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Latex vs Hybrid mattress

Latex vs Hybrid Mattress

All you need to know before you buy

Latex vs Hybrid Mattress – When you’re mattress shopping you wouldn’t compare a Latex mattress vs a Hybrid mattress as a latex mattress that features a latex foam layer (Dunlop or Talalay) top layer, whereas a hybrid mattress describes the bottom support foundation layer.  A latex mattress can use many different support foundation layers under the latex layer. Most commonly, latex mattresses use a hybrid build (individually wrapped pocket coils). Aside from the premium hybrid build, some latex mattresses utilize a high-density polyfoam support core base.

Mattresses clearly play a huge role in how we feel about our quality of sleep each night. That’s why when it comes to replacing your old mattress, you might find shopping for a new one to be a daunting task with all the different types of mattresses to consider. The options seem infinite with spring mattresses, air mattresses, gel memory mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and others.  For those who are willing to spend a bit more on their new mattress to get a good night’s sleep, you might want to consider latex vs hybrid mattress as two options. Let’s find out what these two are. 

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What is a Latex Mattress

What is a Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress is created by combining latex foam to provide sleepers with a mattress that is both supportive and durable. Latex is harvested from the rubber tree sap. Since this is considered as a natural product, there are certain types of latex mattresses that are blended with other eco-friendly materials to give customers an eco-friendly mattress that they can enjoy.  

The latex beds that you see on the market today are sourced from the rubber tree and will undergo two different processing methods, Dunlop or Talalay process. 

When shopping for a latex bed, you will find that these mattresses come in different levels of firmness which are meant to address different types of sleepers. Among the selling points as to why many are looking into this type of mattress is its temperature regulation, as well as contouring abilities that provides sleepers with pressure relief especially around the shoulders and hips. Another plus to natural Talalay latex or any other type of latex mattresses is that they tend to be denser and heavier which means that they can adequately support those who may be overweight.

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Benefits of Latex Mattress

Before you invest in a latex mattress, you will need to determine what advantages you can get out of it. Here are a few that are worth taking note of: 


Compared to other types of mattresses such as memory foam and innerspring, it provides luxury comfort for all types of sleepers. The surface is soft but has adequate support for those who have body pain. 

Resistant to dust mites and molds

Another benefit associated with latex mattresses is that it is equipped to resist mold and dust mites which are two common problems with mattresses.


With regards to durability, latex mattresses can last you a long time because of its build and materials. You can even extend its lifespan with regular maintenance. 


Due to the open cell structure of this mattress, it is considered as naturally breathable which means that heat doesn’t get trapped when you lie down on it. You won’t heat up regardless of your sleeping positions.   

Cons Of Latex Mattress

When it comes to latex vs hybrid mattress, not only should you look at their pros, but also their cons as well. Here is the potential downside of choosing a latex mattress. 


The problem with this type of mattress is that it is heavy because of its dense structure. This makes it difficult to move around and will require additional assistance to get it through your house. Fortunately, you only need to move it once. Unless you are transporting it to a new home, then this won’t bother you too much.


Another drawback to mattresses made from latex is that they are more costly compared to polyurethane foam mattress or even your usual spring mattress. However, if you are willing to dish out money on a high-quality luxury mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep, then this may be considered a worthwhile investment. The benefits may outweigh the cost.  

What is a Hybrid Mattress

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Now that you know what latex mattress in latex vs hybrid mattress is, it’s time to know what the hybrid mattress is all about. You’re probably aware of what memory foam, innerspring, and air beds are, but then you have the hybrid mattress which is making waves of its own. 

Well, as the name suggests, this type of mattress can be made from different materials, but more often than not, it is usually associated with innerspring mattress with its coils that are designed for support, blended with memory foam. The combination of coil support and the comfort that memory foam brings is what draws the crowd to this kind of bed.  Latex hybrid mattresses and those that are made from synthetic materials are made from polyfoams, synthetic latex, and others. 

The materials used for hybrid beds tend to vary depending on the manufacturer, but it usually contains these layers: a steel support using the coil system of innerspring mattress, a comfort layer which is usually made from polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex, or other types of foam, cooling materials to help disperse the heat evenly throughout the bed, and a mattress topper for extra support. 

When sleeping on this kind of bed you should expect to experience the contouring comfort offered by memory foam, but with the bounce that is expected of an innerspring mattress. And since there is a coil system at the core of this bed, you can expect it to be cooler to sleep on at night compared to other types of foam mattress. 

Benefits of Hybrid Mattress

What are the benefits of getting a hybrid mattress for your bed? These are just a few advantages to enjoy.

Traditional feeling

Since this mattress type features the coil system typical of innerspring mattresses, it does give off that traditional vibe to it. Those who do not want to sink deep into their beds because of the memory foam will find the presence of coils to help creates a buoyancy when they sleep. 

Cooling temperature

Compared to the usual memory foam, hybrid mattress tends to feel cooler because of the spring system it uses. Air gets circulated within the core of the mattress which helps alleviate the heat getting trapped in this bed. 

Minimizes off-gassing

The pocketed coil design of innerspring mattress, which is used in hybrids, reduce the off-gassing which is typical in many new mattresses. This means that you should not be bothered by a chemical smell when you lie down on it. 

Cons of Hybrid Mattress

It’s easy enough to assume that since hybrid mattresses combine the best of two worlds, there shouldn’t be any drawback to it right? Well, there are still some potential challenges with this type of mattress such as:


Just like in the case of latex mattress, hybrids can also be difficult to move because of their construction. The weight of the coil system is one reason why this mattress will require another set of hands in getting from your front door to your bedroom.

Average motion isolation

With so many hybrids on the market sold everywhere it seems, you will have to look out for a true hybrid from a reputable brand. Depending on the construction of your hybrid mattress, you may be subjected to motion transfer which can disrupt your sleep at night.

What to Consider Before Buying a New Mattress

What to Consider Before Buying a New Mattress?

Now that you have an idea on what latex vs hybrid mattress is all about, the next step is to consider what factors to look into before choosing the mattress for your needs. If this is your first time shopping for one, use these factors as your guide:

Pressure point relief

Some of us are just lucky to be able to sleep peacefully at night and wake up without any aches and pains, so make sure that you consider the pressure relief that you desire from the mattress that you wish to purchase.


The size of your new mattress must be enough to suit the size of your room. You don’t want to sleep on a cramped bed, but at the same time, you don’t want your bedroom to be cluttered. Think of who will be sleeping in that bed, so you will know what size to get and whether you will need a new bed frame to accommodate the new mattress size. You can read all about mattress sizes in our mattress size and dimension guide here.  


Another factor that you need to take into account when it comes to a latex vs hybrid mattress is which one offers you the most support based on your body type. Ask yourself whether it supports the natural curve of your spine, or if it conforms to your body. Do you find yourself sinking deep into your current bed? These are questions that you need to ask yourself since you need a mattress that will support your body weight properly.


This is a matter of preference so don’t expect what others like will be suitable for you. There are some who pay much attention to the firmness of their mattress, while others prefer mattresses that are neither super firm nor very soft. The best way to know which type of mattress is ideal for you is to choose a brand that offers a sleep trial. This is a great way for you to get a feel for the bed that you are sleeping on without the fear of buyers remorse. After all, a quality bed is an investment that will last for years to come.

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