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Why We Can’t Remember What We Do in Our Sleep

Posted By Erin on Mar 21, 2017

Have you ever gotten up in the night, said something weird to your partner, made a sandwich, bought something weird on amazon, and then gone back to sleep. Often times in the morning we won’t even remember that these events have transpired. Don’t be ashamed (unless they led you to drive to a mattresses store, in which case we recommend you check out the Nectar website instead), there is scientific reason why you’re acting kooky, and a solution: get better sleep.

Many scientists study this phenomenon, dubbed, “sleep drunkenness” and it turns out that it’s a naturally occurring bodily process that can happen to anyone. So what is sleep drunkenness and how can we avoid it? We at Nectar combed through the internet to see what it means, what you can do about it, and how to avoid the late night mattresses store run. That’s actually an easy one, check out Nectar’s website for all your mattress needs!.

Not All Sleep is Equal

So when you sleep walk or sleep eat or sleep shop, it’s a bit of a misnomer. You aren’t technically asleep, or maybe you are, but you’re mostly awake. The part of your brain that makes memories actually IS asleep though. This is why you might not remember that late night shopping spree. When we are stressed we don’t get into deep REM sleep the way that we might if we weren’t.

“So what happens is, you can be awake, and you can respond to stuff, but you are not awake enough to be encoding it into memory,” says Drew Dawson of the Appleton Sleep Institute.

This can leave you feeling lost and helpless, sort of like being trapped in a mattresses store with no end in sight. What do you do when you’re feeling this way?

Natural Solutions are the Best

The first thing to know is this: sleeping pills are not the answer. While sleep aids can be OK every once in awhile, they do not represent a permanent solution. Often times sleep aids actually mask the problem. Sleeping tablets often only give you an extra twenty minutes of actual sleep, but trick your brain into thinking that it got more rest, because you won’t remember the non-sleeping parts of the night.

“If we are talking about people with insomnia and we give them sleeping tablets. They don’t recall waking up and so they go, ‘oh well, I slept well,’” says Dawson.

This means that making your bedroom a naturally restful space is the best. Try lighting candles, spraying some jasmine around the room, and of course ditch the mattresses store and grab a mattress from Nectar. Their memory foam is second to none and supports as it comforts. Get rid of the sleepwalker in your life, try a Nectar!

What Kind of Sleeper Are You

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