Herbs For Sleep

herbs for sleep

5 herbs that help you sleep better

Herbs For Sleep – So you’ve changed your sleep environment by updating your room decor, complete with organic cotton sheetscooling supportive pillows, and a thick, luxurious area rug for under those aching feet, to put you in the mood for shut-eye, and sleep is still elusive. Well, in conjunction with a serene sleep environment, developing other healthy sleeping habits is an inextricable part of good health and well-being. 

One can eat right and exercise regularly and still be in poor health if they are not getting proper, sufficient, and restful sleep. In addition to this, just one night of poor sleep or sleep deprivation can have immediate negative effects on someone’s cognitive ability and judgment, motor skills and reflexes, mood, and mental health.

With all that in mind, it’s alarming to think that roughly around 30 percent of the general population suffer from poor sleeping habits and sleep disorders. That’s 30 percent of the population unable to function at their best and unable to enjoy life to its fullest.  

There are many factors that can affect sleep; chief among them is stress and anxiety. Many people will find themselves tossing and turning and unable to sleep when they are going through some major life change or when they have a pressing problem at work or in their personal lives. For severe cases, like chronic insomnia, it’s always best to consult your doctor. They may recommend a prescription sleep aid, lifestyle changes, or refer to you a sleep specialist.  

If you feel like your sleep issues are not severe enough to warrant a visit from the doctor, but it could still use some improvement, or if you travel and suffer from jet lag often, you can try the homeopathic approach with herbs for sleep. Below are the top five herbal remedies and natural sleep aids to may help you get a good night’s sleep.


Lavender is one of the most widely used herbs for sleep. It has been found effective in calming anxious nerves and facilitating sleep in some people. Lavender has also been found to improve the quality of sleep, helping you to stay asleep throughout the night. 

Its most common form is probably in essential oil form. Lavender oil is great to diffuse in your bedroom 30 minutes prior to sleep. It’s also pretty popular as lavender tea. It is known for its appealing scent, which is why it is a common component in perfumes, and bath and body products. Lavender oil is also available in supplement form and has been found to help some people with mixed anxiety disorder get a better night’s sleep. 


As far as herbs for sleep go, chamomile is one of the most famous. When anyone is looking for a natural remedy for insomnia or treatment for insomnia, or if they are just having trouble falling asleep, chamomile tea is top of mind. Chamomile is regarded widely as a mild tranquilizer and may even help improve cardiovascular conditions, as well as, stimulate the immune system. 

This daisy-like plant is extremely common in herbal infusions and herbal medicine. Many people turn to herbal teas, in general, as a quick fix for sleeplessness if they don’t want to take pills or sleep supplements. To make it even more useful, take chamomile tea at night as part of a regular self-care ritual. Relaxing rituals before bedtime, in conjunction with chamomile,  like having a warm bath or meditating, will help to facilitate a healthy sleep cycle and can improve sleep quality.     

Magnolia Bark

For someone looking for a sleep supplement in pill form but would rather not take sedatives or even melatonin, go for magnolia bark. It is usually recommended that users begin with the lowest dose. Magnolia is one of the most effective herbs for promoting sleep, so much so that it is not advisable to take it during daytime or when driving a vehicle. It is thought to work by relaxing the mind and inducing drowsiness and deep REM sleep. 

One capsule a day, short term,  should be enough to correct your body’s circadian rhythm. Another benefit of magnolia bark herb is that when taken orally, it may help lower the body’s cortisol levels, the stress hormone. 

It’s important to note that while magnolia bark shows promising sleep results, as with many potent herbs, there are drug interactions to consider. If you are on other medications, always consult your physician first before taking herbal supplements, like magnolia bark.

Valerian Root

The flower is known for its attractive scent and is used in perfumes and bath and body products, while the root is saved for medicinal purposes. Herbs for sleep have different levels of efficacy, and while valerian root may not make you as tired as other herbs for sleep, it is known to promote relaxtion. Although there is some conflicting research that exists, valerian may help to quiet your racing thoughts at night, thereby promoting better sleep. Valerian root is only one, among many herbs, that have been used for centuries, dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times. 

It is rather mild  as mentioned, and while it is very common in tea form, it also comes in the form of a capsule, dietary pills, and tinctures.

Blue Skullcap

Commonly known as blue skullcap and American skullcap, the scientific name, Skullcap Scutellaria lateriflora, has been shown to have potential anti-anxiety benefits. Though the data regarding efficacy is limited, this herb is worth mentioning as early research suggests that skullcap extract may produce a calming effect on an agitated person and quell anxiety. The leaves are used for medicinal purposes, and it also comes in tea form and powder. With skullcap, there is the potential for liver function issues in some people, and it may not be appropriate for everyone. 

Bonus Tip - Herbal Sprays

Another tip to improve your overall sleep quality is to get lavender and other herbal scented linen sprays. Spritz some on your sheets and pillows, and for a longer lasting scent, spritz some directly on the mattress as well.

Your herbal linen spray is not limited to your bed. Spritz some on your drapes and carpet as well. If your bedroom is not carpeted, you may purchase one from Wovenly Rugs. They have a large selection to choose from. 

Along with popular herbal sprays for relaxation, like lavender, for a comfortable sleep, opt for a Nectar Mattress  to help you get the shut-eye you need. It is CertiPUR-US Certified, which means it meets the CertiPUR-US standards for being free from ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury, or lead. A clean, supportive mattress is an essential part of enjoying good sleep health. 

Conclusion About herbs for sleep

Herbal remedies may offer some relief from insomnia and sleeping disorders, some more than others. Something to keep in mind that when you opt to treat any condition with herbs, even herbs can be harmful when used incorrectly. Be sure to consult a doctor to be on the safe side, especially if you are already taking another medication. You can never be sure how medications will interact with each other. Nevertheless, once cleared by a physician, try these herbs for sleep to help with your insomnia and restless nights. 

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