How to Lucid dream

How to Lucid Dream: Meaning, Techniques & Benefits

Has it ever happened to you that you are aware that you are dreaming? Do you have a hero moment where at the last minute, you find out that you’re just dreaming and can change the narration? If yes, then you have experienced lucid dreaming. 

Lucid dreaming is the state of being aware of your dreams. Sounds interesting? You know, a lot of people do ask the question, how to lucid dream. After all, lucid dreaming is an art not everyone can master. 

Did you know, only 20% of people have mastered the art of lucid dreaming? You, too, can try how to lucid dream tonight with these tips. How? Just keep reading, and we’ll explore all about lucid dreaming. What is lucid dreaming, how to lucid dream easily, what are the benefits, techniques and how long does it take to lucid dreaming? 

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the state where you are aware that you are dreaming. Although it was discovered in the 1900s, the details are still unknown about this phenomenon. You get to control the narrative of your dream and explore your dreams with some sense of reality. 

Now, if you are intrigued to know when lucid dreams happen, then the answer would be during the 4th stage of the sleep cycle. Also called hybrid sleep awake state, the person dreaming controls the characters of the dream. It’s like you are the director of the play in the dream. 

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How to Lucid Dream – Effective Lucid Dreaming Techniques

The lucid dreaming technique allows you to train your mind to stay aware during dreaming. This art can be mastered with the right technique, and mind you; it won’t be a piece of cake. Practice can tell you how long does it take to lucid dream. Let’s explore some techniques, shall we? 

1. Make your room comfortable 

The key to lucid dreaming or just dreaming is a comfortable room. Who can fall asleep in an uncomfortable environment? Make sure you choose the right room and have the right mattress. If not, then find the perfect mattress that suits your needs. Next, you can make sure the lighting is well adjusted. These play a vital role in providing comfort. Temperature management would be a better option as it is a major contributing factor for sound sleep. 

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2. Check your reality

It’s important to understand your reality, or you’ll end up in a situation like ‘inception’. Nobody likes to lose their mind over a dream. But when you lucid dream, you tend to mix your reality with dreams. In such cases, controlling your dreams might become a bit difficult as you won’t be able to tell the difference. 

In dreams, the philosophy of life is quite different from reality. Hence, you should try to do these things the next time you dream to confirm that you are dreaming. 

  • In the dreamland, you won’t be able to do it as you do it when you are awake. Try pressing your hand against the wall or your other hand. This sends signals to the brain that you are dreaming or awake. 
  • Look at the time and then look away, then look at the time again. In dreams, time changes really quickly, while in reality, it doesn’t happen. 
  • Try remembering where you came from. You might find yourself sitting in a beautiful beachside cafe but do you remember where you come from? In reality, you will remember the journey of traveling, but in dreams, you might not. 

3. Maintain a sleep journal 

What can lead you to a lucid dream is to write it down. Keep a dream journal and try filling it the moment you wake up. This way, you keep track of things and understand your dreams better. These details will help you recognize the dreams easily, which will help you trigger these dreams. This could be one of the lucid dream tips.


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4. Use the MILD technique

MILD stands for Mnemonic Induction of lucid dreaming or mild lucid dreaming. This technique allows you to remind your mind that you are dreaming. To trigger this technique, you need to say, ‘I will know when I’m dreaming’. This technique tells your brain to be aware when you start dreaming. 

5. The WBTB method

The WBTB lucid dreaming also called wake back to bed, is a technique that anyone can master. If you are a newbie and are exploring how to lucid dream for beginners, then this is the solution for you. 

In this technique, you set an alarm that allows you to wake up after 5 hours of sleep. When you wake up, do some activity that absorbs your mental energy, like reading, and then go back to sleep. By doing this, you explore the state of learning how to lucid dream and increase your chances. 

6. Induce sleep paralysis 

The term sleep paralysis might sound a bit scary, but to be honest, it’s not that hard to induce it. A lot of you might have a few questions about this technique, too. What is sleep paralysis? Is it safe? How to induce sleep paralysis, and how long does sleep paralysis last?

What to do is, when the alarm goes off, keep your eyes closed and try to go back to sleep but keep telling yourself that you need to be aware. This is how you concur with the state of dreaming while awake.

How to Wake Up From a Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming while awake can give you chills. Your mind isn’t powerful enough to get you out of a dream instantly. Sometimes you might need some kind of method to wake up from the dream. In this way, your memory of lucid dreams remains with you. Let’s explore some cool techniques to wake up from a wild lucid dream, shall we? 

  • Remind yourself that it’s time to wake up
  • Try to read something in the dream. This could help you wake up sooner. 
  • Blink repeatedly. Performing such an action will trigger your mind to wake up. 
  • Try to feel your index finger against your other palm. 
  • Try to fall asleep in the dream. This would help you to wake up instantly. 

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Now that you know most about lucid dreaming, you might have a question, is lucid dreaming dangerous? To be honest, it has more benefits than drawbacks. Let’s dive into the benefits of lucid dreaming. 

Helps you to overcome fears

It’s great that your mind is aware that it is just a dream. The percentage of adults having a nightmare is between 50-85. Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to know and control your dreams? This way, you can overcome your worst fears or issues like PTSD, depression, substance abuse, etc. After all, this is what we do in real life, understanding and then finding a way to get rid of the fears and nightmares. 

Girl covering half of face with white blanket due to nightmare or fear in sleep

Reliefs anxiety

Dreams can be weird, scary and can pump your heart rates pretty soon. It is nice to know that it is just a dream and none of it exists in the real world. This feeling can relax your mind and train it to control situations that increase your anxiety. 

Improves motor skills

Lucid dreaming can enhance your motor skills for good. It improves the sports abilities easily. It helps in physical rehabilitation in physically disabled people thereby, enhancing their motor skills. 

Enhances creativity

Lucid dreaming sharpens the mind and opens it for endless imagination. When you know how to control your dream, you can be creative about it.  It can boost your visualization skills as they open the mind to imagine for more possibilities. 

Cautions Related to Lucid Dreaming 

If you are a regular at it, you should know how to stop lucid dreaming, the cautions to retaliate to it, and all the red flags before diving deep into it. You might develop some of these issues. 

Sleep issues 

Popularly called insomnia, if you practice lucid dreaming too much, then you might enter into a stage where you’ll struggle to fall asleep. 

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Too much of anything isn’t great. Using ludic techniques can become the cause of depression. It is advised to practice meditation to destress the mind. 

Sleep paralysis 

Lucid dreaming can be the cause of sleep paralysis as you only train your mind to be awake. Before things go wrong, you should know how to lucid dream without sleep paralysis. You can do this by not moving your body at all. 

Summing It Up 

Although lucid dreaming is an art, you need to practice it to master it and be aware of the dangers of lucid dreaming. To become a lucid dreamer, you need to be careful while practicing. It will take some time, but you will get there. With these lucid dreaming tips, now you know how to lucid dream every night without any hesitation. 


Is lucid dreaming real?

Yes. These dreams might feel vivid, and it is a state where you are the controller of your dream. Your brain understands that you are dreaming. 

Are lucid dreams good or bad for you?

Lucid dreaming can be good as it helps you to overcome your fears and reduces your anxiety. This could help you find the strength and possible solutions to your fears, thereby calming your mind. 

Is lucid dreaming rare?

Not exactly, but not everyone can lucid dream. Yes, it is an art, but with the techniques shared above, you too can practice lucid dreaming. You just need to know how to dream about what you want.

Can you control your dreams?

Yes. Learning how to lucid dream can help you control your dreams too. You just need to practice it the right way, find out what works for you, and you’re all set. 

How to control your dreams?

Once you learn how to be awake in your dreams, then you can practice controlling it. The secret ingredient here would be not to panic when you realize this is a dream. When you find yourself comfortable in your dream, then you can do whatever you want. 

How to train yourself to lucid dream?

You can follow the WBTB, MILD techniques to allow yourself to lucid dream. These techniques are easy to practice and will help you find out what works for you and what doesn’t. 

How to lucid dream in 5 minutes?

Very few people can have lucid dreams in minutes. You need a lot of practice for that. A regular lucid dreamer might be able to lucid dream within minutes. The best way would be to meditate and be aware of your mind’s state. You can see the ways to lucid dreams and see which one works the best for you. It will also help you to train your mind accordingly.