Where Are the World’s Most Comfortable Mattresses Made?

Posted By Erin on Aug 1, 2016

At Nectar, we focus on one thing: building the most comfortable bed possible. When people ask us, “where are Nectar mattresses made,” or “who makes Nectar Mattress,” it’s not an easy answer.

That’s because we are 100% employee-owned. As a result, we feel that there’s no one person or single place responsible for where Nectar mattresses are made – it’s a true team effort.

The Nectar mattress represents the culmination of our team of industry experts’ wide range of 15 years experience and multiple layers of testing. Nectar is 100% employee owned and our team of experts are driven each day by solving the most important task – making your sleep more comfortable. What’s behind that comfort?

We use 4 separate layers, each designed for a specific purpose- and you can rest assured that your Nectar Mattress is made with premium Certipur® memory foams that are better for you and the environment.

Most other mattress companies only use two layers of foam which speeds up their production time. We know that your sleep will feel the difference, which is why we don’t settle for less.

Since we are unwilling to compromise production speed for your comfort, the result is that our production time is a bit longer. Because we refuse to compromise craftsmanship, we did experience a Nectar backorder. Our community loved us so much that we sold out far faster than anticipated. We’re happy that our Nectar backorder has since been resolved. If you were one of our customers who experienced a Nectar backorder, please reach out to our world-class customer service team.

We have worked with our production team to make sure that a Nectar backorder won’t happen again. Nectar mattresses are made in our premiere mattress factory in a rigorous process. Nectar mattresses are made in a facility that adheres to the highest standards of quality control. A team of engineers give the final stamp of approval to all Nectar Mattresses to ensure that no mattress leaves our doors without passing our highly strict comfort tests. That’s why, while we do have a highly regarded manufacturing facility, our team is much more than that.

Our mattresses are made in a holistic process that requires extensive testing and collaboration. We take pride in our craftsmanship and are building a company for the long term. So when you ask, “where are Nectar mattresses made,” know that it’s our belief that the most important place that Nectar mattresses are made is in the dedication of our employees, and the strength of our community who love the Nectar mattress.

Our mattresses are designed by our talented employees all over the world and carefully select quality manufacturers in China to manufacture them to our specifications. Our use of quality overseas manufacturers helps us keep our prices so low and affordable for everyone.

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