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A Full 8 Hours of Sleep Leads to A More Positive Outlook

A new sleep study by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania shows that sleepers who get at least seven hours of sleep are found to be more positive, have fewer bouts with depression, and have better overall mental health than their poorly rested counterparts. Yes, that means quality mattress time on the most comfortable bed could do wonders for your outlook on life. The study, led by Dr. Ivan Vargas, focused on one group of healthy adult sleepers. It also looked at another group that had been asked to stay up for twenty eight hours. They asked each group to rate and review a series of facial expressions. Vargas and his cohorts found that overwhelmingly people who got more sleep saw the faces as overall happier. See? It’s not so crazy to think that a night in the most comfortable bed could have lasting effects. So let’s dig deep to see why a Nectar mattress could be the missing piece — even when you’re awake.

Reinforcing Positivity

“In general, we have a tendency to notice positive stimuli in our environment,” Dr. Vargas says. “We tend to focus on positive things more than anything else, but now we’re seeing that sleep deprivation may reverse that bias.” A lack of sleep can lead to a lack of empathy, as your sleep dwindles so does your capacity for caring about others. This isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. Sleepers who got the full eight hours saw the facial expressions as overall much more positive than their deprived counterparts. This means that the way you interact with people fundamentally changes when you lose sleep. We all know how grouchy and lame it can feel when you’re working with a severe lack of sleep, but until now

Sleeping For The Job You Want

It wasn’t just that those who slept well observed the facial features more accurately, they also noticed these positive symbols more often, leading to more positive results. This can easily be translated to the workplace where communication and positivity are the key to a great work environment. This means that your most comfortable bed (and of course spending a full eight hours on it) could be a key component to getting the job you want. So armed with that knowledge, it’s a no-brainer to spend some cash on a nice mattress to get the most comfortable bed you deserve. Luckily for all of us, Nectar is a great way to get a quality mattress without breaking the bank. With three different kinds of foam and a tencel cooling cover, Nectar is the best mattress on the market. Try it out and feel your inner optimist take hold. We did, and we’ve never been happier.