Couple Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

There are as many different ways to sleep as there are sleepers, and like a good foam mattress, they all say something about who you are. According to a recent HuffPo article, people who sleep on their backs tend to be reliable and strong, while stomach sleepers are outgoing and fun. So what happens when you and your partner couple up? What do these sleeping styles say about you? Do you have harmony on top of your good foam mattress, or is there some underlying issues that need to be discussed?

Sleeping styles are an unconscious act, which makes this element of couples psychology especially interesting.

Two Loose Spoons

This is a take on the typical, spooning position with one partner tucked inside the other (typically dubbed “little” and “big” spoon). As a couple becomes more confident in their relationship and mature, the spoons tend to drift, which offers the best sleep quality (who can sleep with someone breathing right in their ear?) It’s a nice way for the big spoon to reassure the little spoon, giving literal meaning to the phrase, “I’ve got your back.”

Chased Down

This is similar to spooning, but with one partner pushed to one side of the bed, with the other pushed up against them in a spooning-type position, with their arms around their partner’s torso. Typically this could mean that the person who has pushed themselves to the side of the bed wants to be chased, and the close spooner acting as the chaser. This is fine, but occasionally can also read as a cry for space from the person who has retreated. Samuel Dunkell, the author of Sleep Positions, Night Language of the Body also calls this “illegal spooning.”

The Tangle

Typically this is after an emotional encounter, physical or otherwise. Both partners sleep on their sides, facing each other, locked in an embrace of arms and legs. This definitely doesn’t lead to optimal sleep, even on a good foam mattress like Nectar, and is often the signal of a new relationship. Neither of you want to leave the other’s arms, which is great, but it can also lead to a lot of arms that have fallen asleep or waking up in the middle of the night.

Don’t fret if you haven’t found you and your partner’s sleeping style yet, we’ll back with more. In the mean time, find out what your sleeping position says about your personality and make sure you and your significant other are sleeping comfortably with $125 off a Nectar mattress plus two free pillows. Take advantage now — this deal won’t last!

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