Sleep Cycle and Dreams

What We’re Actually Doing When We Dream on the Most Comfortable Mattress

Posted By Erin on Nov 22, 2016

Anyone who had to take psychology in high school probably remembers Freud’s theory on dreams. Freud posited that dreams represented the subconscious, and mostly our sexual desires. While this may say more about Freud than it does about your average person just trying to catch some sleep on the most comfortable mattress around, it does bring up an interesting question. What ARE we doing when we dream? Does it mean anything? Are there lessons we can learn from dreams? While science doesn’t necessarily agree on all of it, there are a number of theories that sleep experts have that could have some fascinating implications for us all. Plus, it’s kind of fun to think about WHY you dreamt that you were naked and back in high school instead of, you know, it actually happening to you. So sit back on your most comfortable mattress and let’s go on a tour of why we dream.

The Biological Explanation

Sleep is the time when our body cleanses the cerebrospinal fluid in which the brain and spinal column bathe. This helps prevent brain diseases like depression, alzheimer’s, and dementia. It’s a rejuvenating time, but one in which the brain is still very active. Your brain activity never stops, it actually can be more active in some ways when you’re asleep then when you’re awake. One of the brain’s main functions is to create a model of the world around us, a sort of virtual reality that helps us interact with our environment. When we sleep, the brain loses most of its sensory input, so it relies a lot on memories and images from throughout the day. This could be the reason that you’re dreaming of friends and family instead of space men when you sleep on the most comfortable mattress — it’s a way to sort of unpack, sort, and process what you have already experienced.

Dreams as a Testing Ground

Dreams are also places where your brain can try out ideas without real world repercussions. Many artists and philosophers swore by time on their most comfortable mattress to help them solve problems that they couldn’t solve while awake. And it isn’t just great artists and thinkers who use this technique, there are plenty of everyday people who try this as well. Fred Myers, a software engineer uses his time in bed to come up with solutions to work problems to this day. “As a computer engineer/programmer for over 40 years, sometimes my work does find its way into my dreams. Occasionally, I’ll work out an approach to solving a problem in a dream, wake up, write it down, and then it actually pans out when I get to work. Very satisfactory.” If only we could all be so productive with our mattress time. While there is no grand theory as to why we dream what we dream, it’s good to know that you can have that sleep on the most comfortable mattress on the internet for a low price. Nectar mattresses will have you dreaming of great deals for the foreseeable future. Even Freud couldn’t argue with that one.

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