Two young professional movers moving a mattress

How to Move a Mattress Easily

Buying a new mattress can be very tricky, especially when it comes to deciding the best mattress. After months of research, you finally buy a new mattress, use it, and are amazed by its features. But then comes the time when you need to move a bed. Well, as easy as it sounds, it takes a lot of effort to advance a mattress. 

In this blog, we have structured the steps on how to move a mattress quickly. Our guide will surely convert your hours of misery into a few minutes of intelligent work.

Equipment and Supplies Needed for Moving a Mattress

Getting some equipment beforehand can ensure the easy moving of your mattress and reduce the risk of damaging it. You can either rent these supplies or purchase them online or in any retail store.

Mattress Bag

A mattress bag for moving is essential as it protects your mattress from damage, cuts, dust, dirt, soil, and climatic emergencies. It ensures the safe transfer of their mattress to your doorstep. Mattress covers for moving are available at $12-$30 on all the major eCommerce websites like Walmart, Home Depot, Uhaul, or Amazon.

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Dolly Truck

A dolly or platform of wheels simplifies the moving of a mattress from the bedroom to the transporting vehicle and vice versa. You can either buy it if you move frequently or rent your dolly from a retail store.

Tie Down Strap or Nylon Ropes

A tie-down strap is a two-piece strap that locks the mattress at a fixed position in the transporting vehicle. Alternatively, you can use a solid rope to fix your mattress in the transporting vehicle. You can find them easily at any retail store.


If your mattress is on the more flexible side, stabilizing it with a large, flat piece of cardboard can make it easier to transport.


Make sure you use solid and durable transportation tape to seal the mattress bag. Typically duct tape has durable adhesives that are generally waterproof. It keeps the mattress bag packed and prevents any moisture or dirt from entering the mattress bag.

Knife & Scissors

Make sure you use a sharp, well-maintained knife for cutting your mattress bag, and be careful to avoid any damage to the mattress itself. It would help if you also had scissors to cut the ropes, tapes, bags. Make sure you are using good-quality scissors.

Tool Set

If your mattress is fixed on a bed frame, you can use wrenches, spanners, and screwdrivers to disassemble the bed frame and then reassemble it later.

Sandwich Bags

A sandwich bag allows you to keep all your tool kits, nuts, bolts, etc., at a safe place so that you do not lose any of these during moving or transportation of your mattress.

Let us now understand the step-by-step process of How to move a heavy mattress or any mattress in general.

How to Move a Mattress

The following steps will help you to move a mattress quickly without any discomfort.

A couple putting a mattress on a bed after moving it from other place

Step 1: Cover the mattress

You can cover the mattress using a mattress bag; alternatively, you can also use a plastic cover and then tape it neatly. Stand alongside the mattress bag and insert the mattress slowly inside the mattress bag. If the mattress bag is zipped, you do not need to tape it; if not, use tape at the open ends of the mattress bag and tape it neatly. Covering your mattress will protect it from water, dust, stains, or other damage.

Step 2: Clear a path to the vehicle

Once your mattress is covered, check the route of your mattress from the bedroom to the vehicle. It is suggested to move any furniture such as small tables, chairs, or floor lamps out of the way to reduce the risk of thrashing into an obstacle and breaking something. Open any closed doors such as the main door or bedroom door to avoid any damages. Sometimes king sizes mattresses come in split versions allowing you to carry them easily.

Step 3: Lifting and carrying your mattress to the vehicle

Lift the mattress with the help of two people. One person must hold the mattress on either side. You must avoid lifting the mattress with your back and use the power of your legs to lift it.

For carrying the mattress, place it vertically and stand it on the dolly Truck. If the mattress is slippery, use cardboard to support the mattress.

If the path of the mattress to the vehicle includes staircases, make sure that you stop at the start of the stairs and lift the mattress downstairs. Do not roll the mattress directly from the dolly downstairs.

You can use cardboards to carry the mattress if a dolly truck is not available. Place the cardboards along the path and simply slide the mattress.

Step 4: Load and secure your mattress

If you are loading the mattress in a van or a pickup truck, simply unload the mattress from the dolly and load it into the cargo section of the vehicle.

If you are using a car or SUV as a vehicle, using the mattress bag is essential to avoid damaging the mattress. Examine the roof of the vehicle for any tears or cuts to prevent any damages to the mattress. 

You may use different types of vehicles for moving the mattress. Follow the instructions below on how to transport the mattress depending on the type of vehicle.

  • Moving Truck: Place the mattress in the cargo space in the truck. Do not place the mattress on any object to avoid any unnecessary damage. If you are placing the mattress vertically, place the mattress vertically on its side against the support wall. You can use nylon rope to secure it against the walls of the truck.
  • Pickup Truck: Place the mattress flat on the truck bed. Drape one end of the rope over the mattress and tie the remaining slack with the truck’s walls. Leave the tailgate open if the mattress size is larger than the truck bed. 
A Car carrying mattresses on its roof
  • Car/SUV with roof rack: Rest the mattress flat on top of the roof rack in the mattress bag. You must drape the nylon rope or straps across the mattress body’s head, center, and foot horizontally. Tie the mattress to the car using any solid knot.
  • Car/SUV without a roof rack: Place the mattress on the roof of the car/SUV as flat as possible. Drape the nylon ropes or straps across the mattress’s body in the head, center, and foot horizontally. Run the ropes through the front passenger door, front passenger window, back passenger window, and then again to the roof to avoid any damages to the mattress.

Step 5: Drive carefully to the destination

It is challenging to drive with a heavy load at the top of the vehicle. Be careful and move at a  steady pace to ensure that the mattress does not slip while driving. Avoid sudden braking and acceleration. Check time and again for your mattress’s safety and take bypass or back roads wherever possible.

What Are Other Ways to Move a Mattress?

If you are still not comfortable moving a mattress by yourself, hire professional movers or shipping service to move your mattress. Although, both these options will cost extra bucks than moving it by yourself.

Shipping Service

You can use the shipping service to move a packed mattress anywhere in the country. It will typically cost you $300 – $700. The cost depends on how large your mattress is, what distance you need to cover. Shipping is a comfortable option if you are moving out of the city, state, or country.

Professional Movers Services

Right from packing, loading, moving, and unloading, everything is taken care of by the movers. They are very professional and guarantee zero damages to your mattress. But hiring a professional mover’s services is very expensive.

Professional movers unloading the mattress from car after moving it

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Does Folding a Mattress Damage It?

Folding a spring mattress damages the structure of the mattress, which may result in an uncomfortable sleep or, in some cases, even a damaged mattress.

How to Store a Mattress Safely After Moving It

It is best to use a temperature-controlled storage facility for the long-term storage of mattresses. If the basement is the only storage space, make sure you use a dehumidifier to avoid precipitation on the mattress. Moisture and cold conditions may lead to bacteria and fungus. 

Avoid placing any kinds of objects on the mattress to avoid any damage. Place the mattress on the top of a platform table and avoid less space usage.

The Final Word

Buying a new mattress is challenging, preserving the new mattress and keeping it pristine for an extended period. Your mattress needs to move while you move to different places. Investing in a premium mattress and damaging it while moving it doesn’t make any sense. Hopefully, our guide above will help you move the mattress at the utmost ease without damaging its destination safely. 

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How to move a memory foam mattress?

Prepare your mattress for compression; remove all bedding except for the mattress protector. Then slip the mattress into the plastic bag. Attach the Valve and Vacuum Up the Air. Roll Up the Mattress and tie it up and move the mattress to your desired location.

Is tying a mattress on top of a car legal?

Tying a mattress on the top of the car is legal. However, tying a mattress improperly onto the top of your vehicle is illegal because you are not just putting your life in danger but also the life of others driving on the road.

How to move box springs and foundations?

Experts suggest packing them with a plastic cover and then a layer of bubble wrap. Load the box springs on a dolly truck and carry them to the vehicle, similar to your mattress.

Can you roll up a mattress?

Yes, you can roll up a foam mattress after you compress it using a vacuum.

Can you fit a full-size mattress in an SUV?

You can fit a full-size mattress comfortably in an SUV, but before attempting to fit it, make sure you fold down the back seats, pull the front seats, and grab a tape measure to check the dimensions. If it still doesn’t fit, bend the mattress a bit.

Will a queen mattress fit in a minivan?

No, a queen-size mattress doesn’t fit in a minivan. You can fit it easily if you have a Combi van without any passengers.

How to move a mattress without a truck?

If there is no truck available, you can move a mattress with the help of a Car, or book a shipping or professional movers service.

How to move a mattress upstairs by yourself?

If you need to move a mattress by yourself, place a piece of cloth or an old blanket under the mattress and pull it upstairs. Drag the mattress with the blanket underneath so that it reaches the destination with minimum effort and damage.