10 Best Times Of Year To Save Big On A Mattress (Plus More Secrets to Save)

10 Best Times Of Year To Save Big On A Mattress (Plus More Secrets to Save)

You’ll probably only buy a mattress once in a decade, but it’s still a big investment. How big? That often depends on when you decide to make a purchase—because some times are better than others (trust us). Here’s exactly when you should whip out your credit card to save money on a mattress.

1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Known as the most epic shopping days of the year, people wait months for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to come around, and for good reason. Mattress brands, like Nectar, offer huge markdowns, and may even add extra perks, like expedited shipping. And with all the holiday parting and late-night online shopping ahead, your new bed will be a gift that keeps on giving.

2. New Year’s

Chances are you got ZERO rest over the holidays and have a major sleep deprivation hangover. Or maybe you want to live healthier in the New Year, starting with better sleep. Whatever the reason, if you’re hatching a healthy living resolution, you’ll probably find a sweet deal on a mattress you’ll love. And you can rest easy knowing you found a bargain.
Secret Saving Tip! Look for Whites Sales throughout January, where retailers offer deals on bedding and linens, a perfect pairing for your new mattress.

3. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Too tired the first weeks of the year to shop for a better bed? Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which falls on the third Monday in January, gives you another chance to bargain hunt. Plus, after you’ve paid off your December credit card bill, you might be ready to make a purchase that your niece or nephew can’t destroy.

4. Presidents Day

Our founding fathers could write a declaration on the importance of a good night’s sleep. Maybe that’s why we honor them with a three-day weekend full of mattress sales (it’s the least we could do). Another incentive to shop: You can hibernate through the remaining weeks of winter, and get a jump start on updating your bedroom for spring.

5. Memorial Day

Kick off the summer—and your weekend nap life—by getting the new bed of your dreams. Even if you don’t think you need a new mattress, the extremely low prices might convince you to buy one (hey, you’re being proactive!).  
Secret Saving Tip! Expect to find excellent deals all summer long, as many retailers offer discounts to clear their inventory before fall.

6. 4th of July

You know what’ll make you sparkle like a firework? Sleeping on a new mattress you bought at a fraction of the price. Mattress stores may offer sales throughout July and August to tap into the busiest season for home shoppers and movers. Click here to find out why moving is the best time to buy a new mattress!  
Secret Saving Tip! You may not be thinking about back-to-school yet, but retailers are! Watch out for mattress sales from the end of July through the end of August.

7. Labor Day

As the summer winds down, you’re ready to get serious about life again. And finding the right mattress can help you feel more energized about tackling your to-do list. Plus, having an extra day off work gives you more time to shop.  

8. Columbus Day

Discovering a good price on a new mattress won’t be as difficult as discovering America. But you might miss it, if you’re not looking. Columbus Day falls in the middle of October when all you’re thinking about is Halloween candy. But you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten peanut butter cups on a Nectar.  

9. Veteran’s Day

Gear up for a well-rested Thanksgiving (for once) by buying a new mattress during a Veteran’s Day sale. Military members may even receive an additional discount.

10. Daylight Saving & Surprise Sales

Sleep takes center stage whenever there’s a time change, so be on the lookout for mattress flash sales from your favorite brands (Nectar has DST sales, FYI!). The best way to find out about these deals, or any other “birthday sale” or “customer love” discount brands offer on a whim, is to stalk them on social. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Sign up for their emails. That way, you’ll be the first to know!

3 Shortcuts To Save Money On A Mattress

A little homework now can mean a lot of savings later. Keep these guidelines in mind when you shop:

If you get the day off work, there’s probably a sale

Mattress brands focus many of their best sales around three-day weekends and national holidays. The reason? It gives you the extra time you need to shop.

Compare brands

Look at side-by-side comparisons of price, warranty, sleep trial, shipping, and returns. Start with our mattress comparison page.

Consider financing

Nectar works with Affirm to help you pay for your mattress in low monthly installments. Interest rates are as low as 0%. Click here to learn more, and apply online.   –Jen Dennis

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