“We Both Had Constant Back Pain. It Was Horrible.”

You’re up in the night with a sore aching back. Your early starts are ruined. You snap at your kids. You’re exhausted. Stuck in a stressful, disruptive cycle.
A cycle that can end.

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The cost of tossing and turning through your long long long long long stay in Dreamland.

There are a million things to try for back pain relief: stretching/yoga, posture correctors, specialized pillows, etc.

And while they may work for some,
There’s one thing we all have to get right at the end of the day…literally.

Because you spend 26 entire years asleep. You’ll be fast asleep for a quarter century. That’s why finding the right mattress is critical.


9 out of 10 back pain sufferers said their Nectar mattress helped some or a lot*

*Based on a randomized survey of Nectar mattress owners conducted in 2020 Nectar customer survey.

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9 out of 10

Nectar customers would recommend to their friends and family*

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90% Customers

Said their Nectar matress
helped reduce overall aches,
stiffness, soreness, and/or discomfort*

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9 out of 10

Back pain sufferers said their
Nectar mattress helped some or a lot*

*Based on a randomized survey of Nectar mattress owners conducted in July 2020.

Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right Mattress Is a personal choice

But choosing one engineered for pressure relief and spinal support that can help reduce back pain is a good place to start.


Forbes recommends...​

“ Why it’s good for back pain: The Nectar Sleep mattress offers plenty of support with a little extra softness for many, making it an excellent choice for those specifically with lower back pain.”


Physical therapists recommend...

“Nectar relieves pressure wherever you normally feel it the most,” says the director of Lennox Physical Therapy Association, explaining that Nectar is firm enough to offer support but gentle on sensitive pain points.


5’2? 6’1? 114 pounds? 240 pounds? Yep, yep, yep, yep. Nectar’s for you.

Say you’ve got 100 pounds on your partner. Which means a traditional mattress could never support you both where you need it.

That’s why foam’s the go-to for back pain. Foam tech has come a loooooong way. It’s firm, but hugs your body. And supports your spine. Unlike Mr. or Mrs. Wrong Mattress. Which puts pressure on your spine, ruining your perfect trip to Dreamland. Nectar gives that ol’ back of yours medium-firm support. And psst… Medium-firm is what science says (*) is best for back-pain. Plus…

* “Effect of different mattress designs on promoting sleep quality, pain reduction, and spinal alignment in adults with or without back pain; systematic review of controlled trials.”
Sleep health vol. 1,4 (2015). Pub Med.

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Supported Snoozing

Nectar has not 1. Not 2. Not… okay. Nectar supports you with 3 layers of foam. 3 layers of foam that work together to support your spine and back muscles. It’s made to contour to your body in ways traditional innerspring mattresses can’t.

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Deeper Dozing

You’re sinking deeper, deeper, deeper into Dreamland, thanks to Nectar’s Temperature-responsive technology Not sleeping too cool for school or too hot means clocking more deep sleep hours, which can help relieve aches and pains over time.


Under Pressure?

Not on a Nectar. Our adaptive memory foam layer is designed to help relieve common pressure points beneath your shoulders, hips, and legs for better spinal alignment on any body type.  Here’s how each layer helps…

More human, less zombie.

We’re not going to tell you that Nectar can provide proper support to help relieve your back pain. But these sleepers will, when they’re not totally zonked out…

And the sleep experts agree with the sleepers...

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Best Mattress For Back Pain

“No matter what position you sleep, the Nectar will conform and support you.”

– Sleep Sherpa
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Top Pick for Back Pain Best Value Mattress

“This mattress sleep[s] … cool and [is] a perfect choice for those with back pain problems.”

– Memory Foam Talk
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Best Mattress For Back Pain

“Those who want a supportive mattress and a great deal won’t find a better option than the Nectar mattress.”

– Sleep Sherpa

Nectar literally has your back for life.

Your bad back may already be sending messages to your brain.
“Geeeet it! Dooooo it! Hellllllp me!”

But the truth is…You and your back can’t be 100% sure of Nectar until y’all have slept together a while. That’s why Nectar offers a…

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365 nights sleep trial

so you can zonk out for a year. Change your mind for any reason. Returns are as easy as an email.

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Forever Warranty™

so if there’s ever any defect - like, ever ever - you’ll get it replaced or repaired. Free.