Mattress Types: 9 Types of Mattresses Explained

We’re living in a brave new world of sleep. Never before has there been so many options when it comes to bed frames, pillows, or types of mattresses. That being said, it can get a little overwhelming when faced with a literal ocean of beds to pick from. No one wants to be stuck with their dinosaur of a mattress when there are great options out there, but sometimes it’s hard to pull the trigger when faced with so many types of mattresses. We’re here for you. Here are some of the most popular mattress types, what type of sleeper they pair with, and where you can find them

Air mattress for comfortable Sleep



First introduced in 1869 as the ‘Perfection’ air mattress touted for 10,000 nights of luxury, the air mattress or airbed as well all know today came into being. 

While the use of airbeds have drastically reduced thanks to the constant innovation in the mattress industry, there still seems to be a loyal customer base for the mattress. For more details on this mattress, click the link below. 


The futon is a type of traditional bedding used by the Japanese, featured extensively in Japanese movies and anime. 

While the futon is not as thick or comfortable as the conventional mattress, it is the go-to piece of furniture among young, college youths. For more details about the Futon mattress, click on the link below. 


Waterbeds are vinyl beds filled with water. Most waterbeds frame designs are either called hard side waterbeds or soft-side waterbeds. To know more about waterbeds, click here. 



For years, people have used the innerspring mattress, steel coils and all. Most known for the bounce from the springs, these mattresses are one of the most affordable options there is. 

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innerspring mattress


Latex foam is a natural, allergy-free product purchased and loved by environmentally-conscious consumers. Known as one of the most resilient materials in the world, these mattresses can last a really long time, making the investment worth it. 

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Known to be one of the best innovations in the mattress industry, the Memory Foam Mattress is one that contours to your body, providing adequate support and comfort. To know more about the Memory Foam Mattress, click here. 


Nectar Sleep


What if you are a sleeper who likes the buoyancy that spring gives and also likes the support of foam? There’s no need to fret as the Hybrid mattresses are the perfect combination for that sweet spot you crave. For more details, click here. 




A euro top mattress is similar to the pillow top mattress but with the exception to having a traditional pillow top stitched on top of the mattress as an additional layer. To know more, click here. 



A pillow-top mattress is nothing but an extra layer of padding on your bed. Any material – foam, latex foam, feathers, cotton etc can be used to make pillow tops. To learn more about pillow top mattresses, click here.