When Will My Mattress Ship

When Will My Mattress Ship?

We’ve all been there: the crazy anticipation you feel when you order something online and can’t wait for it to be delivered. There’s nothing like the prospect of a life-changing mattress on the horizon: and let’s be clear, that’s exactly what you’re getting from Nectar. You can check it out here, but rest assured that the combination of quality materials, design, and care that go into every Nectar mattress is going to change the way you sleep forever. So when does forever start, how soon do we deliver, and how fast will it get to your house?

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We’ve developed these blogs intandem with our FAQ on our website to answer some of the questions that might come up before or after you’ve ordered your Nectar mattress. While you can always go there for a quick reference point, we thought it might be nice to take a deep dive into some of these ideas and walk you through how the Nectar process works. And as always, if you still have any questions, feel free to chat, text, or even hit us up on social media. We’re always happy to answer any questions that might be nagging at you, because with Nectar, it’s always about your comfort. It starts with the ordering process, going through delivery, and ending when you’re finally sleeping like a baby on one of our mattresses.

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When Does My Mattress Ship? Does 24 Hours mean 24 Hours?

We pride ourselves on our transparent timetable for shipping. When you order a mattress from Nectar, we give you an exact shipping time at checkout. Typically this does mean twenty four hours, but occasionally (because of the popularity Nectar) we do have backorders. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know as soon as possible when you can expect your Nectar to show up.

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We get that it can be almost unbearable to wait for something as awesome as a Nectar, which is why we always try to ship within twenty four hours, but we also want you to know that our number one priority is getting you an amazing mattress. That means that we don’t ever skimp on the materials or production process, which is why you’ll be happy with a Nectar mattress for years to come. If, on the rare occasion it happens, you are on backorder, know that your mattress is being given the love and care it deserves, so it can provide you the love and care you deserve for every night’s sleep in the years to come. It’s worth it!

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