What’s the Right Size Mattress For You

What’s the Right Size Mattress For You?

There’s a ton of work that goes into planning a great bedroom. From wall paint to feng shui, there are so many variables that can influence how you get your best sleep. The most important variable, as always, is buying the right bed. You don’t want one that’s too small, but you also need a bed that fits comfortably inside your bedroom. There’s nothing worse than a bed that takes up too much room and doesn’t allow for a peaceful sleeping space.

So what are the rules and guidelines for getting a bed that is exactly right for you? It can feel overwhelming to try and sift through the internet for a handy playbook, so we decided to give you the goods right here. From mattress dimensions to mattress sizes, here’s the lowdown on getting a premium mattress that fits your room like a glove.

What Those Funny Names Mean for Mattress Sizes

We’ve all heard the terms double, queen, king, and even California king, but what relation do those hold to actual size? The name California King conjures the thought of a sprawling mattress, unimaginably big — while queen and king bring to mind regal images of luxury bedding from the middle ages.

In general, you can break it down like this: a twin size has the mattress dimensions to comfortably fit one person. That is, unless you’re on the tall side, because then it makes more sense to grab a twin XL, where the extra couple inches on the bottom make sure that your feet don’t dangle over the edge. A full size gives you another fifteen inches of width. After that, the sizes goes up incrementally. A queen size is an additional six inches of added width, giving you a reasonably comfortable space for two average sleepers. Whereas a king comes in at 76 inches of width, basically the size of two twins next to each other. The California king is actually slightly less wide at 72 inches, but gives you an additional four inches of length — an ideal choice for a mattress size if you and your partner are on the tall side.

How Your Needs Match Your Mattress Dimensions

It’s important to think about two things when you’re buying a new mattress: the amount of space you’ll need to sleep comfortably, and the dimensions of your room. Measure the space of your bedroom and find a mattress that can fit comfortably inside of it without sacrificing comfort. In general, it’s ok to err on the larger side. Don’t forget to measure your door frame, stairs, and hallways too. While a Nectar comes to you rolled up, it’s still important to get an idea of the space you’ll need to move it later.

Comfort-wise it’s good to follow the old adage, “size matters.” Do you and your partner need a lot of space to be comfortable? Are you “sprawlers” in bed? Then a king or California king is probably the right choice. Maybe you both like to cuddle and be close. If that’s the case, a queen mattress size should be fine. Be realistic with your needs and don’t be afraid to think about your sleep health with your current mattress. Do those mattress dimensions meet your current needs or is it time for an upgrade? Sometimes judging the present is the best way to plan for the future.

Set a Budget, Clean Your Space, and Enjoy

Once you have the general dimensions of your space, have an idea of the mattress size you’re looking for, and have talked with your partner about each other’s sleep needs, it’s time to set a budget. Luckily, Nectar has made the pricing of their mattresses super affordable. They repeatedly beat the industry standard while providing superior quality in their bedding. That, plus a forever warranty means that you’ll be able to jump into your new bed without fear you’ll be stuck with something not right for you. Remember, no matter what mattress size you go with, you’ve also given yourself the opportunity for a priceless gift: the beauty of a perfect night’s sleep.

And if you’re still interested in what those mattress dimensions mean for a better night’s sleep, check out our guide to understanding mattress dimensions on the Nectar blog. It’s an easy to read and comprehensive guide that will answer all your burning questions when it comes to mattress size, shape, and quality.

Now that you’ve identified all of the sizes of a mattress, why not choose the best fit for you? Our Nectar Mattress provides quality comfort and support.

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