Are Memory Foam Mattresses Hot to Sleep On?

Posted By Erin on Jan 30, 2017

We’re now officially in the dog days of summer. There’s plenty to love about this time of year. Do you like going camping, swimming in lakes or a backyard BBQ?  One thing that isn’t great is sweltering summer nights. While those nights can be fun for night swimming, it’s less so when you’re tossing and turning at night on your bulky, hot tempurpedic mattress. Luckily, NECTAR mattresses are made with memory foam, a material that is conducive to sleeping even on sticky, hot summer nights. So without further ado, here is a guide to memory foam mattress for people who sleep hot. It’s guaranteed to make you tired… in a good way.

The Sleep Breakdown

Memory foam mattresses actually promote air circulation which leads to an overall cooler sleeping experience. Only about 8% percent of memory foam users found that their bed was retaining heat, as opposed to over double that for hybrid mattresses. A mattresses firmness also plays a heavy role in how much heat it retains. NECTAR mattresses are firm, thus leading to a better and more temperate sleeping climate. Not only that, NECTAR uses gel memory foam, which halves the reported rate of “sleeping hot” as opposed to non-gel foam mattresses. These are all ways that NECTAR beats out other memory foam competitors, higher quality materials makes for a great memory foam mattress for people who sleep hot.

Tencel Cooling Cover Promotes Air Circulation

Every NECTAR mattress is topped with a tencel cooling cover, the peak of mattress technology. Specially milled and loomed to breath, a tencel cooling cover draws heat away and circulates fresh air for a perfect temperature sleep. Not only that, but NECTAR’s quilted cover is naturally bedbug resistant for a fresh and healthy environment every time you lie down. NECTAR’s cover actually circulates fresh air throughout the mattress with every move you make. That’s a great news for light sleepers who seem to heat up as the night continues. This eliminates the clammy, mid-sleep wakeups that can sometimes haunt our summer sleeps. It’s simply the perfect foam mattress for people who sleep hot. Not only that, if it is ever time for a fresh tencel cooling cover for NECTAR just call and we will send you a new cover for no charge. All this makes NECTAR the leader when it comes to memory foam mattress for people who sleep hot. We’ve got the material, the engineering, and your best sleep in mind for every mattress that we make. Try one and feel the difference. You won’t be disappointed.

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