Why Letting Your Child Sleep-in is Best for Their Health

Posted By Erin on Oct 3, 2016

It’s no secret that a child without a good night’s sleep is usually a recipe for disater. We’ve all been there. Kids especially have a hard time dealing with less pillow time on a comfortable bed. There is plenty of evidence of what happens to kids in the short term. But scientists have thought for a while that this could affect the long term development of kids too. It wasn’t until a recent Princeton study that it has been revealed how much sleep debt could cost children later in life. With this knowledge, it’s easy to see that while sleeping in could be seen as lazy in the past, it could be vitally important to the future. So buck with the norm and let the kid snooze in a comfortable bed. You’re doing the right thing.

Telomere time

A lot of the Princeton study focused on the production of telomeres, a cap at the end of our chromosomes. When we are young telomeres replicate easily, allowing us to create new cells, grow, and make better connections in our brains. As we age, those telomeres become shorter and shorter until they are no longer able to replicate at all.   The Princeton study found that for children between the ages of nine and seventeen, sleep hours had a direct impact on telomere length. This means that the less sleep a child got, the more likely they were to have poor telomere length, effectively aging them and preventing brain growth at a critical time in development.

Longer Sleep leads to Healthier Kids

The study showed that kids who slept longer (usually between nine and eleven hours for a growing child) had less of a risk for heart disease, cancer, and cognitive decline — not just in the immediate future, but long term as well. Another surprising fact: while some studies suggest that too much sleep is bad for the health of adults, this study found that not to be true of children. The more they slept, the longer their telomere length, the healthier the child. It’s a very interesting idea that will definitely be the focus of more scrutiny going forward. One thing that’s for certain: let your kids sleep in a comfortable bed for maximum comfort and rest. Their health could depend on it. So which one should you chose? The answer to us is obvious. Nectar mattresses are a great option for your child. Our mattresses fit with any frame or box spring. This allows you the flexibility to decorate however you’d like.  And at the fraction of the price of a high end mattress, you don’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing quality for a great deal on the world’s most comfortable bed. So let the kid sleep in, not only will it help their sleep, it’ll help yours too. The sleep happy family is a healthy family.

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