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Why White Noise Makes You Sleepy

Posted By Erin on Mar 8, 2017

Have you ever turned on a fan in your room to help you go to sleep on your best comfy mattress? That soothing constant sound is called white noise, and it’s a potent sleep-making device that has been used for as long as people have been sleeping (which is also as long as people have existed). So what is it about that incessant drone that makes us drift off easier than silence? We combed the internet for answers, and you’ll be surprised at what we came up with.

White Noise is as Old as We Are

It turns out white noise is a lot like the best comfy mattress, when it’s doing its job, you barely recognize it is there. White noise works on the principles of sound masking. Basically, our ears have developed through evolution as a sort of alarm system. When you hear something, good or bad, your senses prick up and you become more alert. When you sound mask with white noise, it blends all sounds in the background and foreground into one static thing. That means your brain relaxes and can more easily drift off into a sleeping state.

Imagine a dark room, a sound is like a flashlight beam in this dark room. When the room is all dark, all you can think about is the flashlight beam, but turn on a light (white noise) and voila, the beam doesn’t matter as much anymore. What matters most? Sleeping on your best comfy mattress. For that we recommend Nectar. Nectar incorporates a fully quilted layer of our gel cooling memory foam to provide extra loft and comfort, with better breathability. Quilting is a super premium process most mattress companies avoid due to cost. We think the difference is night and day.

Music and White Noise

Most white noise is pretty bland — and that’s by design. Soft rain, gentle thunderstorms, wind blowing, the ocean, are all great examples of well done white noise. What happens when the brain begins to hear music though? Does it work the same? Not exactly. A recent study in Australia showed that while music can have the soothing effect of white noise, it lacks the wide range of frequencies to mask all different types of sound. In addition to that, music often has strong emotional connotations and connections that will bring you back to an emotionally charged moment.

While this is what makes music great, that can be the opposite of what you need when you’re trying to drift off to sleep. That means that curling up on your best comfy mattress to listen to tunes is great, but if you want to really sleep, try listening to some rainfall or ocean waves to get to bed quicker.

And what kind of best comfy mattress should you get? That one’s easy. Nectar mattresses use four different kinds of foam to give you great support and a restful night of sleep. Nectar’s tencel cooling cover is specially milled and loomed to breath, it draws heat away and
circulates fresh air for a perfect temperature sleep. When all the other mattress companies are white noise, Nectar cuts through with a great deal on a superb bed. So get to it, sweet dreams are just around the corner.

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