Mayim Bailik

Why Mayim Bialik Is Sleeping With Nectar

Celebrities are just like us: they grocery shop; they struggle with their pets; and at times even struggle to get good sleep. Mayim Bialik, who stars as Amy on “The Big Bang Theory,” is no different. On top of her hectic work schedule, she’s also a divorced mother of two with a Ph.D. in neuroscience, and most recently, a couple of unruly cats wreaking havoc on her mattress — and sleep.

Mayim Instagram

“...My cats - have started a dominance war that involves urine and feces. Long story short my bed is not able to be slept in and I’m sleeping on my couch.”

Of course, with Mayim starring in our latest ad spot, we got her squared away with a new mattress…

The result of our union? A smart, funny YouTube baby that went viral. Check out Mayim delivering some #realsleepscience:

“I remember when I was sleep deprived when I was a new mom,” Bialik recently told Us Weekly. “You feel completely out of it. I realized that even though I don’t have kids who are tiny (anymore) and lead to you being sleep-deprived, it looks exactly the same. I’ve taken to napping in the day…because I get really grumpy.”

We can relate, and we knew everyone else could, too. So, we decided to launch a nationwide campaign with Mayim to spread the word about how critical it is to get quality, restful sleep every night.

“We wanted a partner who really understood our message that better sleep is important,” our CMO Gil Efrati told us. “Mayim isn’t JUST an actress, she also happens to be a real-life, brilliant neuroscientist. She’s the perfect person to explain why getting a Nectar is the smart choice for people who want better sleep.”

With Nectar’s 365-day risk-free trial, free returns, and Forever Warranty, you don’t need to have a Ph.D. in neuroscience to know that this is the best deal ever. Mayim says it best: “Millennials, put down your avocado toast and listen—I’m a neuroscientist, and I say follow your brain. Give it the rest it needs on a Nectar.”