Where do you buy cheap moving boxes? Moving made cheaper

Where do you buy cheap moving boxes? Moving made cheaper

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Last Updated on Aug 18, 2022

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    Buy cheap moving boxes: Unlike almost everything else in life, practice doesn’t make perfect when it comes to moving. It is always an enormous responsibility, which requires careful planning and implementation. You’re probably wondering where to buy moving boxes for cheap, or even better, how do you get them at no charge? If you want to get moving boxes, storage boxes, or any large number of boxes for free, the following are the best places to find them.

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    Where to Find Boxes for Moving?

    Free boxes are available for moving at stores like Target, Starbucks, Walmart, Craigslist, Walgreens, Barnes & Noble, U-Haul Customer Connect, Facebook Community Groups, Liquor Stores, KSL, Rite Aid, Office Depot, Costco, Petco, PetSmart, OfferUp, WinCo, the local dollar store (but of course), and Freecycle. You can get free boxes by simply asking the warehouse worker or cash register personnel if they have any available.

    Where to Find Cheap Moving Boxes – 20 Best Places

    1. Target

    The biggest shipments to Target are during the weekdays. If you go there before noon, you will be more likely to get moving boxes. Even the employees and managers will help you out. If you call them ahead of time, they will even reserve the boxes for you at their customer service desk.
    Target gives away up to 10 boxes every day.

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    2. Starbucks

    Almost everyone loves coffee. To make coffee, the seller needs coffee grounds, flavorings, machines, cream, and filters. Most of these items come in boxes. The average Starbucks café can have two to three deliveries of supplies a week. They have different sized boxes, and although Starbucks is not a “big box store”, you may be able to snag the perfect sized boxes for your moving needs. And while there, you might as well enjoy their Caramel Macchiato!
    They can provide you 12 to 25 moving boxes, and they come in various sizes.

    3. Walmart

    You’re probably thinking is “moving boxes Walmart” an option? Yes, you read it right! The only downside is that, like Target, they offer 10 boxes maximum at day. However, what’s great is that moving boxes from Walmart come in every size, type, cardboard weight, and shape that you can imagine. If you are looking at where to buy moving boxes or get them for free, go to Walmart.
    Walmart gives up to 10 boxes per day.

    4. Craigslist

    Craigslist is still one of the best marketplaces to find deals on miscellaneous items. So why not try performing a quick search for moving boxes? Craigslist has a free section which you can check for moving or storage boxes. Mondays or after a long weekend is the best time to search for boxes as this is when everybody else has finished moving during the weekend. Please note: as with all online marketplaces, use caution whenever scheduling a meetup.
    On Craigslist, the number of boxes depends on timing and availability.

    5. Walgreens

    If you want to get your moving boxes from Walgreens, give them a call in advance, before you appear at the establishment. You must give them prior notice and request that they save you some boxes as they usually throw them away or recycle them immediately. If you are pressed for time, as a last resort, you can visit during hours where they are not busy, and you can politely ask them.
    Walgreens typically gives 10 to 15 storage boxes.

    6. Barnes & Noble

    Where should you get your used boxes? In a bookstore! This is because books are transported in strong, sturdy boxes. Yes, these durable moving boxes are exactly what you need for your next move. Barnes & Noble brick and mortar stores can provide you the boxes you need, contingent on their volume of recent deliveries. Check with Barnes & Noble as to when their book cargos arrive. Then make sure you are there ahead of time and ahead of the line!
    Barnes & Noble can provide you, 4 to 8 boxes maximum per cargo.

    7. U-Haul Customer Connect

    U-Haul has a separate area in their establishments where people can drop off their moving boxes for other individuals to use for free! Just walk by the store and ask the manager if they have boxes available. All you need to do is enter your city, zip, and off you go. Check multiple stores in your area as busier locations will have more boxes than others.
    U-Haul can give you as many boxes as you can find.

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    8. Facebook Community Groups

    Facebook Community Groups are also a fantastic place to find moving boxes! You can join these groups through Facebook, and you will be happily surprised at how good people will be to those in need of help. Inquire locally first, so you don’t need to drive for hours to get those boxes!
    With Facebook Groups, you will need to connect with the right group first and wait for replies to your inquiry. Depending on the timing, you can get as many boxes as you want.

    9. Liquor Stores

    The boxes from the liquor store are durable and sturdy due to their requirement to transport heavy glass bottles. Since each store has a different stock supply schedule, you just need to find out what days they receive their liquor shipments and ask them to reserve boxes for you. The best time to visit them is in the afternoon before they get busy with the nightly customer rush.
    Liquor stores can give you 5 to 10 free moving boxes per night.

    10. Local Classifieds

    KSL in Utah is a local classified marketplace with plenty of postings offering various items for sale, including boxes from time to time. Similar to other marketplaces, you can do a search for people giving away boxes for moving for free (or a nominal charge).
    KSL may be worth checking out if you’re looking for where to buy moving boxes for cheap. (First come, first serve based on the listings posted.)

    11. Rite Aid

    This pharmacy/store is similar to Walgreens. You can ask ahead for moving boxes which are free (based on availability) for anyone who’s interested.

    12. Office Depot

    The first weekly delivery day for Office Depot is Tuesday, and for sure, they have many available boxes they won’t use, which would just go to waste. If you visit the establishment and offer to take a few off their hands, certainly they would be more than happy. You can ask for big boxes that have lids such as copier paper boxes. Office Depot could be your one-stop-shop for cheap moving boxes and storage cartons!
    Office Depot can offer you up 30 boxes per cargo depending on the store and location!

    13. Costco

    Costco is well-known for repurposing and recycling their boxes for other usages. But if you call the store ahead of the delivery, or walk in and talk to a manager, you may be able to schedule a pickup. Score a bunch of good boxes before they all get beat or used up!
    Costco can provide 5 to 10 free moving boxes.

    14. Petco

    Petco is very similar to the other large pet stores, wherein you can find an abundance of moving boxes that comes in all types of weird sizes and shapes.
    Call Petco ahead of time or visit and inquire about the number of boxes they can provide.

    15. PetSmart

    If you think about it, dog food, pet toys, water containers, and other large items come in boxes. You can visit your nearest PetSmart and ask the supervisor or manager if they can give you some boxes for free. Go to PetSmart in the morning as there will be less foot and paw traffic in the store.
    At PetSmart, if you are lucky, you can snag 5 to 10 good boxes.

    16. OfferUp

    This is an app that you can search to find free and cheap moving boxes and other things. Once you do a search, you will be overwhelmed by hundreds of people offering up their items. Try your luck and see if anyone is offering moving boxes for free or a small fee.
    The good news is, you can have as many boxes as you want and need based on the search results at the time.

    17. WinCo

    If you want to get free moving boxes from WinCo, find the store’s stock person or stocker (someone who piles merchandise on the shelves). They can reserve you some good boxes. Call in advance or visit the store on any day.
    They can give up to 10 boxes per day.

    18. Dollar Stores

    Dollar Stores are heavenly when it comes to shopping, aren’t they? They are cheap with tons of various products, and that means plenty of leftover boxes for moving. One of the largest dollar store chains out there is Dollar Tree. It is a good place to score plenty of moving boxes. You can visit the store and ask for the moving boxes, and they have tons for sure.
    You can get and carry as many as you can from the store. (Availability varies per chain and location.)

    19. Freecycle

    To be able to score boxes from Freecycle, all you need to do is register online and write a post about how many boxes you need. There will be responses within one hour from your post if there are any available boxes. The people from Freecycle are creative at making use of boxes (and other stuff) in order to help the environment. Freecycle is a nonprofit movement of people who are giving away stuff for free locally. Go to the website, post a wanted ad for boxes, and you should also search your local groups.
    With Freecycle, boxes will be based on availability at the time.

    20. LetGo

    LetGo is an app-based company (and website) where you can buy and sell used stuff. If you’re lucky, you can find some good deals.
    With the LetGo app, search for boxes and get as many moving boxes as you can find.

    The Last Thought on Cheap Moving Boxes

    There’s no doubt that nothing compares to a new box when it comes to durability. After all, you want a box to withstand the weight of whatever is contained in it. Not to mention that it will be transported from one place to another and many miles in between. However, no one wants to spend a huge amount of money on buying just boxes.

    Purchasing cheap moving boxes or, better yet, getting free boxes, will never be a loss if you get them from a good company. Retailers are always updating their policies, so it’s best to check online and review the different companies or places that offer moving boxes and see if it fits your needs. Packing is not fun, but it’s a necessary task for your move. And when you’re done with you move, donate your boxes to someone else who can use them!