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How to Fix a Squeaky Bed With 5 Tips

A quiet environment is essential for a good quality sleep. However, not everyone is that fortunate. We all have been on a squeaky bed at least once in our life. No matter if you are a heavy sleeper, the squeaking of the bed can interrupt your sleep cycle. It’s annoying, we understand. 

Keep your worries aside, as, in this article, we will tell you the simplest solutions to fix a squeaky bed.

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How to Fix a Squeaky Bed

Wondering how to stop a bed from squeaking? It is possible, and it’s easy. 

1. Find the Source

To fix the problem, you need to know what is causing the pain. It can be the box spring, the frame, the foundation, or the mattress.

  • Mattress

You can rule this out if it is a memory foam or latex mattress, as foam mattresses don’t cause squeaking. But if you are an innerspring and hybrid mattress user, your mattress can be the reason. These mattresses have coils and can cause noise. 

Place your innerspring or hybrid mattress on the floor. Lay on it and move to notice if it’s making any noise. 

If there’s no noise, it’s not your mattress. If there is noise, it’s time to change your mattress. 

If you have decided to buy a new mattress, make sure you dispose of the old mattress properly. 

  • Box Spring

As there are around 100 coils in a box spring, some box springs are prone to squeaking. However, if your box spring does not have coils, there is no problem. 

  • Bed Frame

If it’s neither your mattress nor box spring, it’s probably your bed frame. Improper assembling of bed frame or foundation can make squeaky noises.

Remove your mattress from your bed frame, and move the bed frame to check if it is producing noise. 

2. Fix the Bolts and Joints

Various bolts and joints join bed foundations and frames. Loose joints and bolts may cause noise. You can tighten the bolts and joints to minimize the noise. 

If it does not help, try the other steps.

3. Lubricate the Joints and Bolts

If tightening the joints and bolts did not help much, you can grease them. Apply  WD-40 spray or any other silicone lubricant. 

One coat is enough to minimize the noise. You can apply the spray every few months for the best results.  

You can also use alternatives like:

  • candle wax
  • paraffin
  • or beeswax

4. Add Cushions

Bed Frames can cause noise due to friction against another surface like a floor and mattress. To solve this, cushion the friction between the surfaces. 

You can also place thin fabric material between the two objects to reduce the noise. Place old socks, t-shirts,  kitchen towels on the top of the bed frame, and then place the mattress back in place.

The wood slats for the bed could be scraping against the bed frame. You can wrap around old socks and t-shirts around each end of wooden slats, or replacing bed slats can help. 

5. Replace Your Furniture

If nothing else works, you have to replace your furniture. You can replace the furniture immediately to get rid of the squeaky noise, or you can save and then buy new furniture. 

How to Fix a Squeaky Mattress

Apply pressure on different parts of your mattress, and move it around to know what is causing squeaking. Once you learn about the location of squeaking on your bed, you can get to work to fix it.

1. Rotate Your Mattress

Rotating your mattress will ensure that the filling is distributed evenly. You should flip your mattress once every three months, even if it doesn’t squeak. 

2. Cushion With Plywood

If rotating your mattress is not helping you much, you can place a plywood sheet below your bed. Using a box spring is an excellent method as it helps make the base firm. 

3. Buy a New Mattress

If nothing works, you will have to replace your mattress with a new one. Research properly before investing in a new mattress.

Why Does My Bed Squeak?

Wear and tear from using the bed can result in squeaking. First, you need to figure out the source of trouble. It can be a mattress, box spring, or bed frame. 

Squeaky Mattress

Push into different areas of your mattress to find the place of squeaking. It can be the corners or the area on which you usually sleep. If you have a hybrid or innerspring mattress, the coils are likely to cause noise. You can flip your mattress or buy a new one.

If you are replacing the mattress, check if your warranty covers noisiness. Most of the warranties don’t cover this factor.

Squeaky Box Spring

Mostly, it’s always the box spring causing the noise. It’s easy to fix a squeaky box spring by using home remedies. 

However, if your box spring does not have coils, it’s not causing the problem. You can also use a platform bed frame.  It has a built-in foundation that has a sturdy base, often with wooden slats.

To learn more about the platform beds, read this article on platform bed vs. box spring.

Squeaky Bed Frame

A squeaky bed frame can be a result of a loose bolt. You can easily fix it in less time. A change in the humidity can make the bed frame deform slightly, and a loose bolt can make it wobble.  If you cannot find any trouble in the mattress and box spring, it is your bed frame. 

Look for bed frames that don’t squeak, and invest in a quiet bed frame. 


Squeaky beds can stop you from sleeping peacefully at night. To avoid that, find the source of your problem and repair it before losing any more of your quality sleep.


How can you fix a squeaky wooden bed frame?

To fix a squeaky wooden bed frame, you can:

  • Rock the frame to find the location of the noise.
  • Tighten the loose bolts and joints.
  • Apply lubricant.
  • Coat the screws with beeswax, and replace the screws. 
  • Replace metal washers with plastic washers.
  • Apply talcum powder at the point of friction.

How to stop the mattress from sliding off the metal frame?

Using a non-slip mattress pad between the mattress and bed frame to prevent the mattress from sliding off. 

How often should you replace your mattress?

Ideally, you should change your mattress every 6 to 8 years. It also depends on other factors like the condition and quality of the mattress.  

How to stop the bed from moving?

Four ways to stop the bed from moving:

  1. Place a rug between the floor and bed.
  2. Wrap the bottoms of a bed frame with rubber.
  3. Use rubber feet for the feet of the bed.
  4. Use velcro pads for bed feet.