International Pillow Fight Day: Do's and Don't

International Pillow Fight Day: Do's and Don't

Written by Nectarsleep editorial team

Last Updated on Apr 27, 2022

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    International Pillow Fight Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of April. The day is a chance for people of all ages to come together and have some fun in a pillow fight.

    Pillow fights have been around for generations as a way to enjoy yourself and let off some steam. And international pillow fight day is a great way to get everyone together and have some fun. However, this day has changed dramatically in the last 10 years.

    It used to be mostly kids who would get together and have a pillow fight. But now, the day has evolved into a global phenomenon. People of all ages (3 to 99 YO) come together to participate in this international event. It's a great way to meet new people and make new friends. So if you're looking for some fun this weekend, check out international pillow fight day. It's a day made for all, meant for all to have an extra slice of fun over the weekend.

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    Why is International Pillow Fight Day Celebrated?

    International Pillow Fight Day began in 2008 and was first initiated by Kevin Bracken. It is intended to be a celebration of the joy and good humor of childhood. 

    Since 2008, the very first Saturday in April has been designated as International Pillow Fight Day in a number of cities throughout the world, including New York, Chicago, Paris, London, Copenhagen, and Rotterdam. The period corresponds with Spring and appeals to many people's desire to run around and enjoy the end of winter.

    It is advised that you make the event an event just for your household - whether you and your children or you and your roommates - this is an opportunity to have fun and join in a massive pillow battle.

    This is a peaceful, all-ages street battle with safety restrictions. It's an excellent opportunity to come together with your family and release tension with lots of laughs.

    How to celebrate Pillow Fight Day?

    You have to pull out your fluffy pillow and use it as a meek weapon to battle other people in the most friendly way possible. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this event to have a good time.

    Not that we have moved past the "why" stage and are now focused only on the "how." Every city worth living in has an annual pillow battle. Organizing a significant pillow battle is one of the easiest yet most gratifying free events or initiatives.

    It is not too late to join the fight, but there are a few things you should know before you begin swinging:

    • Swing gently, as injuries are unpleasant.
    • To ensure maximum safety, please use soft pillows.
    • People who don't have pillows should stay out of the battle since they could be there to watch.
    • Don't strike at someone who has a camera. Preferably, no material damage.
    • Because of animal welfare concerns, certain events may prohibit the usage of feather pillows. Specific guidelines should be found in your city's event details.
    • You must clean up your mess.

    What are the Dos and Don'ts of Pillow Fight Day?

    From using soft mushy pillows to cleaning your mess up, there are some listed dos and don'ts whether you're participating, organizing one yourself, or simply curious. So here are 3 dos and don'ts for you to make the most of this great day!

    DO 1

    Be Innovative

    International Pillow Fight Day is, at its core, a goofy event, so enjoy it. Some individuals dress up in a full-body pillow suit, while others dress down in pajamas or fancy dress. So why not spend some time customizing your cushion to make yourself stand out from the crowd?

    DO 2

    Go for soft pillows only.

    It is a day for pure fun, laughter, and enjoyment. Damage and tears to be avoided at all costs. 

    DO 3

    Consider your surroundings.

    Use soft cushions and avoid attacking anyone carrying cameras or who does not want to participate - what's the thrill in that? (It's also a good idea to bring off your glasses if you wear them!)

    DON'T 1

    Do not get involved with people who are without pillows. 

    Ideally, this goes without saying. But, it is understandable; the sheer amount of excitement people have that day knows no bounds! So, strictly do not play with people who are not with pillows. But, have a fair game, what say?

    DON'T 2

    Know that it is a game so avoid attacking people.

    While the fun is for all to experience, one must always be mindful that this is just a game, and avenging, disrespecting, or attacking someone shouldn't be the moral intention. The idea is to have fun and cherish the kid in you.

    DON'T 3

    Clean your mess and don't leave the surroundings dirty

    There will undoubtedly be a lot of feathers and soft materials to clear up once the battle has concluded. Don't be scared to pitch in and help; it's all part of the International Pillow Fight Day attitude!

    Get into the Mood!

    These gatherings allow participants to "find new friendships, reunite with old ones, meet potential partners, and luxuriate in the wonderful one-ness of a free, joyful, social gathering." Of course, we can't guarantee that all of these things will occur, but there's no question that you'll get more out of the day if you embrace its funny and unplanned character.


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    The internet has already reminded us of what is at stake if we don't take the time to halt and wiggle the feathers free! So here's to break free and joyous waves of laughter.