Memory Foam Mattresses Are Hot to Sleep On

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Hot to Sleep On?

There’s literally nothing worse than not being able to fall asleep because you’re too hot. You’re sweaty, sheets sticking to your legs, and you’re lying there, hoping against hope that you’ll get just a little relief — and most importantly, sleep. There’ve been some thoughts put out in recent years that while foam mattresses can be super comfy and good for your back, they might retain heat in a way that other mattresses don’t. That may have been true in the past when denser materials caused heat to trap more easily, but it decidedly isn’t true for current memory foam mattresses. In fact, memory foam mattresses sleep cool because of a cutting-edge combination of materials and design.

Tencel is a Future Fabric Sent To Keep You Cool

We can’t speak for everyone, but a big reason why our mattresses sleep better than previous memory foam generations is easy to figure out: every Nectar comes with a tencel cooling cover. And OK, tencel fabric isn’t actually from the future, but it might as well be thanks to its cutting-edge properties specially designed to keep you cooler and cleaner than traditional materials every single night.

Tencel is a new fabric, created from sustainable wood sources that combines the best parts of cotton with the best parts of a hybrid fiber. It gives a cooler and dryer feeling than cotton because its fibers allow for better absorption of water. That translates to a better, more breathable sleep for you. This is a mattress that wicks heat away, and that’s going to make all the difference on stuffy summer nights.

Tencel Feels Like Cotton, Airy and Light — But Stays Durable and Reliable

what is tencel cooling?

Tencel can produce the qualities of cotton, but with a robust quality that won’t break down over many uses. Tencel shrinks less, wrinkles less, and breathes more than many alternatives, and its hydrophilic qualities mean that it won’t collect odor or bacteria either. And while this isn’t strictly about coolness, you can rest easy at night knowing that the way tencel is harvested is on a closed loop system — meaning that 99% of the chemicals and wood used in its process are recovered with minimal waste. That’s not just cooling your bedroom; it’s cooling the world.

Since the fibers of tencel are from wood and not a plant, they have hardiness that stands up to repeat use. That means that the qualities of breathability you like on your first night, are going to be there on your thousandth night too. I know what you’re thinking, “Wood? How is that comfortable?” It’s because of the nanotech that goes into making these fibers, which creates strands so small that they actually give better breathability and sheen than other fabric alternatives. That’s all well and good, but what does it mean for you? A smooth sheen of a sheet that welcomes you into a great night’s sleep every night with gentle arms, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Tencel Use is on the Rise, and With Good Reason: It’s Popular With Everyone

tencel is for everyone

Tencel production has seen a huge uptick in recent years, as clothing retailers find that comfort has become a huge selling point.

“There has been tremendous growth in Tencel production and use in the market … People are really into comfort now. They like softness and leisure trends,” says Edward Hertzman, the publisher of Sourcing Journal, which focuses on retail apparel and the textile industry.

This is also true for bedding, where the buyer has come to expect a balance of comfort and support from their mattresses. And while tencel seems like a no-brainer, there are still companies that skimp on the tencel in favor of cheaper alternatives. That’s not Nectar’s game, we custom milled these tencel cooling covers with the consumer in mind.

It’s to ensure that you’ll have a perfect sleep every night, no tossing or turning required. Try it and feel the difference yourself, on the first night, and every night after.