Do I Need a Box Spring or Adjustable Bases

Do I Need a Box Spring or Adjustable Bases?

This blog answers the question from the FAQ section of the Nectar website: Do I Need a Box Spring or Adjustable Base? You do not need a box spring, nor an adjustable base for your Nectar, but either can be used for best comfort of the sleeper.

All mattresses are not created equal. You’ve probably realized that if you’ve been on the hunt for a mattress for any length of time. We’re glad that you’ve settled on a Nectar, but we realize that you may have some lingering questions on how to set up your mattress, are wondering if you need a box spring, or even if you can use your Nectar mattress as an adjustable base.

We’ve started this series of blogs so that we can answer some of those questions a little more in depth, but if you’re super curious and need the answers ASAP, then check out our frequently asked questions section on our website here. It’s going to cover all the queries you might have going in, and we might even pose a couple that you haven’t considered yet. Know that no matter what, you’re getting a pitch perfect mattress, always made with care to give you the dreamiest, silkiest sleep.That’s our foremost concern, because we know it’s yours too.

Do I need a Box Spring?

This is one of the biggest questions we receive — so here’s the quick answer: absolutely not. The great thing about a Nectar mattress is that it uses five layers – including three different types of memory foam – to give you the support and comfort that you require — no matter what surface you lay it on. That’s right, you can put a Nectar memory foam mattress directly on the floor and still have the same beautiful sleep that traditional mattresses can only dream of.

That being said, many of our users prefer to have a box spring for the additional elevation it provides. That’s totally fine! Feel free to use it if that’s your preference. The Nectar foundation is also a great addition to your sleep experience that has been designed to provide optimal support to your mattress as you sleep. The best part about Nectar is that it’s equipped to handle pretty much any sleep situation you put it in regardless of how you set it up. It’s this quality that sets Nectar apart from more finicky mattress, which might require the box spring or an adjustable base for full effect. Just know that your Nectar mattress is ready to sleep on directly out of the box — no additional accoutrements needed. That’s an empowering feeling for any sleeper.

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