Playing A Smartphone Game For 15 Minutes A Day Could Drastically Reduce Snoring

What Type of Sleeper Are You

There are as many kinds of sleepers as there are people, but we compiled a quick list of some of the different archetypes associated with sleep. Each sleeper has their own unique set of quirks and strengths, so try to tailor your sleep schedule to whichever of these types seems to fit you best. Not sure? Try them all. If you have a Nectar mattress, then training yourself on the best comfortable bed has never been easier. So what kind of sleeper are you?

The Early Bird

Early birds always wake up before their alarm clock. Like their namesake, it’s usually early. 5 am isn’t out of the question. Also known as, “morning people” early birds can be chipper as soon as their head is off the pillow — just as long as they’re getting enough sleep at night. An early bird can sometimes run into problems if they aren’t getting their full seven to nine hours, if this is the case, try turning your alarm clock around to minimize stress. You won’t know when you need to be up until it goes off, delaying some of the internal motors that start your day so early.

The Bee

Bees are at a constant state of alertness. If you’re a bee, you’re often the life of the party, but unfortunately that tension can stay long after the party is over — leaving you tossing and turning even in the best comfortable bed. Bees often respond to stress by tensing their muscles, increasing the strain on them, and making it harder to get restful sleep. If this sounds like you, then try learning some progressive muscular relaxation techniques. Starting at the head, and going all the way to the toes, try flexing and relaxing each individual muscle system. It might sound funny, but it actually allows your body to let go of a lot of the stress that is clenching you up late at night. For even more fun, try getting a massage, either professionally or from your partner. Bees are never alone, right?



The Elephant

No, this doesn’t have to do with snoring. This has to do with how much time you give your thoughts at the end of a long day. What’s the old saying? An elephant never forgets. Elephants often have busy lives that bleed over into their sleep time. If you’re an over thinker, you’re an elephant. They can stay up for hours even on the best comfortable bed just breaking down the day, whether they are with a partner or by themselves. For elephants who feel too trapped by this constant feeling, try writing down lists before bed to externalize those wants and goals. A well written list can help even the nosiest elephant fall asleep in no time.

The Night Owl

Night Owl’s delay their sleep for as long as possible. They crave the solitude and quiet of the night. Sometimes they use even the best comfortable bed like a desk, spreading magazines, laptops, and even food on it. They may not go to bed until the wee hours of the morning, something that’s ok as long as you’re getting the correct amount of sleep. If you still feel tired in the morning, try making your bed a sacred space. Take away the food and especially take away the laptop. When night owl’s confine their bedrooms to sacred space, it often allows them to sleep faster and easier.

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What Kind of Sleeper Are You

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