How To Get Blood Out Of Sheets

How To Get Blood Out Of Sheets

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How To Get Blood Out Of Sheets – Women often have to deal with their period every month, and although this usually runs for a few days, the fear and frustration that the blood won’t stay in the pad when moving around are always at the back of their minds. Period stains can happen especially when you have a heavy flow, and they can stain your clothes, chair, beddings…you name it. Of course, there are other sources of blood stains such as a cut on your body or even a sudden onset nosebleed. Whatever the source, you’re probably thinking how to get blood out of sheets.

Tips on How to Get Blood Stains Out of Sheets

Tips on How to Get Blood Stains Out of Sheets

Seeing dried blood on our bed sheets in the morning when we have a period can be annoying, since not only do you have a mess to clean up, but you’ll have to remove dried blood from your sheets and mattress as soon as possible. If you are wondering how to get period blood out of sheets, try the following steps:

Use cold water

If you want to remove blood stains quickly, you will need to wash the blood off as soon as possible. The longer it stays on your sheets, the harder it will be to remove. Use cold water to flush the stain off your sheets as soon as you can. Wash it afterward with shampoo. This can help reduce the appearance of stains blood on your sheets.

Use an enzyme cleaner

Another possible solution on how to get blood out of sheets is to use an enzyme cleaner. Soaking the stained sheet in the cleaner and cold water for 15 minutes before washing it can help reduce the appearance of the stain.

Apply lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide

Removing dried blood stains that have been on your sheets or garment can be tough since the blood has already set in. These stubborn stains won’t come off easily with enzyme cleaner or running it through cold water. So, how to get blood stains out of sheets? Hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice are good options to consider. These two are ideal for light colored sheets as they have the tendency to work as your regular bleach. However, if the stains are on darker colored sheets, you might want to test these two on a small area first to see whether it is okay for the fabric.

Meat tenderizer

This is a surprising technique on how to get blood out of sheets. Using an unseasoned meat tenderizer for cleaning blood on your sheets has been found to be effective. When using the meat tenderizer, sprinkle some of the tenderizer powder first on the stain, add some water, then mix to form a paste. Leave it for half an hour before rinsing off with cold water then add to your laundry for further washing.


What other tips on how to get period blood out sheets should you try? If you weren’t able to remove the sheets once you stained them, try filling a bucket with cold water, add salt, then stir. Soak your sheet in the bucket for three hours, then rinse using cold water. This can help remove dry blood off your sheet.

Stain stick

Fortunately, you can now get a stain stick in your local hardware store as companies have seen the value of having this handy tool around. If you have soaked your sheets in cold water but there are still some stains left, rub the stain stick on the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your sheets as you would your laundry and use the dryer afterward.


How to get blood stains out of sheets? Well, if you have cornstarch or even baking soda in your home, these will work for you. You will need to make a cornstarch or baking soda paste by mixing a tablespoon with cold water. Apply the paste on the stain and rub it gently. Place the cloth, towel, sheet, or any garment out in the sun to dry. Once it has dried, remove the rest of the residue using a brush. If the stain remains, you only need to repeat the process until it completely disappears.


You’re probably surprised that cola is one of the tips on how to get rid of period blood out of sheets or clothes. This comes in handy when you are traveling, since it may take a while before you go home. Soak the stain in soda and, if possible, let it soak for a few hours. The chemicals in the drink will help lift the stain from the sheet or garment so that it will be easier to remove when you wash it.


What else can you use on how to get blood stains out of sheets? When it comes to stain removal, do try ammonia. This stain removal technique works well on blood stains, urine, and sweat on sheets. Dab a mixture of half-strength ammonia and water on the affected area before putting it in your washing machine. The solution will help get rid of the stubborn stains that got absorbed into the cloth.


If you prefer not to use hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, another option would be to use vinegar. You’ll need to combine three parts white vinegar and one part cold water before soaking your sheets for a few hours. After soaking, use an old toothbrush or brush and sprinkle some salt on the stained area then scrub gently. Keep in mind that you should be gentle with your scrubbing to avoid damaging your sheets.

Wash as usual

Regardless of the step that you are using, you shouldn’t panic. You will still need to wash your sheets and garments as normal. Never use hot water when washing, because it can cause the stain to stick to the cloth. Go for cold water instead as well as dish soap then air dry after. You don’t have to pop it in the dryer any more because the sun will get the job done. [5]


Regardless of the step that you are using, you shouldn’t panic. You will still need to wash your sheets and garments as normal. Never use hot water when washing, because it can cause the stain to stick to the cloth. Go for cold water instead as well as dish soap then air dry after. You don’t have to pop it in the dryer any more because the sun will get the job done.

Anti-stain all-purpose laundry product

Another way to get rid of the stains is to use an anti-stain product designed specifically for the blood stains. Carbona Stain is actually one of the best products that you can use as it is highly effective in banishing the blood stains easily.


Few Notes to Consider

Few Notes to Consider

Getting rid of blood stains, whether old or new, can be a bit challenging at first, but the steps mentioned above will help you deal with the stains easily. Of course, there are a few things that you should consider when it comes to stain removal, here are a few that you should keep in mind.

Dry all clothing under the sun

When it comes to removing stains, make sure that you expose your clothes, sheets, and beddings, under the sun as much as possible, as the heat of the sun can break down the protein in your blood. This makes it easier for you to reduce the appearance of the stains on the fabric.

Chlorine bleach

If you have chlorine bleach, you are in luck because this can help get rid of the stains easily. Just make sure that you use this product carefully as it can lift the color from your fabric or weaken it. Most bleaching products have instructions on the bottle which you need to follow to the letter.

Run in the rinse cycle

Sheets that are stained with blood can be tough to treat manually, which is why putting it in your top-loader and run it in the rinse cycle. Launder afterward. Even when you have a front-loader, you can run a rinse cycle too or soak cycle, as long as it will allow the sheets to get soaked in cold water to help remove the stains. Launder afterward on a warm or cool setting, then air dry outside.

Take advantage of “Steam Treat” cycle

Another option to use when you are washing your blood-stained sheets is to use the steam treat cycle. This will help remove the stains on your sheets easily.

Dealing with blood stains on your clothes, beddings, mattress, and linens can be tough to remove, but not when you try these tips out as soon as possible. Whenever you stained your sheets when you have a period, or you cut yourself accidentally, rinse it immediately to help lift stains before the form.


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