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Nectar Off Gassing? No Way!

Posted By Erin on Aug 16, 2016

Nectar mattresses are a chemical-free product with no off gassing. Each mattress is made in a holistic process that requires extensive testing and collaboration.  Below are just a few reasons why a Nectar mattress is best for you.

Premium Certipur® Memory Foams

Each mattress is made with premium Certipur® memory foam that is better for you and the environment. Most other mattress companies only use two layers of foam which speeds up their production time. Nectar mattresses use 4 layers of memory foam, each designed for a specific purpose We know that your sleep will feel the difference which is why we don’t settle for less.

Mattress Construction and Specifications

1″ Top Comfort Layer: This cover is made of Tencel fiber which is a soft and very breathable material. It sleeps cooler than cotton and helps wick away moisture. 1″ Support Layer: Underneath that is a quilted 4lb. cooling gel foam layer which is something unique to the Nectar mattress. It give the mattress a unique feel and provides great pressure relief. 3″ Transition Layer – The fourth layer is made of Hi Core Memory Foam. This is a dense foam that also is great for pressure relief. 6″ Foundation Layer – This is a standard base layer similar to most other memory foam mattresses but is essential for providing good support.

365 Night Home Trial

We are confidant you’ll love your new Nectar mattress. That’s why will give you a full year to decide if it is the mattress for you. If you are not 100% happy, we will pick up the mattress for free. It’s scientifically proven that the quality of our life relies on the quality of our sleep. And memory mattresses don’t just help us sleep better, they help us perform better in all aspects of our day.

What Kind of Sleeper Are You

You Won't Lose Sleep Because Of Your Nectar Mattress

Your comfort & good health is most important. That's why when ordering your Nectar Mattress, you'll get the most comfortable mattress on the market along with unmatched support.

With Nectar, you'll sleep like a baby and feel at least 10 years younger in the morning.

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