Sleeping Tips: How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Sleeping Tips: How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Modern life is full of great conveniences. The internet allows us to contact old friends, order a pizza, and buy a new bed without having to go to the mattresses store. For that last one, we definitely recommend trying Nectar’s website, which is home to the world’s most comfortable bed. There are also bad things about living in a modern world. Stress is at an all time high. Same with anxiety. Even the way our screens are lit can prevent you from getting the sleep you deserve.

So what can you do to eliminate the stress and amplify the goodness in your life? Well, besides ditching a trip to the mattresses store and spending the day at the beach, there’s a ton. We looked at some of the ways that modern life can mess with you, and what you can do to fight it. So check out Nectar’s blog, or do a quick search for ‘mattress stores near me’, and let the goodness of life lead you to a life of good sleep and good living.

Blue Light Not So Special

We’ve talked in the past about blue light’s effects on your sleeping habits. It turns out the pesky light that your phone emits could really be messing up your sleep schedule. The reason is because of something called, “intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells” which scientists discovered in the early 2000s. Those cells react to blue light by increasing alertness in the body, getting you ready to go (because your body thinks that blue light is sort of a start to the day).

What you can do about it: eliminate the blue from your life. Try putting apps on your phone and tablets that limit blue light emission. Also, just ditch the phone all together about an hour before bed. It can feel strange to not check your email, but trust us, you aren’t going to miss it after your first couple of days sleeping like a baby.

Try and Get Right With Your Body Clock

So it turns out that our body clocks aren’t actually on a 24 hour period, but rather a 24.2 hour period. It’s called “clock drift” and it’s a real thing. That means that little glitches like going to bed later can have a compounding effect. If you don’t go to bed until midnight, by the end of the week it could be almost one in the morning before you’re starting to feel tired. That’s worse news that if they’re out of your favorite bed at the mattresses store (something that never happens on Nectar’s website).

What you can do about it: make a bedtime and stick to it. Treat it as sacred, and don’t be afraid to make a date with your bed. When it’s as comfy as a Nectar, you’d be a goofball not to do that. Nectar is built on the densest yet most breathable base layer of any mattress. Our base measures over a 2.2 ILD rating, which evaluates foam density, and is molded to draw fresh air in through special channels. Other mattresses use a base layer of 1.5 ILD or less. Base quality is the foundation of a good night’s sleep.

There are many ways as to how one can go about fixing their sleep schedule. It starts with surrounding yourself with relaxing elements and removing all the disruptive elements from your environment. Blue light from your devices, for example, is a disruptive element. For more information on how to fix your sleep schedule, visit Nectarsleep.