How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Step by Step

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Step by Step

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Last Updated on Jan 02, 2023

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    Folding a fitted sheet can be frustrating for some. But, to keep your linen closet organized, you will have to fold your fitted sheet neatly. Don’t worry. We will teach you how to fold a fitted sheet in easy steps.

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    How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

    Folding a fitted sheet hardly takes a few seconds with these super-simple steps.

    1. Hold the Fitted Sheet

    Place your hands at the corners and hold the sheet across your body. Make sure the top side of the sheet faces you.

    2. Bring the Corners Together

    Take one corner of the sheet in your hand and tuck it into the other. It will fold the sheet in half.

    Now repeat this process for the other two corners as well. Thus, all four corners of the sheet will get tucked into each other.

    3. Lay It Down

    Lay down the fitted sheet on a flat surface like a table or bed. The fabric will form a C shape.

    4. Fold it in Thirds

    Fold the sheet horizontally three times. You will find it forming a rectangle.

    There you go! Your fitted sheet is now ready to be kept in the closet. Just press it with your hands to ensure that the fabric is even and there are no creases.

    Why Should You Fold Your Fitted Sheets Properly?

    Folding a fitted sheet can make your life easier. Let’s see how.

    • Folded fitted sheets save space in your linen closet. Unorganized and clumsy sheets take up more space in your closet. You will get more storage space if you fold your sheets neatly.
    • Your linen closet will look neat and organized. Who wants to be greeted by messy and rolled-up sheets in the closet? Folding your sheets properly will keep your wardrobe tidy and organized, making you happy every time you open it.
    • When you keep your fitted sheets folded neatly, finding your stuff in the closet becomes easier. You don’t have to search for hours.

    How to Properly Organize Your Linen Closet

    A well-organized linen closet will make it super easy to find your sheets and pillowcases. But, how to go about it?

    Segregate all your linens by color. Put all the same colored linens together. Now separate them by size. For instance, all the white twin XL sheets should be together.

    After you have finished arranging, arrange the stacks on different shelves in your closet. Congratulations! You have done it. Now, your linen closet will look spick and span.


    Now that you have learned the best way to fold a fitted sheet, your face will broaden into a smile whenever you open your closet. Moreover, you will not get irritated as everything you need is arranged neatly and you have more time to read, do yoga, bake or just listen to music and have that mug of hot chocolate.