90 Weird & Fun Facts About The Human Body

90 Weird & Fun Facts About The Human Body

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Last Updated on Jan 31, 2023

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    Your body is a beautiful thing! There are so many exciting and weird body facts about them that it will truly blow your mind. Intrigued? Want to know more about weird facts about the human body? Well, if your answer is a big yes, then let’s unveil all the fun facts about the human body. Read ahead!

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    30 Fun Facts About The Human Body

    1. You tend to blink your eyes about 20 times a minute, which equals ten million times a year.

    2. While your height stops growing after one hits puberty, your ears and nose are constantly lengthening, and gravity is to blame for this phenomenon.

    3. Our cornea, the transparent front part of the eyes, doesn’t get any blood supply and receives oxygen directly from the air!

    4. Did you know? A weird fact about the human body is that it consists of so much fat that it can make up to seven bars of soap.

    5. Once the oxygen supply is cut off, a human brain can survive up to three to six minutes.

    6. Humans develop fingertips from the time they were embryos, only three months after they are conceived. This means that just after the first trimester, the baby has fully developed fingertips.

    7. When a human blushes, they feel it in the lining of the stomach too as it also turns red.

    8. A weird fact about height is that when in space, astronauts can grow almost up to two inches.

    9.There are tumors known as teratomas, which can grow their own teeth and hair.

    10. Your heart can sync to the rhythm when you listen to music.

    11. Throughout their lifespan, humans go from having 300 bones to 206 bones.

    12. A human heart can beat outside the body as well.

    13. All humans are born with a diving reflex, which can shut bodily functions. This gets activated when one drowns or is submerged in the water.

    14. Humans can glow in the dark, however, they are too weak for the human eye to detect.

    15. The human body consists of organs in a singular count and pairs. However, the organs that are present in pairs, you only need one to survive.

    16. When your body experiences extreme starvation, there are chances that your brain will start to eat itself.

    17. Your small intestine is taller than you and measures about 23 feet.

    18. One-fourth of the bones in a human body are in the feet.

    19. When you calculate all the blood vessels in the human body, there are more than 100,00 miles of blood vessels present.

    20. If you were to check your height, you are taller in the morning compared to night.

    21. Did you know? You will not be able to breathe and swallow at the same time.

    22. Your right kidney is placed slightly lower than your left one.

    23. If you have heard about the term ‘pregnancy brain,’ know that it is completely real and not something that’s made up where a woman’s brain slightly shrinks.

    24. Ever wondered what the size of the brain is? If you smoothened out all the wrinkles, your brain would look flat like a pillowcase.

    25. The acid that’s generated in your stomach aka the stomach acid is so strong that it can even dissolve metal. So, it can even burn your skin!

    26.Just like fingerprints, humans also possess a unique tongue print.

    27. Another weird fact about the human body is that we humans shed about 600,000 skin particles every hour.

    28. Here is another one of the fun facts about humans. The human body is made of a trillion cells. And if there is a mutation in any of the cells, it can uncontrollably come together to form cancer. And when each cell is divided so many times with each one having almost 30,000 genes, there are chances that you might have fought cancer at one point.

    29. Did you know? Babies only blink once or twice in a minute while an adult blinks at least 10 times in the same time.

    30. In a lifetime, a human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva, which is enough to fill almost two swimming pools.

    5 Fun Facts About The Respiratory System

    31. One of the weird facts about the human body is that our lungs are the only organs that float on the water. This is because our lungs contain 300 million balloon-like structures known as alveoli.

    32. Even when we are in optimal health, our lungs are never sterile or germ-free.

    33. A wonderful yet weird fact about the human body is that our nose is almost a superhero. It is a filter, heater, and also a humidifier. So, the nose is lined with small bone-like shelves known as turbinates, which contain blood vessels that can heat the air and goblet cells that help humidify the air. Finally, the air you breathe is filtered before it goes to the lungs.

    34. Coughing and sneezing is the natural mechanism of your body to keep away any foreign substances.

    35. Children who don’t breathe from their nose but their mouth are at risk of developing a lisp when they talk.

    5 Fun Facts About The Digestive System

    36. Did you know? Another weird fact about the human body is that whenever we eat something, the esophagus acts like a giant wave, which is known as peristalsis.

    37. So this one is a fun and weird fact about the human body. The second part of the intestine is known as the jejunum.

    38. Did you know? A bond exists between the digestive system and your brain, known as the gut-brain axis. So any stress or brain disorders can affect the way your body digests food.

    39. Ever wondered why a fart smells bad? Because of the fermented bacteria that are present, which are later mixed with air.

    40. Another weird fact about the human body is that hiccups occur when the temperature changes.

    5 Fun Facts About The Nervous System

    41. Another fun and weird fact about the brain is that the brain uses more energy than the rest of the organs where only 20% of the energy is reserved for the rest of the body.

    42. Your brain keeps working hard even when you are fast asleep.

    43. The density of the brain keeps increasing because of new neuronal connections that occur because the brain’s structure constantly keeps changing.

    44. Once you reach the age of 20, you start losing neurons and by the time you turn 75, at least 1/10 of the neurons are gone.

    45. The longest nerve of the body runs from the spinal cord to the toes of the body. This is known as the sciatic nerve.

    5 Fun Facts About The Skeletal System

    46. When we think of bones we think of hard substances. But another weird fact about the human body is the bones are filled with spongy substances known as bone marrow.

    47. The smallest bone in our body is in the inner ear.

    48. Now that you know the smallest, the longest bone in the body is the leg and it is also the strongest.

    49. Did you know? Your bone can heal itself by producing new cells. That’s why you are put in a cast when you fracture your bone.

    50. The biggest joint in your body is the knee.

    5 Fun Facts About The Reproductive System

    51. The human reproductive system contains the smallest and the largest human cells.

    52. The average size of the penis is less than 6 inches long.

    53. Your vagina is as acidic as tomatoes with the pH levels of the tomatoes falling between 4.0 - 4.7 and the pH level of the vagina being 4.5.

    54. A man produces more than 500 billion sperm cells in his entire lifetime.

    55. Some women are born with two uteruses and they are known as uterus didelphys or double uterus. However, this is not a very common condition where 1 in 2,000 women suffer from it worldwide.

    5 Fun Facts About Pregnancy

    56. In a weird fact about the human body, the longest recorded pregnancy went on to 375 days when a woman named Beulah Hunter gave birth in Los Angeles after 100 days of the average 280-day pregnancy.

    57. Now that we have spoken about the longest pregnancy, let’s talk about the shortest. Here, a woman delivered her baby in just 22 weeks. While there were several complications, the baby survived.

    58. The oldest woman recorded to have given birth is 66 years old.

    59. The uterus expands during the pregnancy. In the first trimester, the uterus is about the size of an orange and after the third trimester, it is as big as a watermelon.

    60. In 2009, Nadya Suleman gave birth to six boys and two girls, a total of eight children, in a California Hospital.

    5 Fun Facts About The Muscular System

    61. A fun fact about the human body is that it contains more than 600 muscles.

    62. The Gluteus Maximus, which is the main extensor muscle of the hip, is the largest muscle in the body.

    63. The smallest muscle of the body lies inside the inner ear and connects to the eardrum and your inner year together.

    64. More than 40% of your body weight is made of muscles.

    65. Do you want to know who is the hardest working muscle in your body? Well, it’s none other than the heart that pumps about 2,500 gallons of blood every day.

    5 Fun Facts About The Heart

    66. A fun fact about your heart is that it beats about 100,000 times in a day.

    67. Did you know? The rate of heart attacks is higher on a Monday than on any other day of the week.

    68. In fun facts about the human body, the earliest known cause of heart disease was detected in an Egyptian mummy, which was 3,500 years old.

    69. A woman’s heart beats slightly faster when compared to a man's.

    70. The beating sound of the heart occurs because of the closing and opening of the heart’s valves.

    5 Fun Facts About The Brain

    71. A fun and weird fact about the human body is that the brain is made up of 60% of fat.

    72. Did you know? Your brain is not fully formed until the age of 25.

    73. The brain’s storage capacity is unlimited as the brain consists of 86 billion neurons and these neurons form connections to others, rounding up to a total of 1,000 trillion.

    74. The information travels to your brain at a speed of 268 miles per hour.

    75. The brain weighs about 3 pounds whereas men tend to have a larger brain than women. However, the weight of the brain doesn’t imply intelligence.

    5 Fun Facts About Skin

    76. A weird fact about the human body is that a single square inch of skin has about 300 sweat glands.

    77. Your skin is home to more than 1,000 types of bacteria.

    78. The skin contributes to about 15% of your body weight.

    79. The thickest skin on your body is found in the feet while the thinnest is in the eyelids.

    80. Usually, when your body suffers from any medical condition, you will notice changes in the skin, which is a warning sign.

    5 Fun Facts About Teeth

    81. in every 2,000 babies is born with teeth. These are nothing but loose nasal teeth that can be sometimes removed by doctors as they can cause pain to new mothers.

    82. Teeth of babies tend to grow while they are in the womb itself, but only erupt when the child is within the age of 6 to 12.

    83. The average person spends 38.5 total days brushing their teeth over their lifetime.

    84. One-third of the teeth are underneath the gum.

    85. The tooth enamel is the part of the body, even harder than the bone.

    5 Fun Facts About Bones

    86. The human hand, along with the wrist contains 54 bones.

    87. Your bone stops growing in length after you hit puberty.

    88. Bones are made of an amalgamation of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, collagen, and other minerals.

    89. There are 26 bones in your foot.

    90. Bone is a living tissue, which means that every 7 years you have a new skeleton. And you need collagen to replenish the bones.

    Did you find them interesting? Now you know plenty about your body and it is truly a wonderland, isn’t it? So, these were some of the fun and weird facts about the human body. Leaving you with one last human body fact. Ear wax is a type of sweat!

    This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.
    {"faq":[{"_id":"024eae5","title":"What are some creepy facts about humans?\n","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EThere are a lot of creepy facts about humans. Some of them are as follows:\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cul\u003E\u003Cli style=\"font-weight: 400;\" aria-level=\"1\"\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EEarwax is actually a type of sweat.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/li\u003E\u003Cli style=\"font-weight: 400;\" aria-level=\"1\"\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EYour ears never stop growing.\u003C\/span\u003E\u003C\/li\u003E\u003Cli style=\"font-weight: 400;\" aria-level=\"1\"\u003E\u003Cspan style=\"font-weight: 400;\"\u003EThere is a soft cartilage in your bones that gets squashed and compressed during the day. 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