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White Noise Can Help Quiet Your Brain While Relaxing on Your Nectar Mattress

Posted By Erin on Oct 29, 2016

Sometimes when you’re trying to sleep silence can be deafening. A totally silent room can lead to you tossing and turning on even the best mattress while hearing imagined sounds from deep in the house. Thankfully we live in a time where new technology abounds, from Nectar’s 4-Layer Foam Construction to all the current apps currently being developed for insomniacs, this truly is an age of wonders. But unlike a Nectar mattress, which is obviously the best choice (because of its hi core 9.2 grade transition and high vegetable base super core five pound support foam) sometimes it’s just not clear which app is best. So we scoured the internet, looking for the best apps to put you to sleep. Dare we say we cut through… the white noise?

White Noise Market

So White Noise Market isn’t so much an app as it is a marketplace. The app, powered by amazon, allows you to record and trade sound files of your favorite sounds that get you to sleep. Is there a rainstorm outside your room? Trade it for an ocean breeze! Or maybe wind and the surf doesn’t sound as nice as a crackling fire. No problem, with this app you can do it all from the comfort of the best mattress around: a Nectar.  The coolest part of this app is definitely the function to be able to record your own sounds. White Noise Market even has an automatic looper and timing function so that you can make sure you fall asleep on your own time. Now that’s something we can get behind.

Motion 24/X

Motion 24/X is a dual purpose app. It plays soothing tones, sounds, or music as you fall asleep, but it also records and analyzes the sounds that you make to better understand your sleep schedule. It will work with your body over the long term to figure out when your optimal wakeup time is, and then gently wake you up with an extended alarm sequence. While in an ideal world we might want to stay asleep on the best mattress ever, if you DO have to get up, this seems like the best way to do it.


Noisli is the most simple of the three apps, but you know what? Simple can be good. Just take Nectar’s philosophy on base layers: Nectar is built on the densest yet most breathable base layer of any mattress. Our base measures over a 2.2 ILD rating, which is a half size bigger than almost all of our competitors. It’s easy to see who has the best mattress. Noisli’s simplicity lies in its offline soundboard, which allows you to mix and match different sounds and sequences so that you can make custom sleep mixes. While Noisli doesn’t analyze your sleep cycle like some competitors, it does cover both high and low frequencies, allowing you the biggest breadth of sleep sounds. So there you have it: three new apps and one great mattress. Go ahead, download, deliver, and lie down on that Nectar, and let sleep wash over you.

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