The World’s Biggest Sleep Study is About to Start: You’re Invited

Posted By Erin on Oct 26, 2016

There are new sleep breakthroughs on the way from Canada. Brain scientists in Ontario are hoping to recruit up to 100,000 people to take part in the sleep study. The study will focus on how sleep affects memory, problem solving, and cognitive functions. They have developed a suite of twelve online tests, to test these hypotheses — so easy that they can be done right from the comfort of a Nectar mattress.

Insomnia’s Effects Can Be Different For Everyone

First of all, there’s a lot about sleep and sleep deprivation. We just don’t know yet its effects on the brain.” said Bobby Stojanoski, one of the research scientists. “For instance, how much sleep is necessary? Is that true for everybody?” While some of these topics have been covered by other researchers (and by us in previous Nectar blogs) there has never been a study with such a large base to pull from. Their secret? Free mattresses, just kidding. It’s a quick and simple brain function test.

Games to Find the Perfect Sleep

In proving that even scientists want to have fun, they’ve developed the study to take the form of games featuring odd shapes, sequential numbering, and even grammatical tests.  Consequently, this is great news for current sleep deprivation sufferers, and gives hope to all of us.

New Sleep Breakthroughs Just Around the Corner

Because of this, there will be more as this study develops, so be sure to check back at the Nectar blog for news and insights into where this could lead us. Sleep is the foundation for your health, and it’s always good to know how that foundation works. Nectar mattresses are a great place to start when trying to revitalize your own sleep schedule. Nectar uses all the latest in sleep technology. A Nectar mattresses’ base measures over a 2.2 ILD rating, which evaluates foam density, and is molded to draw fresh air in through special channels. This makes your time in bed cool, calm, and restful. Sounds like a great fit, no matter where you live.

What Kind of Sleeper Are You

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