Sure Signs You Should Replace That Old Mattress

Posted By Erin on Jul 15, 2016

Buying a new mattress can be a pain in the neck. Hampered by the price tag on a quality mattress and lack of options when looking for a cheap mattress, consumers will often let this quality of life issue linger for longer than they should. It’s no surprise that many consumers feel unhappy with their current mattress. We at Nectar want to take the hassle out of mattress shopping. We offer a great, cheap mattress that uses adaptive high core memory foam to ease you into a good night’s sleep. Here are some signs that maybe it is time to move on from the one you’ve got, your health could depend on it.

Year Long Allergies Have Become the Norm

It’s no secret that allergies are the absolute worst, and are a hardened enemy of the good sleeper. Sneezing, stuffy, throaty coughs all can stand in the way between you and a good night’s rest. An old cheap mattress often can harbor pet dander, dust, mold, and even fungus (yuck!) — all allergens that can ruin your night. Some allergies can be normal. But if you feel the effects of these long out of season, you may need to change up your mattress. The good news? Nectar mattresses come equipped with a tencel cooling cover that promotes air circulation and even deters pests like bed bugs!

Your Mattress isn’t in the Shape it Used to Be

Over time mattresses tend to lose their shape, like a used car, they can develop dents and dings that impede what they were designed to do. This means that as you sleep at night, your body can contort and shift in ways that it shouldn’t leaving you in pain when you wake up. Nectar beds have memory foam that supports you throughout the night. Not too shabby for a cheap mattress.

You’re Still Tired and Yawning in the Morning

If you wake up and still feel like you need more sleep, it could be a sign. Do you need a new mattress? Obviously, the most important thing is to get a full night’s rest. But if you STILL don’t feel right, then something is wrong. It could be that you’re waking up from tossing and turning on your old funky mattress. Agin, ask yourself, do you need a new mattress? If you’re pounding coffee at work and still don’t feel right, the easiest and best solution would be to go mattress shopping. Plus, coffee can leave you jittery and ornery, something that could hurt your sleep schedule even more if left unchecked. So why waste any more time on a mattress that has been around since the Reagan administration? You wouldn’t put yourself in an old rickety car, why would you spend eight hours a day on a bad mattress? A Nectar mattress is cheap, well made, and going to last. They make shopping online easy and safe, with a straightforward website to get you the support you need. See you there!

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