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5 Reasons Nectar Is The Right Mattress For A College Student


With all the paper-writing and late-night study parties, you want to make sure your kid gets summa cum laude-like sleep every night. Unfortunately, traditional dorm room beds don’t pass the test. Here’s why your future Rhodes scholar (yep, we aim high) needs a Nectar mattress.


Price = $569

A Nectar twin XL mattress (the standard dorm room size) costs $569.

That’s less than $0.01 per minute for the estimated 500,000+ minutes of sleep during the four years of college. As if that isn’t enough value, Nectar will also include two of their Nectar memory foam pillows with your new mattress purchase. Check to make sure the school allows you to bring in a new mattress.  

Free Shipping, Delivery, and Returns

Nectar ships directly to the dorm room and sets up quickly and easily. And the mattress inflates within a few hours, perfect for the age of instant gratification.

Easy math: Study + sleep + repeat  😉

Sleep Matters

Anywhere from 70 percent to 96 percent of college students report not getting the sleep they need. Excessive fatigue can impair your kid’s ability to learn, decreasing both focus and the ability to process new information, according to reports. And research shows poor sleep habits also correlate with anxiety and depression.

The average four-year degree costs anywhere form $50K to $100K+. Don’t be cheap about sleep.  

Our Warranty Lasts Through All Life Phases

We offer a Forever Warranty on each Nectar mattress we sell. That means you’re covered for the long haul, even if your kid decides to get a double Ph.D. and live at home for the next 20 years (in which case, you might need a Nectar, too).  

Forever Warranty

Our Customers Love Us

We’re obsessed with delivering the best experience to our customers. But don’t take our word for it, check out these Nectar mattress reviews from some of our more than 400,000 satisfied sleepers.

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