When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress in 2021?

When buying a mattress, it is not easy to list down the affecting factors. There are lots of points to consider - like size, material, size and the shelf life, to name a few. In fact, you should change your mattress every 7-10 years.

While selecting a mattress based on their size and comfort is subjective, another parameter can help sleep well while knowing that you have saved money. Now, wouldn’t you want that?

Your smart mattress purchase depends on the time you buy a mattress. Allow us to help you stipulate the best time to buy a mattress in 2021.

What is the Best Time to Buy a New Mattress?

We can classify the best time of the year to buy a new mattress into an online experience and offline experience - relevant to brick & mortar stores.

Brick & Mortar Stores

These establishments are more influenced by the holidays and other factors. The following timelines can be considered the best time to buy a mattress. Wondering if you can get the Nectar mattress in a store? Of course you can! Check out the Store Locator to find the Nectar near you.

The Month of May

There is no better month in the year than May to purchase your mattress because the industry, as a whole, is now rolling out new inventories and products in June that runs until September.

In order to make way for the new inventory, the old stock needs to be sold off and many stores allow their shoppers to indulge in clearance sales. This is a great and convenient option where you get good quality mattresses at a great deal that can impressively lower the amount you would have to shell out. A handy tip indeed!

The End of Winter or Beginning of Spring

New mattresses start making their way into stores at the onset of March or April. Once the store is packed with the new inventory, it is fairly ea sy for customers to distinguish between the new and old mattress and customers can buy the latter at discounted rates.

The Holidays

The Holidays are not only the time to be merry but also engage in some smart shopping that can help you save a pretty penny. We are talking about mattress shopping that you can do to maintain quality while saving your wallet as well.

New Year’s Day

With Christmas and Thanksgiving over, many retailers find themselves with more mattresses than they would like to handle. In order to sell off this inventory, the New Year’s Day can be a great step.


Memorial Day

The last Monday of May, the Memorial Day accounts for a huge sale day for brick & mortar stores and is one of the biggest sale seasons of the year. This sale season is usually there to clear out the old products and make way for the new inventory.



Independence Day

Enjoy your freedom from expensive mattresses as many sellers use this holiday to bring in big discounts.

Labor Day

Falling on the first Monday of September, Labor Day is a classic ‘The Time of the Year’ timeline for retailers. Sales are advertised in advance and the discounted rates are there all throughout the long 3-day weekend.



Columbus Day

Columbus Day does not stray too far from the holidays Labour Day and Black Friday and usually falls in the lull period of mattress retailers. A sale on this day can be a sweet deal for you as a customer.


Veteran’s Day

Since this day falls not too long before the famous Black Friday, these sales to make way for new products can help you purchase some really good mattresses at an affordable price.


Black Friday

The master of all sales, Black Friday is the ultimate time of the year where you have the chance to buy stuff at a substantially low price. However, be ready to fight the throng of shoppers that are there to get similar deals like you.

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Online Deals

Online deals are the recent addition to the sales experience that allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of a sale from the comforts of their home. Here are some annual online sales that can help you save your hard earned money. Nectar is always striving to get you the best deals ever! Keep an eye out on the Nectar Homepage and find the deal that suits you most.

Cyber Monday

The immediate Monday after Black Friday is known as Cyber Monday. Occurring right after Thanksgiving, this sale day offers incredibly low prices on online products which you can shop from the comforts of your home, with a mouse and a laptop. Shopping and comfort at the best.

Amazon Prime Day

A day exclusively made for Amazon Prime members, this day chalks out pretty sweet deals for its customers. Started with earmarking Amazon’s 20th anniversary in 2015, the Amazon Prime Day was more than a celebration and was a huge hit for the company. You can place the mattress of your choice online in the one global day event.

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Online Deals Vs. Offline Deals

Now that we know that varied online as well as offline mattress deals, what is the difference between the two that determines the best time to buy mattress? Let’s find out.

Online Deals

The world has gone online with all items available for you at the click of a button. From big companies to small, all have bought a place in the online world in order to reach out to a larger set of audience.

Shopping online has a lot to offer. Thanks to the constant competition, online prices are much lower than their original counterpart of the brick and mortar stores.

Companies are trying to set their foundation to cater to a global audience that mandates them to bring out a price model that will be suitable to all.

In addition to low price, its instant logistics delivers the products right at the doorstep. This allows them to reach customers across the world unlike the limitations posed by brick and mortar stores.

Brick & Mortar Stores

The best part about a physical brick & mortar store is the hands-on try it yourself technique. Since a mattress is subjective to each person’s comfort, it is better to try it out before taking the final call. In physical stores, you can try your mattress...

in real time, feel its texture, smoothness and other sensations that make it worth the purchase. However, since it is in a physical store where they are paying rent and other bills, you will end up paying the full price.

Why should you buy a Mattress?

Buying a new mattress is mandatory for a good quality sleep and therefore, for good health. Though this should be a reason enough, here are some tell-tale signs that you might need a new mattress:

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Money Saving Tips!

There is nothing called ‘too- much saving’, right? Here are a few extra tips from our magic cauldron to help you squirrel away that extra cash during your next mattress purchase.

Start Looking Early

Early bird gets the worm. The same works when it comes to mattress shopping as starting early can help you look into a variety of deals post which you can take your pick.

Ask Questions

Quiz your retailers about the deals and discount rates for any hidden good or nasty surprises like any hidden charges or additional fee.

Set a Budget

It is easy to drown in the sea of sales and discounts where you might end up paying more than anticipated, thus defeating the point of a sale. Setting a stipulated budget for your mattress shopping will help you set limits and save money the right way.

Clearance Sale

With shops preparing for the new stock, they will be eager to get rid of the old stock. You can buy a mattress from this category at a discounted rate. Worth the effort, eh?

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Frequently Asked Questions

While every holiday has its own share of sale delight, shopping during a Black Friday sale can really really help you save money on your mattress.

Patience is a virtue which can be implemented on mattress shopping as well. Keep an eye on all upcoming sales, start early and visit as many stores (online and offline) as possible to create a comparison chart in your head and get the best mattress at cheapest rate.

No. These mattresses are already being sold at a much lower price than their original cost. Keep an eye out for sales and coupons and get the best deals possible.

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