Bed Frames Buying Guide 2022

Bed Frames Buying Guide

Are you on the lookout for a bed frame? A sturdy, yet comfortable frame that will cradle you to sleep every night. Well, lucky for you! You have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about buying a bed frame. Let’s begin with the types of bed frames you can find, what are the main differences is between them and what the perfect fit for you could be.


Foundation + Headboard

Adjustable Bed Frame


A good mattress foundation is typically made of solid wood. A foundation supports and raises the height of the mattress to make climbing in and out of bed simpler as well as absorb shocks or any kind of wear. It is usually about the size of the mattress and can be compiled with a wooden frame and metal springs or rods.


Those looking for a simple yet elegant frame can go for a foundation bed frame like Nectar’s, made of solid pine and spruce.

Decorating Style

Such types of bed frames are perfect for simple yet tasteful decor and should be in a room with lots of space and light. Coupling it with earthy tones and soft pastel shades is the way to go.


  1. You can use it with or without its legs, depending on the style you are going for. 

  2. Check out the warranty while purchasing. Our Foundations comes with a 3 year warranty. 

Price Range

The Nectar Mattress Foundation $200 – $275 


Often considered as ‘smart bed frames’, the adjustable bed frame is, as the name suggests, flexible and can be adjusted as per the user’s requirement. It has programmable memory settings for head-to-toe adjustability and also caters to the pre-sleep requirements.

Who is it Best For?

Such bed frames are perfect for those with physical ailments that mandate a specific sleeping style and also for those who prefer to work, read, or anything else in bed before tucking in. Adjustable beds like ours comes with a three zone massager, wireless remote, programmable memory settings and USB plugs for easy charging. What’s more? It comes with a recliner setting to read or watch TV.  

Decorating Style

These types of bed frames gel well in a minimalistic decor and should also be a part of a room with ample space. With a simplistic design, these adjustable beds can spruce up your bedroom easily. 


  1. If you buy a split-king adjustable bed, your king size mattress will not work well with it. You will need to use two twin XL mattresses to work each side individually. 

  2. Worried about removing your old bed frame? Use the Nectar White Glove Service for a hassle free experience.

  3. Not sure if this is what you want? Use our risk-free 50 day trial to see if it’s the right fit. 

Price Range

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame $649 – $1298


Metal bed frames are usually considered for their solid support structure and durability that can withstand a great amount of weight and pressure. A metal bed frame is built to support a box spring (or foundation) and mattress without sagging.

Who is it best for?

A metal bed frame is perfect for those short on time as they are easy to maintain, can be assembled rather quickly, and makes cleaning the under the bed a breeze.

Decorating Style

These bed frame styles can fit perfectly into a cozy space. For those that need additional storage space, this is a durable frame that allows for storage space under your bed.


  1. The adjustable rails on our metal bed frame can accommodate any bed size – from Twin to California King. 

  2. Look for warranty – Our 3 year warranty along with 50 day trial allows you to sleep soundly at night. 

Price Range

The Nectar Metal Bed Frame $95
(Fits any size bed)


A bed frame with a headboard is perfect for adding the quintessential royal element to your sleeping environment. Typically a bed frame with headboard has a low profile foundation and is upholstered for that plush feel.

Who is it Best For?

These bed frame styles do not require a box spring and are perfect for those who want a luxurious fabric headboard and solid wood frame.

Decorating Style

Those looking to add a visual appeal to their rooms or follow Feng Shui can go for such models. It is a contemporary design coupled with a solid, durable foundation for a relaxing sleep amidst a classy room.


  1. The Nectar Bed frame with Headboard comes in two color options – both designed to create a soothing sleeping experience. 

  2. These bed frames don’t need to be set up with a handyman. All the tools and instructions come to you and can be set up with ease. 

Price Range

The Nectar Bed Frame with Headboard $300 – $375


Just remove from the box, follow the instructions and set it up. Any and all tools needed will be included in the box.

No question about it! Just pick out the type and size you want and find all our financing options that fit in well within your monthly budget. 

Of course! If, for any reason, you don’t like the bed frame and you want to return it, just call our support team and arrange for it to be returned for free. 

All our bed frames are covered under a 3 year warranty. Using only high quality materials, we assure you, our products are designed to last.