What does Cooling Gel Actually do

What does Cooling Gel Actually Do Inside Your Mattress?

Here at the Nectar blog we are passionate about sleep, wellness, and technology. We want the best for ourselves and for you because we know that well rested people are the ones with more empathy, courage, and energy to change the world. It might sound hokey, but it’s true: great thinkers sleep more. Over the course of this blog we’ve thrown out a lot of terms like “memory foam” and “cooling gel” but maybe you’re wondering what those things are. Maybe you’re wondering what it all means. How can you tell who to trust when you’re trying to come up with your own review on mattress? We want to give you the best information we can so that you can come up with your own informed opinions on what constitutes a great mattress. We’re confident that you’ll see Nectar mattresses for what they are: high quality, well made, and most importantly great to sleep on. So what is this elusive cooling Gel and what does it do? Here are our thoughts on it.

Where the Idea Came From

The technology to make memory foam beds has existed for about ten years. Originally NASA made the tech for its astronauts, but it quickly made its way into the commercial sector. While everyone agreed that memory foam was the most comfortable material that they’d ever slept on, it often left sleepers feeling overly hot as the foam warmed with the body’s temperature overnight. This meant that as many as 10-15% of sleepers weren’t getting as good a night’s sleep as they could have if they’d been cooler during resting hours. Sleep scientists heard the review on mattress, and immediately went to work on a solution. They came up with cooling gel, an extra layer on top of the others to provide cooling and to disperse some of the body’s heat that was generated over the course of the night.

What Cooling Gel Does

Our cooling gel holds five patents and is the most premium gel foam available. Expensive to produce, usually manufactured for medical uses, our gel foam directly absorbs and distributes heat and recovers perfectly to its original untouched state. That’s more than just a review on mattress or an opinion, that’s science. So what does that mean? It means that you get all the benefits of a great memory foam mattress without the pesky heat problem. Nectar’s gel, plus its tencel cooling cover are the consumers’ best friend. Check our website, the review on mattress is in: Nectar is a crowd pleaser. If you’ve been dying to try out a new memory foam mattress, but worried that you’d sleep hot, then this is the one for you. Grab one quick and slip off to dreamland without worry.