NECTAR is a better mattress for the best price, and easy to own

Owning NECTAR is easy with NECTAR’s No Credit required 6-month no-interest financing plan.
You only need the following to order NECTAR today –

  • A source of income, and this does not need to be a job
  • A credit card or debit card to make the low initial and monthly payments

No credit checks required and approval is instant
You will enjoy Nectar immediately and own Nectar outright on the day of your final payment

  • You can buyout your payment schedule at any time after 90 days

It’s that easy.

* NECTAR’s no interest 6 month payment plan is a NECTAR lease plan that transfers ownership in full of the NECTAR mattress to the buyer at time of final payment. The NECTAR lease financing arrangement is not available in MN, WI and NJ. A Lease origination charge is included in the quoted monthly payment.