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What Kind of Napper Are You?

What Kind of Napper Are You

The nap is making a comeback in 2018. Long relegated to the realm of infants and the elderly, this is the year that we as adults take back the nap. Don’t believe us? Silicon Valley is already ahead of this curve, recommending mid-day naps for its employees, and even going so far as to provide sleeping rooms for all of its employees.

There’s real evidence to suggest that napping increases productivity, mental awareness, and boosts energy. One thought: it’s good to make sure your nap never exceeds a half hour — lest you go into a too-deep sleep which can leave you groggy, save the heavy sleeping for night time! Either way, this is one trend we all can get behind. Wondering what kind of napper you are? Wonder no more, here are the five nappers you’re likely to meet (as long as they aren’t napping already).

Dysregulative Nappers Get Their Naps When They Need Them

This is a fancy term that basically means you take naps when you’re feeling drained. Unlike other nappers who make this a routine, a dysregulative napper only naps when they are overly tired throughout the day. If you’re a DN, you’re probably active, outgoing, and have a rich social life — but every once in awhile you’ll need that power boost a quick nap can provide. They love the idea of the power nap. If you’re a DN, try adding the coffee nap to your routine, for an even extra late afternoon/early evening kick.

Restorative Nappers Recognize the Power of Sleep

Restorative nappers build a nap into their daily routine because they recognize how the benefits of short, mid-day sleeps affect their performance. Often, these people are extremely intuned with their body and mind, and see a nap as just another form of self-care and maintenance that needs to be scheduled in. Many restorative nappers are introspective night owls, who tend toward mindfulness and meditation in their free time.

Emotional Nappers Recharge Their Batteries With a Timely Nap

Emotional Nappers

Emotional nappers use their nap time as a little break from their day-to-day so that they can hit the reset button on their brain and refocus so they can be their normal empathic selves. Often, emotional nappers work in emotionally taxing environments where they need to process the needs of others. Naps represent a way to get away from that commotion for a little while and allow them to be sensitive to other’s needs.

Appetitive Nappers See Sleep as the Food That Fuels the Brain

Can we guess your Sleeping Pattern?

An appetitive napper is always down for a nap. That’s because they see naps as fuel for their creativity, intellect, and problem-solving. They aren’t wrong; many tech companies recommend taking mid-afternoon breaks for exactly this reason. It’s no coincidence that tons of breakthroughs come after sleep — our brains are reprocessing the information that’s been stored throughout the day. If you’re a creative or a deep thinker, then you’re probably an appetitive napper. Get to sleep and let those ideas flow!

Mindful Nappers Use Naps When in Need

Similar to the dysregulative napper, mindful nappers only use naps when they need them. They plan on naps in dire needs (like say, after a night of partying), and then work their schedule to provide for a twenty-minute power nap. These nappers are orderly, competent, and have a definite plan for their lives and their sleeping schedules. Often, they get eight hours of sleep at night, so that the nap represents a rare treat and not a norm. These folks can often benefit from scheduling in a nap more regularly. The results will speak for themselves.

So what kind of napper are you? No matter what you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits of more sleep. It’ll leave you happier, healthier, and let’s face it: smarter. So do yourself a favor and get to sleep!

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