your bedroom.

Correct height

In interior design, balance is usually prioritized to create a unified look. That means that when you go shopping for nightstands, they should be an ideal height for your bed. It doesn’t matter whether you are utilizing chests of drawers, an ordinary table, or nightstand, it should be at a comfortable height when placed beside your bed.

Glass top

If you are looking for creative ideas for your bedside table, why not try getting one that comes with a glass top? This gives your table a chic look, plus you can dress it up further by adding ceramic saucers to prevent water from your glass to stain the surface. You can also top it off with a vase of beautiful bedroom plants to add freshness and aroma to your room.

Open sides

For those who want easy access to their stuff, etagere with open sides is a good choice to add to your bedroom. It also gives you ample storage as well since there is more space for you to utilize.


Another thing to consider when you are shopping for a nightstand is the amount of storage that it has to offer. If you are the type of person who has a lot of knickknacks, look for a nightstand or a bedside table that has drawers and shelf space too. This way, you can display those that you want to show, and store your personal items in an accessible manner.

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Types of Nightstands for the Bedroom

The pieces of furniture that you will be using in your bedroom should work well with one another. This is something that you should consider when shopping for a nightstand for your bed. Yes, there are several options available, but you can narrow it down by knowing some of the different types of nightstands that you can choose from. Here’s what you need to know:


Nightstands are typically small and have simple designs with the function of holding an alarm clock or lamp.

Bedside cabinets

Bedside cabinets are multifunctional as they can have a large surface area for your lamp, clock, and the like, with drawers or cabinets for further storage.

Simple tables

Another option that you can consider for your bedroom is a simple table. This type of table can be ideal for any part of the house and may be small enough to be placed beside your bed.

The Last Word About Nightstand heights

What you will choose depends on your preferences, your budget, as well as the size of your bedroom. Adding a nightstand or bedside table is always a good way to liven up your bedroom. That said, the height of your furniture should be first and foremost in your mind when shopping because it will help make you feel comfortable in your bed. Make sure that you check the nightstand dimensions against your bed or mattress height, to keep things balanced.

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