Why Everyone Is Talking About Nectar Mattresses.

Why Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About The Nectar Mattress

The secret is out and people can’t stop buzzing about how sweet sleep is on a Nectar mattress. From Allure magazine to Good Housekeeping to your friendly neighborhood mattress reviewer, these folks have seen the light — and the value of sleeping on a quality memory foam mattress.

What the Blogs and Magazines are Buzzing About

Allure Magazine named Nectar “the best mattress for sweaty sleepers.” They liked how our tencel cooling cover, “helps to circulate air and wick away any heat that starts to build up while you sleep.” Sweaty or dry, we couldn’t agree more.

Good Housekeeping called Nectar “the best mattress you can buy online.” They loved how confident we were in our mattresses and the fact that we offered a 365-day trial period and a Forever Warranty. Don’t worry, Good Housekeeping, like any good mattress we’ve got your back.

Bride Magazine tapped Nectar’s resident sleep and wellness expert, Erin Berman for advice on how to make the most of your sleep when your wedding day has you stressed. Check it out for the best advice on how you can get a good sleep, even when your body is amped up.

Daily Mom: Daily Mom loved Nectar’s pillows, saying that they “meet our comfort needs and preferences” by allowing customizable pillows! We couldn’t agree more. 


What Y’all Are Adding to the Conversation: You Love it Too!


Here’s what some of the fine folk on the Internet had to say about Nectar’s memory foam mattress and pillows. You can find all of Nectar’s customer reviews on their site, but here’s a sample:

Kim W. says, “I can honestly say that this mattress is amazing!!!! I don’t think I have ever slept so well.”

M.C. in Akron says, “Trust Nectar to live up to the customer satisfaction standards. Although this wasn’t the right solution for us, they stepped in to make sure that we were fully satisfied with regard to the transaction and refund. Honestly, they could not have done it better.”

D.L. in Duluth says, “My first night sleeping on this mattress was absolutely amazing. It basically hugged my body. I don’t even remember falling asleep honestly. All I know is that in the morning, I felt very relaxed and think I slept deeply. I enjoyed the gel feel but was cool, not warm as I had thought I might be on this type of bed.”

Think you’re ready to try a Nectar Mattress, like, now?